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Pencil Case Smiggle School Supplies Smiggle Shopping Giveaway | Ambi C

Hi guys I am very pleased to announce that
this is my Smiggle back to school giveaway. So to enter this giveaway first of all you
must be subscribed, and also go hit the like button to go show some appreciation to this
awesome company which makes all these cute things. Right, before you enter this giveaway
you are going to need permission from a parent or guardian, so show them this video because
if you do win I’m going to need a postal address. The giveaway closes on the 23rd September
2016, I’ll be announcing the winner in my next Smiggle giveaway towards the end of the
month, and the good news is I’ll be bringing you a brand new Smiggle giveaway every month
for the next twelve months. Okay so let’s take a closer look at what’s in the giveaway.
First up we have this 15cm pink metallic ruler. We also have this pencil sharpener which comes
with an eraser on the top and on the bottom here we have this little sliding cap where
you can sharpen your pencil and also keep everything inside so you don’t mess up your
pencil case. Next we’ve got this cute little set of scented erasers, these smell so good
and they’re so cute you get two little milkshake cartons and two cookies, and these come packaged
up in their own little Smiggle container. You also get this glittery goo which you can
roll up and bounce and it also lights up so that’s pretty cool. Also included is this
set of ten pens which come in a variety of different colours, and to go perfectly with
these you get this pack of twelve scented pencils. These are really cute scented pencils
and the flavours are banana, blueberry, cinnamon, cola, donut, fairy-floss, island punch, peach,
raspberry, tangerine, tutti-frutti and watermelon. So in the giveaway we also get these two notebooks,
well this is actually a sketch pad so if you like art this is perfect for you, and we also
get this adorable pastel notebook and it’s scented and it has these coloured pages inside,
and it’s also made out of like a rubbery material but it’s just super cute. Now then,
speaking of cute ta-da we get this absolutely adorable pineapple pencil case, and it’s
make out of this rubbery material so you can like squish it and stuff, and it’s got a
zip at the back and it holds so much, I can get all the way up to the top in here. It’s
just adorable, I want it and it smells so good. Right so there’s not just one pencil
case we actually get two and this is a strawberry scented pencil case and it’s also got a
zip at the back here which you can open up and put your stuff in this way, or we can
open up the top here and there is a lot of room in here which is pretty good actually
seen as you’re going to win all of this. The next item in the giveaway is this blue
drinks bottle with this dragon fly design, and it’s super easy to open, just press
the button and this holds 600ml. Next we’ve got this set of 80 cookies and cream scented
stickers. Now I’m not going to open these because that’s for one of you guys to do,
but on the side here it shows you what kind of stickers you’ll get inside. Moving on
we’ve got this grape scented eraser and also these candy highlighters which are also
scented and come in the flavours grape, blueberry, apple, lemon, orange and strawberry. And you’ll
get these 6 macaron erasers and this sidekick penguin eraser with pencil, and finally we
get these 5 scented lip balms which come in flavors strawberry, chocolate, grape, vanilla
and bubble gum. Now to enter this competition what you need to do is first subscribe, also
like this video and comment down below which is your favorite item and why. Now remember
I’m going to be announcing the winner at the end of the month an if you don’t win,
don’t worry because there’s going to be another Smiggle giveaway soon. So thanks for
watching, I hope you enjoyed, good luck and I’ll see you later, bye!

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