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We’re at Northstar Middle School in the Lake Washington School District. We’re a sixth through eighth grade choice middle school that focuses on thematic studies. The middle east at the time of the start of World War 1 It’s a nice balance of high academic rigor but also enjoyment of learning. We are a program that is designed to create a sense of community We have 90 students on purpose to develop that. We have mixed age classes and classes are centered around themes. More the way a college structures its curriculum rather than forcing all students to take for example seventh grade English class. They’ll have a variety of different options within the English curriculum We get to be independent and choose what we want to do and learn about that. I’ve been taking a class called brain power and it’s like a neuroscience class and its really helped me discover that i love biology so much. It really allows the students and teachers and families to develop bonds and focus on student growth over the course of three year program. What do you feel like you guys got out of it? We don’t have to start over every year. We can build on the relationship from where they ended. The progress they made sixth grade to 7th grade to eighth grade and it really gives an opportunity to focus more on the learning and being able to support and help that student with whatever strengths and weaknesses they have. The teachers are very good at like relating to to the students and like actually like personally knowing them and i feel that’s like a really big plus for like any teacher. If you don’t turn in your homework oh the teacher knows me he sees me every day and they know me and it’s not going to go away I’m being held accountable for what I do. For the kids high levels of responsibility and accountability for their own learning and activism they need to be highly engaged and motivated It really is able to support different kinds of thinkers in different aspects The children here I really noticed have a real true love of learning. Not necessarily studying but learning so they’re very self-motivated and usually the programs that they’re presented by their teachers are very interesting. They’re learning how to film things they have very interesting writing projects. They take those things out into the world through monthly field trips. I was very grateful that parents were invited to play a role in it and that parents are invited to be a part of this community. What’s the last music… Those who come out of our school are articulate self-possessed and really motivated to do well. The kids who are successful here typically are successful elsewhere

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