OnePlus 5: The perfect phone for students
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OnePlus 5: The perfect phone for students

Ahhh, the student They wake up a bit slower than the OnePlus 5 This young male is late for his 9:00 am, again Fortunately his phone gets a days power in half an hour He captures notes with the telephoto lens, to get back to more…important things Here, he uses portrait mode to snap a fellow student He could use the 16 megapixel front camera to say “hi” to his friends back home He makes excellent use of the expanded screenshot when a love rival threatens his dominance He will use this to boast about the confrontation with his friends The OnePlus 5 can suit any style he can think of, even if he goes commando Oh dear… it looks like someone can’t get it in! Thanks to a screen off gesture, the party can start hmm, not quite yet If he’d used the notification slider, he could have prevented his Mum’s call from crashing the party to tell him to…finish that essay Back home, another screen off gesture allows him to turn on his torch to help him find the right key The reading mode will help take the strain off his eyes while working on that last minute all nighter Fueled on nothing but a mix of energy drinks, memes and the crushing weight of that student loan Ready to do it all over again The OnePlus 5, now with a 10% student discount! Take that student debt!

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100 thoughts on “OnePlus 5: The perfect phone for students

  1. Nothing special only vocc charge at high price no wireless charging no ip67 or 8 rating no best cameras no good look or premium finish just fast charging

  2. Except for the charging time, almost none of the features are new (the longer screenshot is already a feature in samsung phones since the s8 i think?) but in the commercial someone said "memes" so it's an instant cop

  3. I’m sorry but if anything this phone probably costs £200/$200 . And it’s talking about student debt 😂 there not going to be able to pay it

  4. Charging in half an hour! This is better than a 2018 or 2019 or 2020 phone at the battery like a P smart z 2019 charges in 2 hours also a friend of mine has a phone worth 240$ and it has 12 megapixel camera this one has 16 and is from 2017 his is from 2018 also this one is cheaper now.

  5. This phone is not different from what other phones can do even iphones are much better than this phone and every thing this video showed is different from studying

  6. WoW! This is the best phone ever! It can take pictures, has a calling options, and flashlight! !! Stupid me been using the iPhone all this time

  7. The perfect phone for students, not too expensive so it's within the Budget, if you can't afford a OnePlus phone….save your money for a laptop lol, you broke asf

  8. There we go, Apple and google possibly colluding with 3rd party companies.

    One plus

  9. I am using one plus 5 till now ! I never thought of upgrading , being a student you need a phone not technology !! Probably I might change the battery after few years !

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