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100 thoughts on “On the Money with Cousin Sal – College Edition

  1. 4:31 Nobody’s talking about how the girl on the far right with the blue glasses on her head and the gray jacket is Leonardo DiCaprio…

  2. What's up with him and hookers ?? On one of his shows he called some chick out for being an exautic dancer and acted like he didn't know what she did and asked her if she gets undressed.

  3. This question is quite easy. Here are the answers if anyone wants to know.

    Penny: Lincoln
    Nickel: Jefferson
    Dime: F. Roosevelt
    Quarter: Washington
    Half-Dollar: Kennedy
    Dollar: Sacajewa (not counting the president dollars)

    $1: Washington
    $1 Jefferson
    $5: Lincoln
    $10: Hamilton
    $20: Jackson
    $50: Grant
    $100: Franklin

  4. damn i just played ahead in my head and i don't know who the eff is on anything between a penny and a quarter.

  5. I know who's on the all of my country's coins and banknotes (Ukraine's hryvnas) cause it's a history of my country. So I don't understand why Americans doesn't know it. I thought they're huge patriots.

  6. What’s the whole point of going to college or university if you don’t even know the presidents of the US money!

  7. If he would have just stop there at the end. "Do you love clicking buttons?" I would have subscribed… but he added "… and subscribing to things" which I do not love. So, better luck next time Jimmy. No subscription from me today. Cheers.

  8. Why in the first place do you go to the next level if you don't know which is president engraved in the next domination??……so dumb😑

  9. American college students do not even know the definition of rape or racism. They are mentally retarded compared to high school students here.

  10. Lincoln 1
    Jefferson 5
    Roosevelt 10
    Washington 25
    JFK 50
    Susan B. Anthony Silver Dollar
    Sacajawea (I dont think thats spelled right.) Golden Dollar
    And everyone should know the people on the bills.

  11. It’s easy in Canada, it’s just the Queen on heads and then a beaver (5) , boat(10), moose(25), bird($1), and a bear($2) on tails.

  12. I didn't know who was on the nickel either . . . but I sure would like to see more of that sexy college girl . . . but it's still a dumb contest . . .

  13. I'm just trying a new medication for insanity but the guy jumping in the middle of this video destroyed my reality.

  14. I just know Ben Franklin I’s on the 100$ & grant is on the 50$ 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏😭😍💁🏻🤦🏻‍♀️😀

  15. Well thats so shocking as a person from foreign land, these Americans don't recognise Roosevelt. But ask them about the Nazi's, they will be quick to jump on the decision.

  16. Lincoln, Jefferson, FDR, Washington, Washington, Lincoln, Edison, Jackson, I don’t remember 50, and Ben Franklin on the 100

    Edit: I messed up $10 is Hamilton not Edison.

  17. I've had arguments with people re the dime. It's a confusing portrait of FDR. Many people, even looking right at it think it's Ike.

  18. Lincoln, Jefferson, Eisenhower, washington, washington again, lincoln again, Jackson, Grant, Ben Franklin. That's from the penny up to the $100.

  19. Usually you go double or nothing but then again in the Bible you got to pay 4 time what yo stole and tell everyone you encounter but in Vegas it plays odds but the house always wins. …

  20. Are Americans that stupid or don’t really care about their history or presidents? Because I’m Canadian and know everything about who’s on Canadian money and American. I would be embarrassed to be in college and not know who’s on your money because it’s very simple.

  21. In the US, we learn the monetary denominations and the historical figures on them in the 1st grade! Wtf is wrong with these people?

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