Parkland Shooting Survivors School Congress on Gun Violence: The Daily Show
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Parkland Shooting Survivors School Congress on Gun Violence: The Daily Show

By now, we all know
the tragic story of the Parkland, Florida
shooting. A 19-year-old who had purchased
multiple weapons walked into his high school
that he was expelled from and shot and killed
17 students and teachers. And even though these shootings are happening
more and more frequently, I refuse to get used to it. I also refuse to accept the idea
that nothing can be done. And look, my first instinct–
I’m gonna be honest– my first instinct is to talk
about limiting guns, but-but I’m an idiot. I get it. You know, yeah, in my dumb mind, I keep thinking
that gun violence is somehow related to guns. Haven’t quite
figured it out yet. But the one thing
I am sure about is that a lot of people
in America think that after a shooting, that is not the time
to talk about guns. Yeah, apparently
it’s way too soon. You see, there needs
to be a waiting period before you can just
get a gun conversation going. It’s a lot more responsible. And now, if-if you told someone that they had to solve
gun violence but they couldn’t talk
about guns, most people would be like,
“Well, then, there’s nothing I can do.” But most people
are not Fox News. Because over the last few days,
Fox showed us that once you remove
the obvious solution, you have no choice
but to get creative. We need to protect kids, and that means we’ve got
to have metal detectors, we’ve got to have
experienced cops– I don’t care if they’re retired
or they’re still cops– working in the schools, and we’ve got to be able
to have perimeter controls. Wait, wait, wait. Is she
still speaking about schools? ‘Cause it sounds like she-she
wants to build a compound in The Walking Dead. “Protect the kids. Build
a perimeter around the wall! I need them dead now!” So her idea
is don’t touch guns– just turn the school
into a fortress. Yeah. And, hey, wh-why stop with cops
and perimeter controls? Why not post snipers
on the roof? Yeah. Dig a moat. Fill it
with gun-eating sharks. Yeah. Stick the heads of
other school shooters on spikes outside the school
to deter another attack! But, I don’t know, that-that
seems like a crazy idea. You can’t have a school
with snipers and armed guards patrolling the perimeter. No, apparently, we need
those guns in the classroom. We should start thinking
about arming teachers. A minimum of six to eight
teachers and administrators who are trained
in the use of firearms. It’s an issue
of not enough superior firepower to stop these killers. So now you want teachers
to have guns. Like, my teacher didn’t even
know who was talking in class. Now you want to trust them
to shoot the right kid? Think about it, how many times
did your teacher yell at the kid next to the kid
who was talking? Huh? Like, one time, my teacher tried
to hit one of the kids with a blackboard eraser,
missed completely, and hit the kid next to him. You want to give
those people guns? These ideas are so absurd. It’s like a game show host
walked into Fox News and just said, uh,
“The next category is Worst Ways to Solve
Gun Violence. Go!” Like, it might be kind of fun
to live in their world, you know,
when you think about it. Like, it’s a world free
of embarrassment. No idea is too ridiculous. ‘Cause I’ve-I’ve got tons
of those ideas. In fact, I’ll-I’ll give you one
right now. All right, so, look, the problem
is school shootings, right? So let’s just get rid
of the schools. Yeah. Stick with me.
Stick with me, people. You can’t school-shoot
without a school! Everyone gets homeschooled– that way,
no one can shoot their friends, because homeschooled kids
don’t have any friends. Problem solved. (cheering and applause) Actually, uh… that was kind of fun. Yeah. All right. All right, Fox News,
it’s your turn again. -Self-defense classes are
the best thing for a kid. -Okay. So it’s time that we actually
think about this rationally and go, “How do you improve upon
this?” Well, you train them. Learning combat,
learning hand-to-hand combat. Hand-to-hand combat? Does this guy know
what a gun is? You see, it’s only hand-to-hand if both people agree
to use their hands. Hand-to-hand combat
will only help you if the other person isn’t armed or if their weapon of choice
is a wooden board. Like, “Relax, everyone, “I’ve trained
for this very specific moment. Come here! Hi-yah!” These ideas
are just priceless, man. Ah! That gives me another one. All right, I got it. I got a few complaints
about my homeschooling idea, so scratch that.
We keep the schools and equip them
with huge super magnets, right? Then, when a shooting starts, a teacher presses a button and the magnet
grabs everything metallic. Yeah. I mean, yeah, we’ll lose
a few kids with braces, but… that’s the price of freedom! (cheering and applause) Now, look, look, the truth is we can’t blame people on Fox for
coming up with ridiculous ideas. Right? It’s not their job
to be responsible or even solve problems at all. So they can just shut up
and dribble. Solving problems
is the job of Congress. Or at least I thought it was until Florida Senator
Marco Rubio schooled all of us. Someone’s decided
I’m going to commit this crime, they’ll find a way
to get the gun to do it. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t
have a law that makes it harder. It just means understand,
to be honest, it isn’t going stop this
from happening. Ah. Nothing inspires
more confidence than a lawmaker who doesn’t
believe in the power of laws. Yeah, it’s like
your pastor saying, “Hey, man,
I would pray for your cancer, “but, I mean, who knows
if this shit really works? (laughing):
I don’t… I don’t know.” (laughter) And by the way, it’s weird how
Marco Rubio is super confident in laws and their power
when it comes to restricting drugs
and terrorism and abortion and literally everything else, and it’s only
when it comes to guns that these people suddenly
become all Zen. “Look, man, if the universe
wants it to happen, “it’s gonna happen, man. Yeah, we’re all just flowing
down the river of time.” (laughter) So another mass shooting, and
we’re in exactly the same place. Don’t talk about the guns and
don’t bother changing the laws. It feels like nothing’s
ever gonna change, except this time,
there was one big difference– those meddling kids. Six days after the school
massacre in Parkland, Florida, the nation’s youth
are seizing the megaphone. They are demanding changes
to America’s gun laws. WOMAN: On Tuesday, students meet
with state lawmakers in Tallahassee, and from there,
prepare for rallies this week in Parkland, Florida, and across the country
next month, including a march
on Washington. It has to be more difficult
for somebody who is mentally ill and disabled like him
to acquire weapons of mass… weapons like an AR-15. We don’t want to disarm America. We want to make America have
to work for their weapons. A 19-year-old who can’t purchase
an alcoholic beverage should not be allowed
to purchase an AR-15. They say that tougher gun laws
do not decrease gun violence. We call B.S.! Goddamn, these kids are not
messing around! Wow! Yeah! (cheers and applause) I mean… this also just goes to show how
upside down everything becomes when guns are involved. Like, now,
kids are acting like adults, and adults are acting
like children, cause you’ve got senators like,
“You’re taking my favorite toys! This is so unfair!” And the kids are like,
“You can’t have them if you’re not responsible enough
to handle them!” -“I hate you!”
-(applause and cheering) “You’re not even
my real founding father! I hate you!” You know,
these kids are inspirational. They’re doing town halls,
they’re marching on Congress, all while mourning the loss
of their fellow schoolmates. So what they may lack
in experience, they seem to be making up for
with sharp moral clarity. And I know some people think
“They’re just kids. Can they really
make a difference?” Well, think of it this way. Their generation found a way to
make it cool to eat Tide pods. (laughter) So there’s nothing
they can’t do.

