PART TWO: Teaching to Transgress
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PART TWO: Teaching to Transgress

The people who fought for our freedom were not cops or wealthy white city officials are gun-toting libertarians or glad-handing politicians looking to get our vote They were hustlers injection drug users people who lived on the streets They were black and brown punches queens and trans women who do not have the option despite that their struggles were just about gay rights Took care of each other creating state places to be themselves when when when the right gays the white middle class Assimilationist motherfucking gays took over the movement later with their assimilation his goals kicks them out because they wouldn’t be Grateful for the spots getting to them by the racist politician racist police forces and racist housing policies Despite the persistent efforts by many white people including so-called allies To turn the conversation of about race from the Congress away from a conversation about black life away from a conversation about police brutality And away from a conversation about the white supremacy that lives and breathes within every single white person standing here Right now I refuse to shut my mouth and let white people set this agenda I Was at this meeting and there was a particular faculty member who was Instigating much of the tension around race at Evergreen and she was there she tended to go to these things and We were discussing the question there were all these allegations about white supremacy At Evergreen and every so often somebody sometimes it was me. Sometimes it was somebody else asked about okay Where is this white supremacy? Can we can we see it? Can we evaluate it and this faculty member? said that she said to ask students who are suffering from white supremacy to Tell us about the instances of white supremacy. Is it self? racism and she said we must Stop Asking them because we are inflicting harm on them asking for evidence and the phrase used. She said to ask For evidence of racism is racism with a capital R. And as she said racism with a capital R She leaned forward in her seat, and she looked directly at me and I had been leaning back in my chair There was no opportunity to ask questions in these meetings I sat up in my chair and I said are you talking to me? and she said yes, and I looked around the room and Nobody said a word and I said, you know at some point You might want to check into Whether or not my history Lines up with the accusation of racism because you might be very surprised and if you don’t look into it it’s gonna come back to bite you and the chair of the faculty said Brett this is not the place to defend yourself against accusations of racism. And I said, that’s fine Where is the place and then the faculty member who leveled the accusation says you should not expect a place to defend yourself against accusations Of racism and I looked around the room. The president of the college is sitting there The Provost of the college is sitting there. Nobody says a word and I said, whoa What faculty was she a part of? What was was she teaching at that time? Naima was in Media Studies and Film was her her bag We sort of coined this term of a phrase called black girl in the wilderness Right sort of to describe this profound Isolation we feel as he sort of unruly loudmouth women with like the wrong hair and a lot of attitude and A rabid dedication and our work charts education as an actually Liberatore practice, right? We both teach and place as we get in trouble sometimes Or we don’t get in trouble until we’re actually doing what we say. We’re gonna do then we get in trouble At some point what I realized was that in order to not feel alone in the work. I had to take the risk Right of doing some of this what bell hooks called engaged pedagogy That makes sense for those of you who either have or do not have a card what you’re doing right when you hear your number Say your thing say it loud. I might ask you to repeat it if it’s not loud enough and That teacher. Yes, okay Okay one Two three For Five Six 26 27 28 29 30 35 36 37 38 39 I Don’t know that she does or doesn’t believe that we’re all guilty of racism But I know that she understands the power of saying such a thing and That’s really what this is about for her was power. Yeah. She’s an extremely smart actually postmodernist cynic. I contact the provost and I said You know You heard that she accused me of racism and he said well, she’s right isn’t she and I said, what are you talking about? And he said well, we’re all guilty aren’t we? And I said no Ken. What are you talking about? No, that’s not accurate Ignorance, maybe maybe you know, we’re all gonna have some ignorant about other people’s experience. No doubt I have ignorance about what it’s like to be black or a woman or gay or any of these things but racism No, that’s not it’s not true that it’s universal It was like somebody had said the most the oddest thing to him like you’re really arguing that we’re not all guilty of race I actually think racism depends on white people being really really nice To everybody and just carrying on right Just be really nice and just carry on And nothing will change or get interrupted and you will be supporting the default and the default is the reproduction of white and whiteness and white supremacy, and we need to go back to where that relentless self-reflection humility And grappling right? Where where am I not understanding something and how might I be accountable to that So what does student protesters want this was gathered? Around all the recent protests that have happened on college campuses the number one has increased the diversity of the professor’s and that’s why I think it’s really important to focus there because we often want to kind of how do I get my Students to understand this and that is critical but that