Pet of The Week August 20, 2019
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Pet of The Week August 20, 2019

Hey, everybody is John with
Escambia County Animal services pet of the week. Do you know what you get when
you cross a lion and a dog? No more mail. I want you to meet Shadow. She is a four-year-old Labrador
Australian shepherd mix maybe a little husky and there’s
a little bit of this and a little bit of that. She’s an amazing dog
super sweet very gentle sits for pets just
loves to be with people. We haven’t tested
her with dogs yet, but I’m sure she
seems like she’s going to be fine with dogs as well. That’s just a guess,
we’ll test them out here in the next few days. She’s ready for adoption. She is heartworm positive. So she will need to
be treated for that. I’m sure that friends of
escambia County Animal Shelter will be happy to
sponsor part a portion of the expenses for the
heartworm treatment, so come meet Shadow. She’s an amazing dog. Make a new best friend. I want everybody
to meet Fandango. He’s a gray and white
domestic short haired cat. He is about four
or five months old. His brother was
recently adopted. So he’s all alone. He needs a family to live with. So come meet Fandango.

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