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100 thoughts on “Our Imaginary Teachers

  1. Terence: Call your parents!!!


    Also Terence: I wanna tell them what a great student you are

    Also me: phew!!!

  2. This imaginary teachers arent real in real life,cause teachers dont allow you to disturb,cheat,and skipping class for free time to do what your doing,and also they get disappointed to you if you didnt do your homework

  3. teachers barely earn enough money and this teacher just gave a student 500 dollars just for 10 cokes lol, likethat wont happen in real life at all unles the teaces rly rich which they wontbe cause they each for money but maybe they´re just rly rich and teaches for fun, and y didnt the teacher just ask the girl to go outside for privacy instead of making the whoe class leave lol

  4. Actually in my schools math teacher, if she thinks we’re “good” then she would call or email our parents on how “good” we are. And also if we already understand a topic, u could just talk to the person next to your and just be free and do a harder questions

  5. 0:30

    That’s actually wrong though, if the fire drill/alarm went off or lockdown (for those in America) whatever alarm went off for any reason, if they had to read/ check the register they wouldn’t know where Matthew would be, would they?

  6. There was one time my friend was sleeping and the teacher borrow my other friends jacket just to cover the other one.

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