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46 thoughts on “North Carolina school resource officer slams child on video

  1. Seriously… there are less blurry videos out there. In the more clear video you can see the student raise his right hand and then the officer acts… you can also see that the student dropped an object after being slammed and it is visible on the ground as the officer carries the student away. It could be a weapon.

  2. I'm well aware that many of today's kids are on an entirely different level of disrespectful behaviorally. Yet, as adults & especially as police officers, the goal is to de-escalate the situation. No matter how much "trash-talking" a CHILD(because that's what they are) does, as long as we aren't at risk of great bodily harm, we must always respond as an adult. Of course, our patience may be tested in the worst way, but we STILL must respond appropriately. This officer went too far…..

  3. not fake news
    Mentally ill wears costumes also
    if the officer was white there would be outrage /me too marches

  4. If it was my kid, I'd hunt the son-of-a-bitch down. I might spend some time in jail, but he'd spend some time in the ICU.

  5. This is really very very hard to watch. The child is like a ragdoll to this cop. I hope the child is OK. Cop was fired BTW. Thank goodness for that and hopefully never holds a cop position again if he can get so riled up so easily. I pray this child is OK, took quite a beating there.

  6. If any of y'all police wanna act like this come see a grown man, pussies. Fuck the police. "Paid leave" nah bitch you deserve to be a felon and never be hired anywhere again.

  7. He needs to be fired and arrested ASAP! Idc if we dont have audio bc there is nothing in this world that anyone can say to anyone to warrant that kind of aggression against a small child!!! I'm holding the department accountable for this as well since they put him on paid leave instead of arresting and pressing charges! I am sick and tired of seeing corrupt law enforcement being held to a different standard then everyone else! Had that been anyone else they would already be in custody point period!!! I guarantee if I had picked that officer up amd slammed him around like that I'd have been shot by the rest of the force what makes this any different! This is worse!

  8. Jail this bastard, only in America this happens and for americans it's a normal thing. Just Put Cops slams kid on youtube and all the videos are from the US, same as typing police violence. A country where the Devil has laid his throne. How can Americans accept this sort of violence from police whom they pay the salaries and who works for them? PEople in the US should get out more travel the world and see they live in a shithole country. That's why i love Europe here citizens have rights and i dare you to find something similar that happened in Europe. I lived in Canada and it's almost as bad as the US. Very sad people think of this as a normal way of life. Country is completely brainwashed.

  9. The piece of shit cop needs to be slamed on his head until his skull is cracked open… this is what they will continue to do to people until something is done… and I don't mean pray to a god that doesn't exist I mean throw this piece of shit in prison for life so he can get slamed into all the concrete walls while getting prison raped

  10. So we are just sitting here watchingbthus punk ass slams a little girl and all of you pussies are not out here looking for this punk ass resource officer

  11. there is no excuse for that sort of behavior from our servants. that resource officer should be publicly executed and all his colleagues forced to watch what happens when they abuse the peoples will.

  12. You can say what you want to, his axx would be mine.. him and his PAID leave…str8 bullshxt soft ass wouldnt do that to a man

  13. HOPEFULLY there are some stand up people that will murder this cop. Since he doesn't care about our kids….
    Name, address, wife's work, kids school, brothers work, moms address!!
    Justify these actions?? Maybe we should fire bomb the cops house

  14. If that was my kid either that officer or myself
    wouldn't be breathing anymore…. Kids, People, run their mouths, guys in the wrong profession…

  15. Hopefully he doesn’t get hired with another department as sometimes (often?) happens. Deputy should be charged with all crimes applicable to the incident.

  16. I began filming corrupt police officers in North Mississippi 20 years ago. I would tell them sometimes they were being filmed when they stopped me or I went through check points. After about 8 years, it began to catch on and hundreds of others were filming too. Now the world is watching BOOM! JUSTICE serviced.

    I am KC, the 1st elvis presley impersonator ever FRAMED in a PRESIDENTIAL assassination plot and I approve this message .

    Read my story in GQ magazine.


  17. Great, now he is fired and charged with a misdemeanor for this kid making him pick him up and slam him… twice. I say we start a go fund me for the officer.

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