Our FIRST DAY of SCHOOL! | Back to School and College 2019
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Our FIRST DAY of SCHOOL! | Back to School and College 2019

(driving electronic music) – [Mindy] Bye Kam! – [Shaun] Bye Kami, smoochie smooch! (upbeat drum music) – Hey guys, what’s up? So, today is one of two days that we’re moving the twins down to Waco. So, well this morning we’re just doing normal work stuff,
but this afternoon we’re going to start loading the truck. Get all of their stuff out of my house. All of that furniture that’s
been sitting in my living room forever and it’s going to be
loaded on the truck tonight so we can leave really
early in the morning to move them down to Waco. So, I know they’re super
excited to get in their house. So I’m just hoping I can make
it through this weekend and get everyone back off to school. So that’s the craziness
of parenting when it’s back to school time. Here’s my current living room state. Just stuff, I mean you can’t
even tell in this corner but it is packed. And there’s just bags
everywhere, and pillows, and these chairs are not mine. So it will be nice to have
this all on the truck. Unfortunately, today is going
to be super crazy packed. So hopefully we survive. We’re officially beginning. It’s only 107. That’s no problem at all. First load’s going in, here we go. Good job Jackson, Pais. – [Paisley] Wait, Jackson! Put another one on! – We moved the truck to the front. – [Paisley] I’ll grab another one! – Okay guys, we are moving all of our furniture for our house into the giant truck, which is crazy cause this room
has been full of furniture. Like, we moved, we just
moved a bunch of it out but it has been full of
furniture for like a month. So as of right now this is
what the truck looks like. I’m excited to put all
my furniture in my room so you guys can see what it looks like. So far, beautiful. – [Mindy] Brooklyn, now that
you’ve got everything padded it’s time to get out. – Here goes nothin’! – [Mindy] Good luck. (laughing) Why are your college moves so complicated? Truck is loaded. Brooklyn discovered a
few things in the garage and up in their room and loaded all those into the Jeep. – And my mom’s car and I deep
cleaned my closet and my room and now I’m going to get
liners for all the drawers and the kitchen shelves
and all the things. Meanwhile, Bailey is taking
her final for her summer class. So, she’s gonna be driving in the morning. – [Mindy] Yeah make her drive. – To pay me back. – [Mindy] And then we get
to go to bed and start over. – At 5:45! – [Mindy] Whoo! The sun is definitely not up. – [Brooklyn] It’s six
a.m., it’s not that bad. – Well, we got up at five but we all are ready to move. We’re at the point in the
move now where we have… What we have is set, sort of,
so now we’re piecing together final stuff, which means Target or
Walmart or Home Depot or wherever and you can
see the car is loaded so there you go. I don’t know if there’s room
for people in there any more. We’re officially done and
Shaun and I are taking off so we’re saying goodbye to the girls. Dropping them off for school again. But at least this year I’m not sobbing. Try to at least look a little bit sad. – I mean, it’s sad but
like, not really cause… – [Mindy] Stop laughing, roommates. – ‘Cause I’m ready to go back to school and live in my space and I’ve been home for so long. – [Mom] How do you feel
about your finished room? – It’s my first time in my own room. – [Mindy] What was your
hardest decision last night? Tell them what you told me. – Oh, which side of the bed to sleep on. ‘Cause I’ve never had a
queen bed, so I sat there contemplating it for a solid minute. I was like “Where am I gonna sleep?”. – [Mindy] Hello. – She misses me already. – [Mindy] No she’s not gonna
miss you, she’s gonna miss me. – Brooklyn doesn’t care but Bailey does. – [Mindy] I’m the favorite! (laughing) Are you sad that we’re leaving, Bailey? – Yeah, but also it’s like, you know… – [Shaun] You’re excited. – Yeah. – [Mindy] Who else comes on Wednesday? – Asa does. – Don’t spend too much time together. – [Mindy] They will. – Having a boyfriend at school
with you is a grade suck. – A what?
– A grade suck. – [Mindy] Dad knows, because
he failed his first class when we were dating. – I never failed a first class. – [Bailey] Yes, you did. – I wanted a better grade
so I took the class again. – [Mindy] Translation. – [Both] He failed the class. – Bye. – [Dad] Awww, twin shirt twinners. – Bye Rose.
– Bye. – Oh, forgot about Dad! – We love you.
– Love you. – Call often.
– Uh huh. – Don’t forget to text us.
– Oh, every time. – Don’t forget to text us.
– Okay! Good morning, everybody! It is the first day of school, 2019. It is 6:15 in the morning. Jackson’s bus comes at 7 a.m. I don’t know who had the tortuous
idea to do that this year but yeah, this is the time
we’ll be getting up every day. I’m gonna be down here
getting their breakfast and making sure that
their lunches are ready and then we’ll see them outside the door. (toaster clicks) (bacon sizzles) (egg cracks and sizzles) – [Shaun] Here we go, breakfast is served. – Thank you, Daddy. – [Shaun] Yeah, what do you think? – I like it. – [Shaun] None for Paisley. (laughing) Here’s yours. – You the best. – [Shaun] It’s now 6:45 and it’s still somewhat dark outside. Puttin’ together the lunches. The kids are having choices that they’re helping
with the night before. So apples, with a little bit of lemon. Some fruit. Some popcorn. Some sandwiches here
with some chicken on it. Some cheese. (upbeat ukulele music) – [Mindy] First day of school! – [Shaun] Goodbye!
