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100 thoughts on “Oklahoma teachers set to strike despite pay raise

  1. They just got a $6500 raise and they still walked off the job and left children without an education. They want the broke community around them to pay more when they make less than the teachers! Shame on them

  2. If we don’t pay teachers more, we won’t have teachers because no one will want to go into that field. I can tell you teachers work there butts off, they work a lot more then seven hours a day, most teachers don’t take spring or fall brake off, they are there constantly working. Many of my teachers help with extra curricular activity’s, each day their are there after school, they are there before school, and during lunch to help students. The average teacher spends $1,000-$500 a year for their classroom. Almost all of my elective teachers work second jobs, because being a teacher doesn’t pay enough. At my school almost every teacher is there by eight in the morning (school starts at nine) and are there until five (school ends at three forty-five). They are constantly grading work, they are constantly try to help students. If you think teachers are paid to much or don’t deserve more you are very ignorant, to what teachers actually do.

  3. go ahead and leave….teachers don't do shit anyway. you don't care when someone gets bully…you don't care when a kid needs help on learning….fuck off bitch….boohoo fuck off….NEXT! lets go back to important issues….like is trump impeachment coming or not?

  4. Teachers absolutely deserve more money however remember that Oklahoma cost of living is pretty cheap.

  5. Its all about Me,Me,Me, nothing to do with the children, because if they did care they would be doing there job instead of standing on street corners begging for money, lol so sad.

  6. $100's billion spent on Illegal Aliens….! Now, the US government can't borrow enough money to pay for the education of it's legal citizen's children…..

  7. So the union lists a set of ORIGINAL demands, then the legislature meets those demands. Then the Democrap union mob bosses lists more demands even though it wasn't an original deal. criminal labor unions run by democraps have been destroying this country and robbing the government of more hard-earned tax payer money

  8. It breaks my heart that Oklahoma pays their teachers so low that the teachers have to work 6 or 7 jobs just to get by. Here in Ontario we actually value our teachers and we pay them about $85,000 (CAD) a year. Not too mention we actually fund our public schools so that they meet high educational standards.

  9. I been out of school for less than a year and I make almost 2.5 times what these new teachers make. But my degree was in Electrical Engineering, and I dislike children.

  10. Oh, well. I guess Oklahoma will just have to replace those striking teachers with illegal Mexicans. Doing the jobs that Americans won't do…for a fraction of the price.

  11. Oklahoma city are crooks, high taxes. Administrations set on their asses and get paid big money. Will never live THERE again…

  12. I do believe that the teachers should have a significant pay raise there's no doubt about that but using our kids as hostages to do it I don't want to hear another fucking word out of their mouth about it's all about the kids I will never buy any extra supplies and things of that nature again for these cocksuckers

  13. At over $45,000 a year a minimum of 1920 hours a year thats an average of $23.44 an hour thats more than most factories they work 10 months a year unless they sign up for summer school classes now they get a $6,000 raise so it puts them at $51,000 a year which is more than the average household income of $32,000 a year for a single person. If they are so worried about money quit complaining to the government who doesn't give a shit apparently and rally all the colleges and universities together to make a collective pot for education so they put in money each year and it gets divided between the counties for education but only ran and managed by the school boards not the state.

  14. Every time that Trump goes to Mar a Lago it costs at least as much as the annual pay for.10.teachers,.probably more

  15. There just a bunch of under payed child molesters and d thay need more money to molest the kids lol

  16. They should received fair pay. So why don't they?
    Someone get to the reason why.

    Don't really care what you don;t have or are crying about. Nope . Let us lay out how much money you took in, the expenses and what you paid everyone, including the administrators.
    Come on now. Someone do some real fucking reporting. Quit with the empathy angle.
    Show us the status of all millage's that were passed or not and what comes from them.