is functioning to have us not look at ourselves as faculty And so anyway, you you can see all of these and actually I know that your institution is Working and struggling right to to move this forward and is putting together a cabinet. Is that correct? A Council, right and I think as that happens The racism that’s imbed and will surface more and more one of the other challenges to this work is that we think when we start To talk about it and then it starts to surface Sometimes we think that us Talking about it or caring about it or centering it is what’s causing the problem and I would say know you Finally created the space For all that people have had to sit on and endure to come to the surface Danny graduated from Evergreen in 1973 and later served with us on the board of trustees during difficult periods in which the college faced the major financial challenges I mentioned and As my fellows as my that’s my fellows tested my fellow trustees will attest Okay, so this is my name is Gonzales Fuck raising tuition catering the races homophobes transphobic bigots Neo-nazis rapists. Fuck you gathered us Y’all are selling our money This school is unsafe for marginalized students that you know it the students have the power in universities We can’t write we can boycott we can divest from you from Evergreen We can occupy the classrooms and refuse to leave and to pay until we get what we demand a fair and good and affordable and accessible education Tell me right now how you take action I Want to thank President bridges and the Board of Trustees for This wonderful honor and all of my friends the staff and the faculty But most importantly the students Here at Evergreen that I’ve had the honor of being able to work with to argue with to educate to enjoy over these many many years Let me finish my comments I want are you you honor me. Thank you And I will listen dr. King stated that the art of the moral universe Bin’s What did you do for like the black students on campus What did you do for the LGBTQ people on campus would you do for the Latino X people on campus? What do you do? Do you keep talking about race and everything like oh you look back to your grandpa Excuse me, it’s not back to my grandparents bla bla. Bla bla It’s not back to my grandparents bla. Bla bla. It’s not it’s the core of Our foundation of who we are I I get it the anger I get it that you want responses and you deserve them, but no testing it But you have to interact you have to interact with people that are committed like you are doing Just because I have a suit on now have worn it in here. It’s kind of a salmon on again, but just because I I’m back and that’s been my life and my life is passing You have to one learn will snoop from elders and educate elders as well But you haven’t left to find the foundation to open the door for the conversation people We have to find a way to do that. That’s what it’s about students and here today when you honor me with this building I want to say thank you If this building has my name where students will walk through it to be educated to have seminars To argue to resolve conflicts that will make all the difference in my heart with my name on this building because that is what it should do and That is what it’s designed to do and it’s wonderful that we have an environment where that can happen So with that I just want to say thank you to all Dave absence is a tradition. But nobody really explained to us when we showed up at Evergreen. It was never an important Feature in our quadrant of the college in the sciences. I don’t think there was wide participation I don’t actually remember a single student in my whole history at the college being absent on the day of absence. Do you? so Dave absence ostensibly Was a day on which originally black? faculty and Students and then later people of color more generally would absent themselves from the college in order to emphasize the importance of the roles they were playing at the college some of the events scheduled on day of absence or a bunch of little seminars and there were things like How Asians contribute to white supremacy Like this was one of the topics of the day and the others were Comparable all of which you would recognize from the work that you’ve done. Oh The grievant study has sort of turned into seminars commitments to participate in day of absence this year were encouraged by the Administration and then it was revealed to the faculty as a whole that day of absence this year meant white people Don’t show up to campus and at the point this became clear. I Sent an email To the campus well to faculty and staff and on the staff list were I think some 500? Students who had staff positions at the college and I said, this is unacceptable. It’s one thing to absent yourself It’s another thing to tell other people to go away on the basis of their skin color You should Expect me to be present on the day of absence as a protest Because I won’t be told not to show up to a public college because I’m white This caused a certain amount of uproar over email I should say though that that email Caused the usual 15 to 20 suspects on staff and faculty who are hateful to send bile filled angry emails accusing you of all manner of things that you had not done in our in the email I offered to hold a seminar for anybody interested on the Evolutionary Meaning of racism where it comes from why it exists if we’re gonna have this discussion by all means let’s have it full strength with the proper scientific underpinnings, and this was dismissed as scientific racism As if I was somehow going to you know, hold a seminar Claiming that white people were superior or something like this. There was definitely talk of white fragility there I think you were encouraged to read is it Robin D’Angelo’s? That’s why fragility. Did they at any point talk about epistemic? Exploitation, you know because that’s exactly