Peer Mentoring at Guttman Community College
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Peer Mentoring at Guttman Community College

Hello, my name is Collin. As a Leadership Peer Mentor the primary goal
is to help students be socially active. My name is Amanda. I’m an Admissions and Access Peer Mentor. I’m Talia, and I’m an Academic Success Peer
Mentor for first year students. My name is Juan. I am an Academic Success Peer Mentor. Hello, my name is Karima and I’m a Peer Mentor
at Guttman Community College in Leadership Services. My name is Danny Ambrose, and I’m the Director
for Mentoring and Student Success. What we do here is program planning, engaging
with students, and making the activity a lot more interesting here on campus. My role is to guide them and make sure they
actually succeed in college. I feel it’s important to have Peer Mentors
in the school because we are the bridge to close the gap between professors and students. My role as an Admissions and Access Peer Mentor
is to guide prospective students through the admissions process through co-facilitating
in group information sessions, through hosting individual information sessions as well as
just answering general questions. I’ve been working individually with a specific
Peer Mentor on feminine activism and doing different conferences and trying to get other
students involved. The Peer Mentors are there to help you if
you need the help. I’m mean, I don’t come down here just to do
homework, I come down here to talk with them. It was President Scott Evenbeck’s vision to
really make sure that mentoring was going to be an integral part of what we are about
at Guttman. We’ve worked really hard to recruit, train,
and select Peer Mentors who are really committed to the concept of the College, the centering
on learning, giving students feedback so they’ll be more engaged and perform even better. I think I have one of the best jobs on campus,
I work with 50 of our most talented students. We’ve gone through what you will go through
so there’s no one better to help you than us. We’re all college students and we all know
the challenges that they need to overcome. If you want to feel like you have that guidance
and support, Guttman Community College really is the place where it will help you in that
sense, and you cannot get lost here. They’re the face of the College, and when
you see the mentors you really see the face of New York City and I think the future of
New York City, and to have that caliber of very diverse, committed students at the center
of what we do really makes a difference.

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