Odysseyware Spotlight: Falls Career High School
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Odysseyware Spotlight: Falls Career High School

>>GAGE: I started here in August this semester.
>>COBLY: I’ve been here for about, seven months.
>>DEBORAH: I’ve been here about few months now,
almost three.>>About three months.
>>JAHDAY: I’ve been to school since the middle end of august.
>>STEPHANIE: So about two years total.>>GAGE: And so far,
It’s probably the best schooling system that I’ve ever been in.
[MUSIC]>>A lot of kids that came here,
for many different reasons like, they try doing this and it didn’t work
or they had moved and they missed the whole year, that’s me.
I moved and I missed the whole year and I had no credits at all
and then I came here and they fixed all that.
And some kids come here because they got hospitalized for this
and they miss so much school and they came here or.
>>MICHAEL: Our kids are from all different backgrounds
and all kinds of problems in their home. When they come here,
they are mine. They are thinking thing they can achieve,
they can achieve the kind of work we’re asking them to do.
And all of our students are able to do that. And that’s how we address them here.
>>GAGE: The online education is really just, It’s so much easier,
It’s so much, more wide
just like it revolves around you versus the teacher telling everyone.
>>PEGGY: Kids can accelerate and get a lot more knowledge in their education
with online learning.>>DEBORAH: Of course there’s due date and
stuff like that but it’s a lot easier to get the work done
on your own because you get to focus easier,
of course there’s classrooms and everything like that
but it’s just, since it’s on a laptop
and you can go forward if you want, you can be a month ahead, two months ahead
unlike in regular schools. You can get done quicker
And it’s as much stress, so.>>STEPHANIE: I have done a lot better
because I don’t learn well with people just talking to me
and writing on a board. I learn well when a teacher can sit next to
me and show me how to do it.
>>COLBY: And you also have a lot more help because there’s not that many students in
each classroom as compared to traditional school.
So it’s a lot easier to get help instead of just the teacher just going over
the question in general not going into basic examination of it.
>>MICHAEL: Since I’m not putting everything out there for a large group
of people at the same time, I’m just kind of hoping that it’s going to
stick. No, Odysseyware’s doing that part for me.
[LAUGHTER] And then I get to go to the student
and we talk about it. So while we’re talking about it,
I think we develop more personal relationship.>>And you can like sit in there
because a lot of students, they come in and they sit right at the desk
with the teacher and they’ll ask him,
and they’ll talk to them about what they’ve done
and they teacher will help you. So even though there’s a class going on,
you still have one on one time if you really, really, really need help.
>>MICHAEL: Well, it can be used for remediation. Odysseyware can be used for anything.
You can make it, it comes pretty hard
[LAUGHTER] the way it’s wrapped right now.
You can make it still harder and it’s not difficult to do it,
it’s pretty easy to steal lessons from other courses and things
like that and create your own.
And it’s, quite frankly it’s just as easy to create
your own lessons.>>EMILY: They tell me I’ve never had to work
this hard in math before. And they also tell me I never really understood
what we were doing or why we were doing,
I never understood this before.>>DEBORAH: I’m taking all of the same classes
that I took in the high school. And back then I failed it
because I didn’t understand it at all. And doing it here,
since you’re in your own little world when you’re doing it
and there’s a lot more explanation to it, I understand it a lot better, so.
>>MICHAEL: The rigor for the Odysseyware sophomore English class
is probably more rigorous than the work that the sophomore English at the regular
school don’t utilize.>>It’s just,
when I go home, I don’t have to carry or drive a lot papers.
>>GAGE: I love being able to sit on my bed and do my homework.
It’s great. I mean, I used to hate doing homework
but now I really like it.>>JAHDAY: Should I take my computer home
every day, just to do my work
and if I don’t have time to do it I just don’t have time to do.
>>DEBORAH: Because it is self paced, you do have,
you can do your work on your own time. You can do it at home,
you could bring your laptops home with you. And I guess that’s why it’s kind of a better
feeling than a normal public high school, it’s because there,
it’s a set pace, you can’t necessarily work ahead,
you have to wait for everybody else, here, you’re doing it on your own.
And I guess I would use the word empowered because of that.
>>GAGE: You do feel more adult like. They don’t treat you like children,
they don’t treat you like teenagers, they treat you like you’re adults
and you have responsibilities.>>PEGGY: Well, what I really think is sometimes
it’s not so much of better education but when we find the key that unlocks their
learning style, then they are able to learn more
of that subject because they are learning it in a way they
understand.>>MICHAEL: The flexibility that Odysseyware
gives me, so that I can design things on the spot for
a student is one of the most satisfying things about
my job.>>EMILY: There’s something out there for
everyone and that college has so many different programs
and so many different areas that it’s not just specialized to only working
on engines or only chef school,
or something like that. It’s got so many different options there
and we want to a lot of times take them out of marble balls
there’s more world out there. But also,
right here in marble balls we’ve got CTC and Texas Tech
once you’re going shorter years at CTC, you can go across the hall in the other half
of the building to help country Tech.
And I know we take them over there too and do a tour around that campus,
kind of get their feet wet a little bit so they have been to a couple of different
places and say Oh, this might be something I could
do.>>GAGE: And this is really helping them.
Four of my friends have already graduated this year.
And I really proud of them, they really love it.
>>DEBORAH: After I graduate, I want to go to Tech
and I want to go for Journalism and media.>>JAHDAY: For you know I’ll probably go to
Texas And I’ll probably try to work on basketball.
>>COBLY: I want to make my own couture company.>>To go to college to be a pediatric nurse.
>>GAGE: Afterwards, I’m thinking of doing some kind of archeology.
Maybe that or some kind of mineral work.

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