Ohio high school offers opportunities to learn construction as well as on the job experience
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Ohio high school offers opportunities to learn construction as well as on the job experience

at what what career technical high
school students prepared for the world of work by earning while they learn
what’s teaching mr. Davis he was like James like you don’t have to play
basketball you don’t have to play football no track you can just come here
and cut wood you can get paid you can get paid the day you get on that
apprenticeship or anything like that so I just stuck to it well we take
sophomores coming in in the 10th grade and kind of give them a good idea what
construction is all about as they become juniors we focus a little bit more on
safety we focus on different trades for plumbing electrical carpentry and kind
of expose them to what the industry is about you kind of prepare them for a
career in that industry and the industry that they choose it’s in the ninth grade
they don’t structure officers that just give you basic classes but once you hit
the 10th grade here that’s when you get to choose what type of footage one of
the one tool and I chose construction and ever since then I haven’t looked
back it’s been a great experience for me the apprenticeship program that journey
still offers is a program that starts with high school seniors and the
beginning of the summer of their senior year they work for the time during the
summer and then they continue to work 2 to 3 days during the school year help me
get away from a lot of things that mean get away from the violence it helped me
get into actual line and actually getting into something I want to do and
it helped my career and it would help me further one down a line by knowing that
I actually had a good start because it’s not just a training program it is also a
mentoring program we’re making sure that those individuals are well-rounded that
they’re able to complete their high school diploma so we he’ll offer them
tutoring and other soft skills that they may need to be able to graduate high
school well what an apprenticeship program I like to call it the other
four-year degree it’s a program that’s set up for students to graduate from
high school and go into a trade whatever trade they choose they’ll actually
attend school for four years and in some cases five years where they’ll go to
school a couple nights a week sometime they’ll go once a month for a week they
have like different types of programs that are set up when they finish they
get what’s known as a journeyman’s license and
they’ll actually get a two-year associate’s degree once they’re done so
they have two years of college already paid for while they’re learning the
skill trade the program has changed a lot since we started I think it’s now
beginning to be recognized as a viable option for a career pathway and I think
it’s doing well and I think we have room to grow but I think it’s a strong
established program in Cincinnati public schools the students in the construction
program are not just being prepared for a career but are also receiving college
course credits and intensive experience to walk out of high school better
prepare for the world of work you

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