  17. As a Hs student in Oklahoma I gotta say our state government is just a bunch of corrupt evil sick pieces of special interest shit and they literally couldn’t give one fuck about the people of this state. Also we mus have the worst roads in the country. Driving in on our roads is like a 7.0 eathquake

  18. It may be lower wages here in oklahoma but so is cost of living if your not satisfied with your wages do something different did you not take an oath of some kind to do your job did you agree to wages when you decided to do this job if your not satisfied quit

  19. Son i don't like your tone. What else do they want is the first thing out of your mouth? CNN news reporting has gone down the rubbish bin. What ever happened to context of finding out and reporting on where does the problem lie? How did it get here? This guy is just a tool. What he is dong isn't news reporting. Zero research zero background information and put on air on a script.

  20. Maybe the Teachers should be fired for such POOR PERFORMANCE RESULTS…
    (Oklahoma Teachers are paid less because they have the 3rd lowest cost of living in the Nation – Source: Council for Community & Economic Research)
    Oklahoma State Student Proficiencies (2017):
    1. Eighth-graders:
    a. 22.97% proficient in math
    b. 34.53% proficient in English/language arts

    2. Fourth-grades:
    a. 40.5% proficient in math
    b. 37.01% proficient in English/language arts

    3. 18.84% of 10th graders are ON TRACK to be college and career ready (as deemed by the State)

    Source: Oklahoma Department of Education

  21. People who say teachers don't deserve a pay raise don't understand their importance.

    Teachers are a significant factor in helping prepare America's new generation, aka the people who will soon grow up to decide our world's future. Paying them little (reducing their productivity) and cutting school funds will make the children of today grow up to be– to frankly put it– dumber than our generation today! SO PLEASE SUPPORT TEACHERS. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.

  22. If you want to be rich why would you be a teacher ? Where I live the average salary of a teacher is more than 50k , that's pretty good money , I have never made that and I have done actual physical labor all my life .At some point it seems they are getting greedy , teaching should be a calling , not a huge payday .Futhermore , with the level of education our children get , how is it you want a raise for failing at the job ?

  23. My evil stepmother was a teacher who had to have a new car every two years .Getting a degree in education is nothing , I used to help her study for tests when I was a young teenager , how hard would it be if I could pass a test for a master's degree in education at 13 yo ? It's not .

  24. There not looking for a raise in teacher pay, there looking for higher funding. And honestly what there looking for still isn't enough, there just trying not to be last payed last in pay

  25. I am a Oklahoma parent and let me tell you when Mary Fallon was parading all over the state using Obama as a way to win votes, I was that parent who said why isn't she more focused on our teachers and education, this is sad, I pray the teachers get what they want, they deserve it!!!¡

  26. Lmaoooooo 6100$ raise from what they previously had still a joke. Perhaps maybe instead of allocating $$ for 1 f22 raptor, the federal government can give that to the ok teachers.

  27. I'm just going to note here that the trolls on here are almost certainly being paid to smear the teachers unions. Just keep that in mind as you scroll through the comments.

  28. Hey Oklahoma teachers, your fellow citizens value education so little that is what they pay. This is the heartland of conservatism and the shortsightedness of their anti-tax initiatives have come to roost. Maybe OK is too poor to educate their youth. I know education is not a priority in OK.

  29. Too little too late, with the option to amend? If you call that a deal, there's this bridge for sale in Brooklyn…

  30. Amazing they’d let this happen. Some teachers are the only reliable adult figure in these kids lives and that the state would let them live like this is reprehensible.

  31. These teachers are protesting and they have a lot of supporters but come election time the same people be sitting in office so what did I tell you you're not doing anything to change anything because you are vote for the same people

  32. Perhaps it should come from the prison money, considering they pay per inmate DOUBLE what they pay per student.

  33. It took yah 10 years to get there. You owe them 10 years worth of raises + col increases. Find the damn money.

  34. And shoutout to Oklahoma's Union for selling out their teachers as quickly as Newark, NJ and Palm Beach's unions sold out their teachers.

