Partner Addition (Classroom Physical Activity Breaks)
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Partner Addition (Classroom Physical Activity Breaks)

[ Silence ] All right. I’m going to count slowly,
10 all the way to zero. And by the time I get to zero,
you should have a partner and stand back to back
with your partner. Oh, we’re not running.
I didn’t even start counting. What are my rules
about partners? Danell? – You can’t go, like, come on. – Right. Don’t pull their clothing.
What else? – You can’t yell at them. – Don’t yell at them, come over here,
come over here. – [Inaudible]. – Okay. Very good.
What else? – And don’t fight about it.
Like, let’s say me and Chris were friends, and we wanted to be partners with
Rachel, then, no, I want to be her partner. – Exactly. Okay. And if you can’t decide,
maybe you could do Rock, Paper, Scissors or something
to figure that out. Okay. What if one person’s left over?
What do we do? Raise your hand. – We can [inaudible]. – Invite them into a group of three. But do I want to see
a bunch of groups of three? No.
Maybe one group of three. Okay. By the time I get to zero,
you are going to stand somewhere in the room, not over by the computers,
back to back with a partner. 10… Push your chair in. 9… 8… 7… Oh, I didn’t say connect arms. 3… 2… 1… Zero. [Inaudible talking] They can figure it out.
They can figure it out. We’re in third grade. Okay. With your partner… First, we’re going to use one hand. So raise your favorite hand. Raise your favorite hand. Raise your favorite hand. Adrian, come over by me.
We’re going to be the demonstrators. Come over by me, Adrian. Okay, hand down. Adrian, come over by me. Okay, Adrian and I are going to
use our favorite hand. Okay, so we’re
standing back to back. We’re going to say
“one, two, three,” and we’re both going to
turn around like this. And he’s going to have a number
on his fingers, and I’m going to
have a number. Let’s say I pick three,
and he has two. Add that together.
What is it? (students)
Five. – Five. The first one to shout it out
wins that round. All right. Watch — no, no, no, no.
We’re watching Adrian and I first. Okay. Ready, Adrian? Do you know what number
you’re going to do? Don’t tell me, though.
Don’t tell me. And you’re only going to
use one hand. Okay, ready? One, two, three, jump. Seven. No, one hand. Do it again.
Do it again. Okay. That’s okay. One hand, one hand,
not two hands. Okay, ready? Jump. Six. Okay, so I won that round. Okay?
The first one to get it. You’re not using both hands.
Just one hand. Then we’ll go to two hands.
All right. Ready? Now, you have to decide
with your partner how you’re going to turn around. Are you going to say, “one, two three”?
Are you going to say, “ready, go”? You have to decide that
with your partner. Okay.
You may begin. [ Students talking ] [Leora] needs a partner.
Cassandra needs a partner. Do it again. [ Students talking ] Or you could do — oh, do it again. – She doesn’t want to be with me. – She doesn’t want to?
Oh. Then ask Adrian. I bet he will. Adrian will. [ Students talking ] Chris, don’t jump.
Don’t jump on him. [ Students talking ] Okay.
Hands… …on your cranium. Hands on your cranium. Hands on your cranium. Everybody put your hands
on your cranium. Where’s your cranium?
You should know, by Mr. Bones. Mr. Bones. Mr. Bones.
Okay. Now this time, instead of
doing one hand, you’re turning around
and doing two. [ Excited talking ] Oh, not done.
Put your hands back on your cranium. Now, what if I turned around
and did this? What would this be? (students)
Five. Only five.
This is a zero. But I don’t want to see a lot of this. I don’t want to see
zero-zero a lot of times. Okay.
This time you’re using both hands. All right.
Try that with your partner. Adrian, come up here. [ Students talking ] Would you be Adrian’s partner?
Thank you. [ Students talking ] You got to add them together. [ Students talking ] And freeze. Hands on your cranium. Hands on your mandible.
Where’s your mandible? – Oh, right here. – Oh, very good. Hands at your side. Oh, I see two people not listening.
Go to your desk and please sit down. Find your desk. – Can I get a drink of water? – Not right now.
You have to ask Mr. [Highstart], honey. Then go to your desk — [ Silence ]

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