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100 thoughts on “Parkland Shooting Survivors School Congress on Gun Violence: The Daily Show

  1. There is one thing about kids they always think that they know everything ontil they face the mistake that they made

  2. Make it hard for mentally unstable people to get guns? That's basically the whole. What's stable about the fact that to stop shootings you arm teachers? That is parents wont cry out if the damn teacher goes shooting down a kid with a gun trying to kill fellow kids. It will turn to maybe he is trying to show his fellow students his new toy.

  3. Fox News is like that cow in the field it just keeps eating and shiting and eating and shiting and eating and shooting when is it going to end

  4. As an American school student i think that it’s so stupid that we’re forced to go to school 5/7 days of the week with these wackos with guns and no one trying to stop them. Guns can’t fight guns if no knows who going to shoot and when they’re going to shoot. Mental health is a big issue in the American school system and honestly all of these politicians are just dismissing that it does tie into schools shooters. No one would shoot up a school if they were in their right state of mind. So we need mental health tests when you’re going to buy a gun.

  5. So if you have a guy with a gun do you take away his gun or do you give another guy a gun and hope he’s going to win the 50/50 odds and beat the bad guy.

  6. Ok so according to him gun laws do stop shootings from happening someone better tell Chicago and ny they have the most strict gun laws in America and maybe they won’t have the highest death rate from guns in America

  7. Problem is the teachers they need to do their job properly for example home work should no exist red flag fail them for not passing the home work teachers need to earn their money by student knowledge not they want more money

  8. It’s quite perplexing that such conversations are happening in America like on the Fox News . Hand to hand combat what a bunch of buffoons

  9. As a teacher may I say that giving us guns is so ridiculous. Half the teachers are stressed to the point of craziness. Yeah give a crazy person who deals with kids and parents a gun. Brilliant idea! That will end the school shootings😶😡.

  10. Its funny how you want us to give up gun rights. In the wrong neighborhoods because white folks want to go on a killing spree.

  11. Kids get shoot in a all white school but the schools for minorities are the ones that get metal detectors and harassed by cops.

  12. Teacher:Did you do your homework?
    Teacher: slowly puts hand in the desk
    Student:WAIT I HAVE IT!

  13. Noah Trevor is the only person with common sense where I can get my news from. If this is on TV every, more people will be smarter than most are now.