  35. Do the teachers realize they are also failing to educate the kids while they are protesting? Schools are still giving kids their sat test with the walk out going on so now kids will fail due to their teachers not helping them prepare. I understand they feel underappreciated but if they truly cared about the kids they wouldn’t punish the kids by stopping their education for the selfish reason of more money.q

  36. One of the worst efforts of propaganda ever seen in this country. This is not reporting, or journalism. A real reporter might
    ask why all these walkouts are occurring in many states, at the same time, even after what would be a 20% raise, as in the case of Ok. This is a nationwide effort by partisans to raise union dues, which in turn be donated the the democratic national committee for political campaigns. There have never been statewide teacher walkouts on this scale in history.
    How have conditions in many varied states come to a head at the same time. This is a coordinated effort by the democratic party. The answer should be youchers for all students, giving all students equal opportunities for good educations. Almost no discussion about reform, or improving the education of students. These walkouts are occurring in states with republican governors, a statistical anomaly, that reveals the crass political motivations. KOut

  37. They want a raise when Oklahoma schools ranked 47th out of 50 in the country. You don't get a raise when you fail to do your job.

  38. I have the all seeing eye will give them the raise but the teachers will wear camera on some eye glasses so we can see if there playing favoritism or not doing there job and kids acting up there parents will know and catch that ass whooping i dont like having to get there butts whip but this will not turn into a social media thing either we shall see how these teachers look at the children especially with this bs shit where they get passed either way

  39. And all the police will have a layout of the school teachers will have a emergency beacon to let them know if theres a school shooting parents with guns already need to take the firing pins out of them guns it makes me sick hearing that shit

  40. How is it possible for an oil state to be so low on money? Are these politicians pocketing a lot of money?

  41. To all the teachers watching QUIT, QUIT NOW. START YOUR OWN CLASSES AT YOUR HOME. CHOSE YOUR STUDENTS. Lets get rid of the corrupt system. Its not serving our children or our teachers well. We almost did it this year. What happen this year needs to happen on a grander scale. Everyone needs to quit and start their own classes. Lets think about this concept. What do we do with the schools already here? Well if everyone quits and becomes independent the gov't will probably end up renting the classrooms to teachers. The gov't will be a building manager not your BOSS! Theoretically it should pretty much abolish your property taxes. You chose your rate and class size. You can openly instill religion of your choice. Parents can chose or reject you on these open principles. You can permanently get rid disruptive students putting behavior issues squarely in the hands of the parent. These are all great things!!! These are things that will make your teaching experience enjoyable. AMERICA NEEDS YOU!!! What we don't need is this bureaucratic enabling system. WE THE PEOPLE IN ORDER TO FORM A MORE PERFECT UNION need to band together and make a stand. You are right its gonna get tight for minute but the fight is worth the reward will be great.

  42. Teach internationally– where you will be paid 4x the amount, receive a mountain of benefits, you're respected and valued. I love my job now. American education is failing— RUN!! I left 4 years ago and never looked back.

  43. fuck teachers they don't teach anything all they do is get students bullied and if they're not getting students bullied their fucking them no teacher will ever have any sympathy from me

  44. what a bunch of whiners. Why should teachers think they are something special? They are paid what they are worth. I want a raise too but you don't see me crying at the legislature, I know way too many people who have second jobs.

  45. Why do they complain some people make 20,30 thousand a year and they live fine they make 40 thousand or more and they complain

  46. Parents and teachers have the MOST IMPORTANT jobs in America…. they are raising the future of our country… but they are not treated like they are important!!!

  47. God bless teachers in America. Their job is so important. And they are so underpaid that it’s not even funny. The politicians in America should be ashamed of themselves!!

  48. Idk bout you, I'd rather my tax payer dollars go to kids who are going to create the future than the already sufficient military

  49. Im sorry but this teachers are just being bunch of fucking cry baby they knew what they was getting into nobody made you become a teacher but your damn self so that's all y'all and 30k a year isn't bad for a 9 months out of the year job so yeah.

  50. Funny how they bring up how bad the school is yet them teachers ain't doing anything with money to make rge school better when they get it

  51. tax cuts for teachers not rich people,,, it's awkward to see teachers you call miss or sir in school serving you food in a restaurant and you giving tips.. awkward not shame because every honest job is a good job

  52. To everyone saying, “ we don’t need teachers,” “they get paid enough,” teachers are useless.” Who the fuck taught you to read, write, spell, geography, mathematics etc.

