NVDA: The free software empowering blind people world wide
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NVDA: The free software empowering blind people world wide

[Synthesized voice] N V D A, NVDA. In order to use a computer as a blind person, you need software that will read the text on the computer screen. NV Access is an Australian based charity which
was primarily setup to support and develop the NVDA screen reading software.
NVDA is currently translated into 50 languages and it’s used in at least 150 countries. The students here all use NVDA on the computers. What Ilike best when using a computer is that
I can communicate better with the social community. I can make new friends on Facebook, for example. We feel that it’s essential that people can access technology and reap all the benefits
that it has to offer regardless of their financial situation, or where they live. Nowadays, other screen readers cost, like, thousands of dollars. One of the biggest advantages
of NVDA, is that it is free and open source. Last year, we had around 12 blind people using
NVDA, were employed at some tele-sales companies. They use NVDA for their office work. Worldwide, this has increased participation of blind people, in everyday life. People don’t know what they’re capable of, until they are given opportunity and if you don’t have opportunity to be able to access the information, you are locked out of all
kinds of things that you don’t even know exist. I started massage because I was initially
looking for work and after school and I found it really hard to find a job, because of my
eyesight. I first started using NVDA about, probably 10 years ago, and now I use it at
Envision Massage, to do all the admin, communications, e-mail my clients, send them
the health forms that they have to fill out. I use it for a range of things, everyday.
Not just my work. I think the future of visially impaired people
will be better, because at the moment, a lot of companies have hired visually impaired
people. Later, when I grow up, I can work as a typist
to earn money for my life. I can’t recommend NVDA highly enough. I have
a student at the moment who is from The Solomon Islands, who has got a scholarship. He is studying law in Fiji now, and he will be the first lawyer, with a vision impairment in the
Solomon Islands and he often attributes this to the assistance he has gotten through NVDA. It is a great option for Governments, and organisations who want to hire blind people. Huge numbers of blind people all over the planet will be using NVDA because that is
going to to be the screen reader of choice. Because, I think NVDA is as professional as
any commercially available screen reading software, except it’s free and open source. With your help, we can continue to ensure NVDA remains compatible with the world’s rapidly
changing technology. Please consider sponsoring us, or donating
today. Visit www.nvaccess.org/donate

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