Parent Changemaker: Helping Meet the Needs of Students with Disabilities
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Parent Changemaker: Helping Meet the Needs of Students with Disabilities

(children talking) – I’m a part of a parent group, Southside Parents United Roundtable, here in Chicago, who has helped parents
understand the whole IEP process. We just started kind
of doing some research, like how the parents whose children are not receiving the services that they should have
received, how can we help? So, we started researching, we started talking with
other organizations, and we did surveys, we
went out to the school. It’s been a fight to make
sure that the children was in their IEP, like the goals they need to meet, the goals we want them to meet are really being taken seriously, and case-workers and teachers
and just the whole school, is really helping that child out. If a parent calls, if anybody needs help with an IEP, I’m available to help out. A lot of children have
some sort of disability, and when they’re younger,
like under the age of two, they have an early intervention plan, where someone helps them
in the home or at a site. The whole process was
a learning experience, and just getting all this
knowledge to go back out, and tell the parents, “Hey, you have a little one. “We know some services
we can take you to.” We started partnering with CHILD FIND, where they are at libraries and they are screening
children under the age of five for those developmental delays, to help the parents get them services now. I have helped a community
receive a CHILD FIND site, where parents can now bring their children to a local library and get those developmental screenings. It’s just been a great experience, and we are now able to help both the little children
and the older children. It’s just building those relationships, being kind to people, speaking nice. You know, a lot of times I understand, we want to go out and
Hurrah, you know, rally, but sometimes, if you have those sit-down
meetings with people, and just talk, and just express,
and just tell your story. I’m just a regular parent, and I know if me and my son were able to achieve those goals, I know any other child should be able to. I want all children to
experience that same outcome.

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