Passport in Time Volunteers Unlock the Past of Scull Shoals
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Passport in Time Volunteers Unlock the Past of Scull Shoals

[Music] [Music] So we are at the Scull Shoals
Passport In Time Project and our project this
year is this bridge here, cleaning up and doing
maintenance on the bridge. It was constructed,
we think, in 1845 and back in the late 1960s, the Forest Service put a big
chain link fence up around it and nothing has ever
been done to it since. And you can’t see it; it was overgrown with
vegetation in the fence that you couldn’t
see anything on it. So our project was
to remove the fence and clean up the bridge and make it so people
could actually see it and enjoy the structure. Seven volunteers
on this project, they come, we have some from… there is one from Ohio, one
from New Jersey, I believe, several from Georgia, and they like to do
historic preservation work; archaeology and
preservation type projects. There’s moss growing
on the bricks and they keep the moisture in, and it’s just
damaging the bricks and we want this bridge
to last a long time. So we are cleaning
it off to preserve it. Some of it’s
sticking real hard. I think what we have here
in revealing this bridge is we are bettering the
visitor’s experience here. We are opening
up the entire side of the historic mill village
in a sweeping glance. We are actually making
discoveries in this project, which is really cool. We are making discoveries
of brick walls and stone extensions
of stonewalls of that powerhouse plant over there
that nobody knew about before. So that’s been really exciting. There were several
different mills that were down here at
one time or another; the first paper
mill in Georgia. There was a gristmill,
a flourmill, a sawmill, then the cotton mill. And we don’t know where
most of those structures are. We believe this was the cotton
factory or the cotton mill. Because it was a
large brick building. We have a painting showing
this part of the site from the 1870’s in a photograph
from the late 1800’s. That appears to… you can see the remains of
the structure of the house that’s out there in the
photograph and some other things that lead us believe this is the
actual cotton factory itself. [Music]

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