Open Education Week 2017
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Open Education Week 2017

“So far we’ve saved the students $59,000, and that’s just for one academic year for one class.” “If you look at our urban commitment on our website: ‘We are proud to provide an
excellent and accessible University education’ and if one looks at those terms, “excellent acceptability”, “education”, you always have to look at affordability. “Adaptive Learning Courseware was BioBeyond and that’s a software which has been made with again a lot of scientists from the world and they are putting ideas together in beautiful animations. Only one little drawback: the students are not possessing such nice computers so sometimes times some glich comes but they are trying to work on that.” Sometimes the student can’t buy the book right on time because of lack of funds so then all of a sudden their homeworks aren’t being turned in on time and, depending upon how you view your job as
the instructor, you either open it up again so that they can do it because
they finally got all the course requirements because they were finally able to afford it. And a lot of research has shown that a reason a lot of instructors don’t use
these Open Resources is that just unaware of them.” “The library can help you by setting up a
meeting, looking at the content you’re hoping to use and what you used in the past. Putting together all the sources that might meet your needs and you can just come in and talk to us and tell us how where you’re lacking and where you might need help looking at these OER sources. The ‘Open to Us OER Model’ is a combination of various sources that the library offers” “We’re able to provide faculty members and researchers at UMass Boston with personal author pages like this one. Where they can upload full-text articles (that they have permission to upload), conference papers, working papers, research reports and more. It can include
works created anytime in your career it does not have to be something that you
created only at your time at UMass Boston. We also have a number of resources on our site where you can drop sample texts to have you amend an author agreement with a publisher. We usually work with a faculty member
over about six month period to really find these resources or suggest areas with these resources you could use. Just contact us, that’s the big thing, come see us and we’ll sit down and talk about your OER needs.

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