    Trust me, no one else in this godforsaken world, is going to want to teach ignorant dumbasses, hell your parents don’t even want to put up with your ass.That’s why teachers get paid to teach degenerates like you. And judging by the comment section, they should get paid more, for wasting their time teaching ignorant, ungrateful, cunts.

  53. Oklahoma teachers cannot sustain any kind of life on a salary this low, even with a $6,000 raise. classes have outdated book, broken or missing chairs, no printers or paper, etc. they are underpaid and expected to supply paper, pencils, markers, and other supplies out of pocket to be able to teach. these teachers deserve better.

  54. This is an old post but I'm glad to see the walkouts will becoming illegal if the bill passing. It should have been illegal from the start. This whine tit is living way beyond his means like a lot for them. Someone slap that fool and his crocodile tears. The tax should be repealed as it was blackmail to the people

  55. Teachers are lazy, slobs who drink coffee and hand out packets. They yell "MY JOB IS TO TEACH, NOT FOR YOU TO LEARN." They should only get minimum wage IF THEY ACTUALLY TEACH. Fuck teachers and fuck their lazy antics ruining our youth teaching the liberal propaganda. #riseupforfacism

  56. For those who don't know, let's use Oklahoma City for example, the average salary of a teacher is $53,551 (as of January 31, 2019), now a teacher works 9 months (8 hours a day except weekends, holidays, Christmas and summer break), sitting in a class talking to kids, while being protected from the weather elements. Let's compare that, with other salaries from other professions. A Police Officer in the same city, has an average salary of $51,646 (as of January 31, 2019), the police officer endangers his/her life every day by dealing with criminals, drug dealers, murderers etc, working 11 months (2/4 weeks vacation pending years of service) outside while facing all weather elements and by working ( 12 hour shifts ), sometimes pending on his/her shift rotation expected to work during weekends, holidays and Christmas. Let's take another one, a Fire Fighter in Oklahoma City has an average salary of $43,772 (as of January 31, 2019), while sharing almost the same working schedule as the police office. Yeah the person who has to get inside burning buildings to save people, gets paid less the teacher. Fire fighters deserved that raise, not the teachers, who always blabbering about politics and bitching all the time, about of how little they are paid, instead of teaching their students. And for those who'll argue "Teachers are also in danger, because of school shootings" , don't worry. I thought you were going to say that and your answer is 0.000033% chance or 1 in 2.99 million of being killed in school shooting, meaning there are more chances of getting struck by a lighting within a year about 1 in 700,000, so yeah.


  57. It's sad that every politician always talks about jobs and economy but they never talk about helping teachers. I will say that billions of dollars have been pumped into the school system, however, the teacher salary hasn't changed much. I am a teacher in the state of Texas and after taxes and any supplemental insurance that I have to pay for I end up taking home about 40k ( btw I have a masters as well). In any other job, if you have a bachelors and masters it starts you off at about +70k, but not in education?

  58. Believe me I know people will say, "You shouldn't have become a teacher." And that's the negativity that society has placed on teachers. It should be "Wow! You're a teacher." But instead it's "Eew, you're a teacher."

  59. This guy doesnt care at all he never talked about a solution to the problem he only talk about the so called complaints that teachers have been having .

  60. How can you be making $40,000 a year and youre literally in charge and teaching the future of the world. Teachers should be paid wayyy more. $60,000+

  61. Oklahoma is a beautiful state with wonderful people so this makes this all the more heartbreaking. The teachers of America stand with you. We haven’t forgotten about you.

  62. OK parents are going to have to teach their own kids at some point if things continue as they are going. Nobody in their right mind should become a teacher.

  63. I love how they say "we're doing this for the kids". What a fucking joke. Hey if you dont want the job, just fucking QUIT and FIND ANOTHER JOB. Idiots.

  64. Let the kids learn online!
    It would be much cheaper to provide free internet for everyone and let them learn online, schools are expensive!

  65. Teachers unfortunately are there to make sure the next generation conforms to the establishment, their lousy situation should serve as a reminder to anyone crazy enough to become a teacher.

  66. Teachers in this day in age dont need a raise because they dont do shit. My kids come home and it's the same story … all my teacher does is play on their phone…. fuck that ….I dont support teachers that dont for their fucking jobs

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