– [Mindy] Bye! Pose for me. – [Shaun] Yeah, that’s a third grader! Who’s smarter than a third grader? – You. Bye Daddy! (upbeat guitar music) – All right, so both
kids are off to school. I don’t know what happened
with Paisley’s bus because normally it pulls
right up in our cul-de-sac and the kids get on right there but for whatever reason this year without tellin’ us, they’re picking up way
down there on the corner. I mean, I feel like I
should have known that. – [Shaun] First day of senior year. She’s cheating us out
of a year, how dare you. – I don’t know if I’m a senior. I’ve had so many people tell me that I’m not technically a
senior so I can’t say that. – [Shaun] You are a senior,
you’re graduatin’ this year. – Technically, the counselor
told me that I’m in grade 12 so transcript-wise,
that means I’m a senior. – [Shaun] And credit-wise,
you’re a senior. – Credit wise, I’m a senior. (upbeat guitar music) – The back to school
madness continues you guys. We are now on our way, Shaun
and I, to the high school. We are transitioning from
the house to the highschool because Kamri has a senior
walk and a senior breakfast because it’s her senior year! – It’s early in the morning still. – Now normally Rylan would
be with us or she would be on her way to the high school as well. You can see that, this
morning, she is not with us. We have a nice dolly back there from the move with the twins. But Rylan, this is the thing. Every year Shaun and I take the time- I mean, we do it all the time as parents. But we just assess our kids,
we assess what’s going on. Are they happy, how are things going? And we started noticing that towards the end of last school year and the beginning of this summer, that things were just a
little off with Rylan, that she was having a
little bit of a harder time and you know, being a teenager is hard. It’s just very, very difficult sometimes. You have a lot going on. There’s stress levels and
school and hormones and friendships and sometimes
bullying and I mean… – [Shaun] Bad relationships.
– Bad relationships. There can just be a
million things happening. Social media doesn’t help. So, we just noticed that for Rylan, that she was having a
little bit of a hard time and decided that the best place for Rylan this year wasn’t here. So Rylan is out of state and she is going to a private school. She’s staying with some family friends and she is being very well taken care of and we get to talk to her frequently and- – It’s a good change of scenery too. – It is, it is just a
good change of scenery. – You know, I kind of
feel sad a little bit that we’re missing Rylan’s
first day of school and it’s also Kamri’s last first day of school ’cause she’s now a senior. In fact, she’s been gone for the past week filming a project in L.A.. We can’t talk to you about that. We did negotiate to have
her come home for the first three days of school, cause last year she missed the first day of
school and they unenrolled her. – You guys remember that? You remember that Kamri
had a business trip the first of last year and
then they unenrolled her because she wasn’t at
the first day of school. So this time when the project popped up, we were like “She has to be back for
the first day of school so that she doesn’t get unenrolled.”. So she’s home for the next three days and then she’s back in L.A.
doing a bunch of filming and stuff for the project than she’s back for a couple days then she’s out for a few more days and it kind of goes
back and forth like that for like two to three weeks and then the project will be done and she will be back on a normal schedule. In the meantime, as you
can guess, it’s very quiet around the house because the
twins are back at school, Rylan’s at her new school,
so Kamri’s in and out. It’s feeling a little bit like “Where’d all the children go?”. But yeah, it’s quiet at night for sure. (chill pop music) ♪ Everybody wanna sing, sing, sing ♪ ♪ You’re a winner when
you sing, sing, sing ♪ ♪ I’ve got a song ♪ ♪ You hum along ♪ – [Shaun and Mindy] Kamri! (cheering) – [Mindy] Bye Kam! – [Shaun] Bye Kammi, smoochie smooch! – We’re just the losers so
it was like “hey mom, bye”. – Bye.
– [Mindy] Bye. Well look who’s home. Why hello! – Hi Mom. – [Mindy] How was it? – Good. – [Mindy] Yeah? – Mm hmm. – [Mindy] Favorite thing? – My favorite thing was science. – [Mindy] Just being
with your buddies again? – Yeah. – [Mindy] Least favorite? – Singing. – [Mindy] Choir? – Mm-hmm. – [Mindy] Was it awful?
– Yeah. – [Mindy] Jackson does
not like choir class. – Well, not that awful. – [Mindy] Not as bad?
– As last year. – [Mindy] Well that’s good. There’s Paisley. – So, school is awesome! – [Mindy] You love it?
– Yeah! – [Mindy] Did you have fun in your class? – Yeah! – [Mindy] Which was your favorite thing? – We got to have extra recess. – I just moved in and… – [Bailey] How do you feel? – It’s official. – [Bailey] I know, you have
the whole fam over here. It took him like no
time, boys are so easy. – [Asa] Like an hour. – It’s not even fair, oh my gosh it took me forever last year. – [Asa] Oh yeah. – [Bailey] Whoo we’re done, high five! – Good morning you guys! Okay, today is our first day of I guess technically our junior year. – Also, I have a cold, doesn’t that stink? The first day of school, I’m like (sniffs) in the back of class. – I don’t know how she has a
cold, it’s so warm outside. – I don’t get it either
but, like, it’s there, so. – We’re looking forward to our classes, I’m really not nervous. I only have two classes today so I have a very easy schedule. – So do I. – So I’m not too worried about it. I’ll be done by like four. It’ll be a breeze! – Not at all. – I hope the other kids
are doing well though. We haven’t really talked to them at all so I guess we’ll find out,
when we talk to them later, how they’re doing. And it will be kind of sad,
we won’t get our warm cookies from mom when we get
home from the first day. – We’re gonna make cookies. – We should just make ourselves cookies. – We should. We’ll do it. – That’s what we’re gonna do. – All right, yeah, first day of school! – Lets go! ♪ Sing, sing, sing ♪ ♪ Take it all ♪ ♪ You’re a winner when
you sing, sing, sing ♪ ♪ Sing along ♪ ♪ Everybody wanna sing, sing, sing ♪ ♪ Take it all ♪ ♪ You’re a winner when
you sing, sing, sing ♪

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