  14. Left is saying ban guns.
    Right is saying more guns.
    ..and I'm here like why don't we provide schools which psychiatrists which would notice and be able to help kids BEFORE it happens…but what do I know lol

  15. I think kids would learn alot more with law enforcement officials integrating with schools in some protective way

  16. I usually like trevor but this bullshit rather you make tougher gun laws criminals will find a way to get what they need so who the fuck will the gun laws effect the good people they slowly trying to sneak it in place I.agree with what was said there should be bullet proof doors panic area and room in case a situation y not have some secret teachers armed what could it hurt crazy idea a big magnet that don't let you take certain metals in don't sound that ready if a idea with this video.they gave trevor a agenda I can smell it bad trevor

  17. I can't believe adults can be so childish and talk about making schools into prisons. Just take away the threat, don't pump up on the defences. This is pure escalation.

  18. That’s it teach the teacher to be black ops it solves everything lol Na it would be easier to teach gun safety to prevent accidents and have parents and teachers take bulling and talk to these kids. In the case that they brought up was that the kid was bullied and treated like crap for years. So this could have been prevented it’s sad the loss of youth but it’s a lot of people’s fault for not taking the time.

  19. The whole teacher with guns argument is so stupid. When we had police officers come in to talk to us about active shooter situations and they told us that in the event an assailant is disarmed DO NOT pick up the weapon. Because they’re called there to handle a civilian with a gun they’re expecting violence and to be shot themselves. If they see a teacher in teacher clothes holding a gun they’re going to fucking fire. Let them do their job without them having to worry about killing innocents bc of politicians stupidity

  20. How about not allowing a citizen to hold a gun only security police and any other type of law enforcement and if someone tries to steal a gun they'll only have a knife and imagine someone robbing a bank or store with a knife

  21. game addiction is something you will never find in a Nigerian home or African continent as a whole


  23. Its funny that you need to license out guns to civilians. Other countries that doesnt allow firearms for public use doesnt hv so many gun deaths n shootings.
    Weapons are a business.. Theres one ally to US that actually insist US civilians still carry guns and weapons because its what they supply.
    Same reason as to why US need to spend military budgets and go into unnecesary wars.., same reason why this ally wants US citizen to carry guns still.
    Just look at other countries tht doesnt allow guns to public. Its safer from gun deaths. Public shooting ia almost unheard of.
    The only gun shooting are between police and certain high end criminals.

    You know whos america no 1 ally. The top weapons n firearms supplier. Ones who benefited from war n weapon use.

    Why do americans civillian need guns anyway? Why do you need to keep a tool tht can kill a person in instant? Other people can live without guns for civilians

  24. I know about 20 teachers in my school that are mentally unstable. I wouldn't trust them with defending me even if they were shooting point-blank with a fucking rocket launcher

  25. "A 19 year old who is not permitted to purchase an alcoholic beverage should not be allowed to purchase an AR15" – When a teenager thinks more logically than a senator…

  26. The more I watch this guys videos, the lower my IQ drops. 😂
    Let me hear the anger from all you panzies 😉.

  27. The problem Is about 30% the guns and 70% the mental health/state of the people. both opposing views are wrong in some way, a happy medium must be found to take care of this problem

  28. so u want my teacher that can't stop a youtube vid from auto playing to actually learn how to use a gun reload it and actually be able to aim it and not shot us. And on top of that actually be able to get it in time cause our teacher slow af and messy

  29. the saddest part of it all is that there was a study done and almost all mass shooters aren't even mentally ill. Which just makes this more scary cause that means that someone with a "normal" mindset would just get pissed and kill people

  30. Okay I'm just gonna put it over here. I live in Pakistan and we have only had 1 School Shooting in Our History and that was done by TERRORISTS. From then on the schools are much safer. We have never had another shooting. We don't have Police or The Army at our schools but what we have are STRICT GUN LAWS. AMERICA REALLY HAS TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE NRA AND YOUR GUN LAWS.

  31. I can’t believe Parkland was last year. It seems like there have been so many shootings since that it seems longer. 😔

  32. Guns aren’t the problem, it’s people. People are the problem. People treat people like crap. People walk by homeless people and hold their Children closer while they walk by “don’t look”. People buy and sell underage girls to rich people. People put people down for having weird hair cuts. People beat people up for being gay. People force people to get jobs they have no passion in. People take advantage of others. The problem is people. People kill people.

  33. You should watch Assassination class room ( Anime) and do the same thing, teach the kids to become assassins so they can defend themselves.
    Stupid governments, you only care about money and not lives.

  34. I used to think we needed more gun control until I saw Neil DeGrasse Tyson's tweet on the recent mass shootings. It puts crime in perspective and shows why more gun laws are not the solution.

  35. Omg people! Obviously guns don't cause gun violence, that's like trying to say that drugs cause drug related deaths. That's why we have the choice to buy drugs legally,

  36. "The solution is in more laws, more government employees, and more spending." Read A Peace Plan for a Safer America which just got presented under the Parkland name brand.

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