where to ask for evidence. And no that’s exactly what they call that exactly that little trap Exactly what grievance studies is doing based in the postmodern tradition that you know better than I do It’s completely Discordant with a scientific understanding of the world. There is an objective reality or there isn’t We’re not talking we’re not speaking to whether or not we’ll ever get there even we’re not that’s not what we’re doing That’s the oh that’s what we do as scientists. And what we are supposed to be doing as scholars is figuring out Okay, which of these methods is a better way to actually approach approach to reality? But it’s just completely discordant science has at its core You know hypothesis and falsifiability and testability and so it got to be the first to go a Student who I knew pretty well called me over and she said Do you know that there are people outside that door? Chanting for you to be fired Oh Oh You don’t walk me out of my way History could pivot this hallway right now History could give it in the direction of the values that you are standing here for. Yeah, resign what resign? Wait Excuse me So wait, hold on can I get this straight you were coming over here for Bret Weinstein because you were I’ve got information you thought Okay, not over here We were indeed very small There was room to leave what there was room There was like there was one group of students on one side of him and then a small dispersed group on the other side one of the main protesters somehow managed to get all of the upper admin of the college the president the all the VP’s Most of the deans if not all of them plus various other members of the administration Sitting in a closed room with eight ten twelve protesters Liberally, put past white students to target people of color We deliberately asked white students to be a barrier between the police because we know the relationship that black abroad people have their diplomas They made an effort to push them out of the way to get to us when everyone we learn the same thing So to me that feels like targeting black people You can’t tell me that that’s not targeting black because we have the evidence on camera But they literally just white people out of the way to attack black and brown bodies. Please send me that So I want you to really say that Okay share alike kids remember now you did that to us. You step is out in the cold Yeah I was gonna say I don’t understand how the diversity and equity plan was presented as this thing that people had to get on board with at this campus if you got paid by this campus and then turn Like then it’s turned around and then you get to send out all these emails about it. It just doesn’t make sense to me Why he’s still here if this was something you had to get on board with They have an Even sometimes they do it in the most offensive ways. And how do we stop people from speaking? offensively That’s a challenge There is this concept of free speech now if it constitutes angular its targeting a certain Population then we got it. Then we get a point of leverage and it means a Commitment towards Like education issues because They’re gonna say some things that we don’t like and our job is to bring more But I hear Us stating that we are working toward it is bring him in train him. They don’t get it psych Bring him in Train them and if it doesn’t take sanction them and then he says to the protesters. I want you to hold me to that All right, so that’s the plan is for people like me Bring them in train them and if it doesn’t take sanction of this is the mechanism that they’re going to use to force this change to the This conversations gonna change it not know what changes shit action that’s what’s ugly in this life Meeting at 4 o’clock in the upper floor of the library building this old cafeteria was extremely dangerous and ill-considered In approaching the meeting One goes down a hallway on this 4th floor and the hallways completely controlled by Anarchists at the point that I show up they assign somebody to me to mind my every move There’s food That has been supplied by the college to State College and the announcement is made that the food is for people of color only food water peers are also To be reserved for people of color Then it turns out there are enough chairs. So white people are allowed to sit in the back in the back. Yeah So I you know, I hear this announced an egg, you know It is one of many hard to imagine things a Couple of my students students of color actually stand up and try to speak on my behalf at this meeting Response is to Chastise them as if they who do know me have misunderstood something and need to be re-educated We have to recognize I am fucking like kool-aid. I’ve come to this school Seniors your journey because what you can I don’t wanna bump gonna stay in. This is my kinkle I can’t adjourn this shit And you’re still here look you called for a man who would beat her ass or three why the fuck is he here I was in Tacoma with our younger son. So I got a voicemail from a Dean Hey, yeah, I haven’t seen you in a while and Aaron’s sabbatical. I hope you’re enjoying it. Uh Something’s happened Brett’s classroom Hey, I just I’m checking in I’d really like to talk to you or Bret and Your there might be media interest in the story So I just want to tell you to assure you that the college can deal with any media interest that comes your way I didn’t know that Brett was okay, but the message that I got from the college That I’ve been employed up for 15 years was the most important thing here is that we are in control of this story Okay, George, so first and foremost you’re so fucking full of shit and You have the fucking nerve to fucking be humanized like Arne and me have you what’s in this whole head and Like mostly all the burnings – yes Really good at talking And definitely I guess within just dropping the charges against me You

