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99 thoughts on ““Oak Park High School Official Spring Break Boppin Video” {1080} HD

  1. Kids be careful! Mr Anthony Clark is an accused child molestor and a teacher at OPRF special ed. He attempted to molest a teenage boy. If he threatens or touches you in any way seek help from a teacher or faculty member immediately!

  2. Extra Big Ups to @Young Flamez & whoever shot this cuz it's edited well… the song underneath is pretty good… For I second I thought this was Oak Park, MI, though… I was gonna say yall some Great Lake State representers.. what state yall from?

  3. These kids literally look like they suffer from some kind of mental disorder or Down's Syndrome. I hope the future of this country isn't this retarded.

  4. Where is the bopping here? That's just bouncin, bopping is another world compared to this XD Search Boppin Andre, it's a dance style so much older than this

  5. Although this song is annoying af, it's good to see kids dancing and having fun. People need to stop being so negative. They aren't hurting anybody. All I know is they better have gone to class after this….

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