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PBiS In The Classroom

♪[theme music]>>Ms. Mondragon: Perfect. I love the way that…uh Albert has it up and his hands are still on his desk clasped together. So PBiS, with PBiS you have to maintain the five to one ratio. I mean it-it’s very easy sometimes to want to call out the things that you see students are not doing. You have to remember that students will model from the positives. And it’s very obvious as soon as I say, Oh, I really like the way that so and so is sitting up straight. You see all the little bodies, you know, straighten up. Positives work and I notice they work better than the negatives, but I try to remind myself I need to keep it positive so that everybody follows what I want to see, and I don’t want them to copy what I don’t want them to see. We’re probably not going to finish it all. I’m just gonna have you get started on it. Okay, Luis, go ahead and walk us in please. Excuse me. Thank you. I love that way you guys are coming in with a voice level zero which is our expectation.>>student: I promise to accept no for an answer.>>Ms. Zerom: Nice. I promise to accept no for an answer. Good. I love how many of you are participating right now. Excellent. So in a classroom it’s all about how you frame your expectations positively. So there’s a five to one ratio. You want-you always want to make sure that um the amount of times that you are positively framing you expectations, are way more than how many times you address a negative behavior. You guys are doing a great job of following instructions and focussing and staying on task. Thank you. Not only did you guys put your hands up, but every single one of you were looking at me with your hands up like this. Perfect, that’s excellent. That’s what we want to do. I like how I didn’t even say this yet, but when everyone was sharing the whole entire class was looking at that person. Excellent. Thank you for giving that person your attention. ♪[theme music]

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