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100 thoughts on “People Apologize to Their Teachers

  1. I’m sorry Piano teacher and my parents paying for my lessons for 2 years and paying 30$ a month because I never practice thorough out the 2 years and I practice sometimes

  2. You wake up at 3:30AM. You feel the urge to pee so you get up to go to the bathroom. As soon as you enter the bathroom you look up in the mirror and see 03:19 in the mirror. Do you get out or pee anyway?

  3. I used to go to music class drunk or high at least once a week. Why should we be sorry to our teachers?? I apologize to my damn self.

  4. So he stole a crain so he could then steal his teachers car and put it on the roof. Hmm kinda sounds like Ferris Beulers Day Off lol

  5. There was an old teacher who can't do his job well. I couldn't stand for it anymore and one day I stand up and with all my respect I told him to do his job. He wasn't teaching anything, telling stories about his life. He started to cry and left the class. I apologized from him immediately. I'm sorry for him. After that he tried his best to teach something but he wasn't good at it. But he tried at least and I tried to learn from him.

  6. Id like to apologize to a portuguese and french teacher, she taught me both things…for stabbing her tire… when i shouldve done all four of em…

  7. lol, the girl at 1:18 still looks drunk from high school , lololololol , we drove our teacher into a mental hospital, for 3 years

  8. I'd like to apologize to my kindergarten teacher for making noise. She had asked us to be quite before she left us unattended in the classroom for several minutes. When returning, she heard us from down the hall and got really mad. She lined us up in a row and had us hold our hands out. She proceeded to move down the row successively hitting each hand with a wood ruler. We were all crying hysterically even before she hit the first hand but being so dedicated to her vocation she proceeded until we were all wacked twice. (True story circa 1966).

  9. I first grade we had a reading log every Tim we read 6 books we got prize which was just a cool eraser or a mini clipboard or something like that. But I didn’t like reading and I always lost my book to write down the names of the books I was reading, but I thought the prizes were so cool I started stealing them, I took one of those stupid erasers everyday and then started getting my friends involved, and then we started stealing toys and other things. But one day the class had a talk about stealing other people’s things. So that was the day my friends and I confessed that we were stealing and returned all of our stolen things, but I didn’t even return them all, I still have a bunch of those prizes XD

  10. "If the NRA has their way, they all have machine guns" really Jimmy? Thumbs down and didn't even watch it after that bit.

  11. I swear I clicked on the thumbnail cos I was like, ''wait… isnt that Vale Genta?!…. He's finding celebs on the street now??!''

  12. I want to apologise to my teacher for taking her lip gloss. It was a sweet strawberry flavour (yes I tasted it 😬) I was in year 2 😂

  13. Health science teacher, high school, asked me : is there any disease with ease?
    I replied : yes!
    She said : no, that's why the condition is "disease"
    I said: premature ejaculation…

    Secondly in higher secondary, when we made noise in his class, teacher asked to keep quiet and said: we are the people work using the most soft part (throat) of the body.
    I argued ; no, prostitutes..

    NOW AT MY 40, I REALLY Apologize… 😔

  14. Kimmel is so intellectually dishonest. He knows good and well that machine guns, otherwise known as automatic weapons, are almost impossible for anyone to be able to get ahold of, but he insists on pushing his false narrative that machine guns will be anywhere and everywhere, and that the NRA pushes for teachers to be armed with automatic weapons. He is such a liar.

  15. In India there is no disrespecting business when it comes to teachers. If you disrespect them you put your career to jeopardy and their curse stays with you forever.

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