On Board: In Japan with The First Lady and Let Girls Learn
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On Board: In Japan with The First Lady and Let Girls Learn

♪♪ (music) ♪♪ Mrs. Obama: I started the
day with the wife of the Prime Minister of Japan,
Mrs. Abe, where we talked about our launch of Let
Girls Learn, an initiative to do more to encourage
girls around the world to go to school and stay in
school, and we announced this phenomenal
partnership with Japan where our countries are
increasing our focus and investment in girls’
education worldwide. Following the
announcement, we had an amazing discussion with a
group of young girls who were in high school and in
college, and they asked me and Mrs. Abe a set of
questions, but one of the things that struck me,
several of the girls were really concerned about how
to convince their families that their education
was important. How do they have those
conversations with their families? How do they change those
cultural norms that make it harder for them to
stay in school and follow their
education? So, what we hope to do
through Let Girls Learn is work in partnership with
the Peace Corps, working with Peace Corps
volunteers on the ground that start working to
change some of those beliefs by developing
mentorship programs and working side-by-side with
leaders and community groups and with the
girls themselves. Once again, we are finding
more and more ways to expand the bond between
our two countries. And girls’ education is on
the top of our agendas.

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