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22 thoughts on “Overview of ancient Persia | World History | Khan Academy

  1. its BC, not BCE. They opened the tomb of Jesus in the last month in case you missed it. You might also note the map you are using has BC on it, not BCE. How about you guys keep away from this political correctness rubbish. You do great videos.

  2. You can read "I am <first name of the king>, king of kings, king of Persia, of the achaemenids" on almost every writings of kings of kings. "Persia" is a word that works too, it is not less preferable, it is usable because it was used by locals in that time too. Sassanids were enthousiasts of being Persians and descendant of Persians and used it in their propaganda to claim back Arcacid Empire (Parthians).

    If you think Persia is not a good word, you think "Roman" is not a good word too.

    "Farsi" is an other matter though. It is used because of arab letters as you said. The problem with that is that it destroys the origins of the very identity of Iranians/Persians.

  3. This series is just awesome. I love the level of detail, and how it unifies specific topics with broad topics.

  4. Judging from how perfect and accurate information is i’m sure this guy probably has some Persian friends because I learned these details from my parents and you can’t find some of this online. Nice video 👍

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