Out of the Classroom Career Exploration at GLOW with Your Hands Career Event
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Out of the Classroom Career Exploration at GLOW with Your Hands Career Event

It’s a great event! A thousand kids in the
GLOW region, which stands for Genesee, Livingston, Orleans, and Wyoming County,
from eighth grade to 12th grade, come together at one location here at the
Genesee County Fairgrounds of Batavia, New York. And we put it together with 58
vendors and exhibitors and these vendors and exhibitors are businesses in the
local GLOW region, which are looking for a great workforce. The students, first and
foremost, get out of the classroom, right. So they’ve been working hard at textbook
and learning inside. We want to bring them outside. We want to have hands-on
activities, so that they can really explore careers. I think it’s very
important for the kids to attend because there’s a lot of them are uncertain. So
let’s get them out here. Let them explore careers, that again, are in their own backyard.
Come to an event like this. They’re able to try things out and then they ask
questions. From there, if something sparks, and they have something that they are
interested in, then we try to put them in a career path to assist them. When you see in
today’s day and age, every employer is looking for their workforce and where
are you gonna find it but really getting them right out of high school? And at
that time, they’re ripe and then they’re able to be trained by their employers
directly. And that’s really what they want. They want to train their own folks.
They call it on the job training. So one of the great activities is National Grid.
They had a pole that they were able to simulate with kids pretending they’re
really up in the air, but they were on the floor, but wrapped around a pole just
as a technician would be doing in real-life situation so they’re actually
working on a transformer and putting together some cool things. The other
great event we seen was a welding simulator. So we have some great welding
career opportunities here in the GLOW region. And we had a great company come
in and simulate so kids were able to kind of do it in a gaming type
environment. So that was really cool that they were able to weld and see those
responses of how well they were welding. That we had one kid come up to us and he
says this was the best field trip he’s ever been on.
This is not a one-time event. We’re planning on doing this for the next
decade. So the next schools, so it’s a perpetual growth that the next grades
come in and we want to keep this thing flowing over the next ten years.

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