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  4. If I were mayor of the city in which this occurred, I would arrest each of these students. They were beginning to exhibit "angry mob" behavior. The anger I hear from these students actually makes sense to me. I'm white kids but who knows? I might have been raised by loving parents who taught me to treat all people with equal respect except when people are violent or have bad intentions.

    In fact, that IS how I was raised.

    How were you raised and are you honoring that?
    Or have you become obsessed with hating and with putting the blame onto other people or groups.

    If you stay on this course of hatred and blame, you will eventually fail.

    But if you really want to make a difference in how people THINK, begin with elementary school education – not your crazy preaching propaganda, but teach them how to think and solve problems and how to HONOR civil debate. Do you know what that is? It's adults talking to adults and not freaking out when there is a disagreement.

    Working through the disagreement to hopefully find common ground, to reach understandings and ultimately to work together black and white and brown and all of us to fight against tyranny and to fight for freedom and equal opportunities for all people.

    But fighting means educating and speaking and sharpening your mind through books and debate and discussions and away from the emotional part of you that just wants to fight or destroy or obliterate. Life is NOT a video game.

    If your parents or grandparents taught you how to love then pass THAT on instead of hatred.

    If no one ever taught you how to love then that sucks. But it does not mean you cannot LEARN to love and care for others and to work to get along in your school, at work, at home, or wherever you go . . . are you making a difference or are you just passing through?

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  17. This is such a powerful film. Thank you for making it. Also , I read the article "Postmodern Religion and the Faith of Social Justice" it has really helped me to make sense of what is going on in the World.

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  21. I had a discussion with Bret Weinstein about this series – – we also spoke about my Grievance Studies feature film – .

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  25. This witch hunt is crazy. There are legitimate races issues, but screaming "racism" every time someone shares a view is nuts. It's setting us back decades.

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    The president of this college is a spineless loser, though no doubt he is the right soy boy for this leftie indoctrination camp masquerading as a place of higher learning.

  29. "You feel stressed? You feel fuckin' pressure? This is my everyday."
    college tends to do that, probably exceptionally so for students who engage so widespread with a cause that doesn't have to do with their actual education. the stress and pressure is probably mounting because he knows he has an exam that he knows he has to study for

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    If their average IQ was above 95 (which is five point below the population mean in the U.S.), I would be amazed.

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    Racism comes in all races, both male & female, all nationalities, religions, and countries.
    This young women seems obsessed with white people. How is it our responsibility that blacks downplay getting a good education because it is "acting white"? Why are white people to blame for black people living in run down areas? How is whitey to blame for the blacks selling drugs and killing each other off? Why is it the whites fault that blacks live on welfare, the woman have no man around, yet have several kids by different baby daddies? Why do blacks think whitey owes them everything?
    It also shows that group of students disrespect the white speaker, threaten violence, yet they allow the black speaker to say his piece. If the tables were turned, there would have been a riot. There is no reasoning with savages. They have tunnel vision and anyone who disagrees with them is racist.
    Stupid white students don't realize they are just a tool these black students are using to further their anti white cause. The fact that the administration is turning over power to these black students is absolutely ludicrous. Stupid white students are like sheep being led to slaughter. Black people play the victim card and when something doesn't go their way they resort to mob violence. Look at how they act in their own neighborhoods when they feel wronged They riot, loot, destroy, & burn buildings that are much needed in those areas. How is that civilized and how does that make outsiders sympathetic to their cause?

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    And they all seriously need to read a book on the cultural revelation in China and the evils it caused, because if you substitute “bourgeoisie” for “white” here they are scarily similar… both offering a slim ideological straw man argument excuse for the low down and losers of society to feel justified in acting out all of their most sick jealous impulses towards innocent people of my race and class.

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