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100 thoughts on “Penelope Cruz Tries to Teach Ellen Spanish

  1. Como estas? Mi estoy de Bangladesh !! 😀 i am just learning spanish.. Good luck to spanish people

  2. She is teaching Spanish from Spain really…those sentences are not used by People from Latin America who speak Spanish too.

  3. I'm Portuguese and I work in England with Spanish girls. We speak English to each other. I understand Spanish very well but I don't speak Spanish. And they don't understand Portuguese and they don't speak Portuguese. The language is so soooo similar most of the words that is very easy for me to understand Spanish and Italian. But they don't understand my Portuguese… So we speak English!! 😂 And English people are awful with the accent. They always try to say the words of other languages with their accent… 😂 😂

  4. It's refreshing to watch/hear someone who has an accent but doesn't try to be unintelligible (like Sofia Vergara).

  5. Todos se ríen del acento de Sofía Vergara cuando habla en inglés, pero el de Penélope Cruz es aún peor…

    Al menos Sofía Vergara hace gracia.

  6. She's from Spain, and she have accent it's obvious. Apart she speak and understand english very well, I don't think that she's accent was a problem.

  7. i love be part of the hispanic comunity!!! but i have to admit that is very fun can to see how the americans try to speak in spanish… pero tranquilos, que esa diversion es en buen plan xD

  8. Ow my gosh, this tv show is recorded in Los Angeles, it's not so far from a Spanish country"Mexico" maybe 70 miles away. Therefore north Americans always speak just one language. I'm from Brazil, but I can speak Portuguese, English and Spanish, I'm not fluent but I get.

  9. What a beautiful lady ! More like family oriented typical spanish country side lady. Lucky guy who married her.

  10. Se ve preciosa Penelope como siempre todo un bombón, no me importa hablar español y que no me entiendan she looks gorgeous.

  11. It is known that people who speak only english do not know that their language has been influenced by Latin, Spanish and French, not to mention Italian. It's for nothing that Rome called them the "Barbarians". For me, it still is. Lack of beauty of elegance and nobility.

  12. Shouldn’t the word ‘tienes’ be used when you’re speaking about or asking some one else instead of yourself? Isn’t there a difference between ‘tengo’ and ‘tienes’?

  13. I must be on my own on this one but I swear she has the sexiest accent when she speaks. Even her own mother tongue. She is just overall mesmerizing.

  14. Penelope, for one hundred years that you have been communicating with Americans, it's just about time to learn English well and speak without this awful thick accent. It's impossible to listen.

  15. Penelope so cute. Ellen is always sarcastic ….I so love Spanish language. It's a quite sweet one.. Te Amo from India…

  16. everyone is talking about Penelope's accent. But is anybody going to even mention Ellen's accent when she speaks spanish? It's sexy.

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