Online Vs Classroom Training For PMP – Pro-Adept Knowledge Series.
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Online Vs Classroom Training For PMP – Pro-Adept Knowledge Series.

Hello, this is Ashish from ProThoughts talking about welcome to your pro-adept knowledge series and today’s Topics is the most popular online or classroom training for PMP This is the first question. A lot of people ask when the father’s is online better or classroom better Okay, and and I have an answer for that but before that I want you to understand about PMP We have a separate video about what is PMP So I think you can you can watch that on our channel of Pro- Adept knowledge series But what is Covers in in that training? So PMP is all about the knowledge part of Project Management It talks about the strategies tools techniques all the proven practices okay, which have been proved to help you succeed in your projects who has written it the practitioners all over the World and they have put it in the PMBOK Project Management body of knowledge So when we are in part training, okay? We are talking about this practices and this practices may or may not apply to you in your real world. Okay? So there are lot of debates interactions between the students and the instructor so it is not a li near training like of Technical day it can okay depends on the situation and you need to actually put your point across Now given this part I will now tell okay whether online or classroom is effective or not so when you talk about online, there are two parts one is self learning and The other is okay instructor-led online Training Self learning is like a whole video you subscribe. You can hear it What are Time you want okay, you can’t repeat it. You can hear it. Ten times nine times over When I’ve instructed them online the defect slot The instructor is like me remotely available and you can access it from any time If you want to have any interaction the medium is your Camera webcam an order webinar to go to meeting or whatever, right? Okay, as soon is your face-to-face Interactions, it goes across generally for four days Okay, so you have to spend around nine hours each day for four days right now Before I answer again your online vs classroom what is needed in the training? I will speak up the main points one is instructor You need to have very good instructor for a very good training that’s one point second is Okay, you are material Good material definitely help you right? We have our own material across the Rita books and that’s good material Third is the delivery the delivery method Or the forms of engagement The topic is difficult and you need to engage the participants Okay, the more you engage, you will deliver your point and for that we have done Game based interact This is our way to interact with the our participants Okay, now if I talk about online vs classroom definitely instructor in classroom Is much more effective because he’s on one-on-one talking with each other more effective than online Material I would put equally the same probably both the places delivery method games if you play with along with participants in Physical contact I guess this is more effective So if I just talk about Training things Classroom my batch is better than on then why people choose online So people choose online for different reasons one is flexibility You don’t have to okay Now be there for nine hours someday sometime somewhere. Okay, a little little portions are good. Okay, two three hours a day Flexibility is important. Okay one is virtual. You don’t have to travel Okay, you can sit at home. Do it anywhere across the world just log into the internet. You can get it the word cost-effective Okay If you are a cost conscious person, okay cost effective online Okay, so there are definitely advantages it online. There are definitely advantages with classroom Okay, it’s your call. Okay, my idea was to give you my perspective on it Okay, you are called you wish to have online or classroom.

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