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99 thoughts on “North Carolina School Officer Fired After Video Shows Him Body-Slamming A Student | NBC Nightly News

  1. I began filming corrupt police officers in North Mississippi 20 years ago. I would tell them sometimes they were being filmed when they stopped me or I went through check points. After about 8 years, it began to catch on and hundreds of others were filming too. Now the world is watching BOOM! JUSTICE serviced.

    I am KC, the 1st elvis presley impersonator ever FRAMED in a PRESIDENTIAL assassination plot and I approve this message .

    Read my story in GQ magazine.


  2. Suspended why is this f*** this child abuser this Maniac why is he not in jail right now why was he not taken from the school straight to jail this is just total b***** fired but not arrested I wonder if he does shot him dead in that hallway would he just have been fired and not arrested where do we draw the line on this kind of s*** Behavior this is was an absolute criminal act caught on camera

  3. OMG, OMG. Deer God, are you there? Did you see what I just saw?
    Deer God , punish this officer ASAP.
    This boy is a victim of mentally ill officer who I believe has no ability to think , abilities to love and ability to protect.

  4. He slammed that kid like a rag doll, hope the got the kids head exrayed for possible concussion. Who hired that sicko and what else has he gotten away with??

  5. no matter what that kid did or say, he did not deserve this! Shame on that security guard. That kid was KO from that first slam… Jesus!

  6. Now let’s find out this idiots name so we can know if he shows up anywhere near one of our children. Someone reading this has to have that simple bit of information.

  7. School resource officers are simply pigs walking their beats at schools as opposed to 'patrolling' neighborhoods. Nothing more, nothing less.

  8. "…any lasting injuries.." are you kidding? If that happened anywhere on the west coast he and his entire family would never have to work for a living. North Carolina, hope you have some liability insurance.

  9. O Dear God just watching this broke me down in tears this poor child ,this officer could've hurt this child seriously ,this child being tossed to the ground by this officer who is 6 times bigger than him ,it's sickening to see this ,and to trust kids to be in schools to only be there to get one thing A good education. Physical damage is the outward for this poor child,there will be the deeper more harder to heal from mental and emotional damage to this child .I pray for this child as well as all of the children who have To suffer trauma at the expense of the people who were put there in the first place to do the job TO PROTECT THESE CHILDREN,INSTEAD OF THE OPPOSITE !!!

  10. Kids can be little a**holes but they are just just that: kids. If. Anyone touched one hair on my kids head like this dude did, he better just leave the country, cuz I would open up a world of hurt on him!!!

  11. Let me guess … he's on paid vacation leave, pending outcome of the investigation?  This is the last we'll hear about it.   Almost like a Catholic priest, he'll be horizontally upgraded and transferred to another school, where he can continue to collect a salary and live happily ever after. All record of the incident, of course, expunged.   Once again … who HIRED this guy and is sitting behind a big desk doing all the vetting of school resource employees who's job is protecting the safety of people's children????   Nobody wanting to step forward and take the blame?   I didn't think so!

  12. Is disgusting how that f***ing pig did that to that 11 year old for just probably the little boy talking trash.However that girl from Florida kicked the back of the cop's leg and he went to jail for slamming her a**?This guy slamming that 11 year just got fired?No commonsense he should of been put in jail.

  13. so a grown man BODY SLAMS a young ELEVEN YEAR OLD boy TWICE and he only gets fired??? both the school system and justice system are flawed

  14. alleged assault wtf…i am seeing it with my owns eyes it isnt alleged..that old man would be dead if that were my relative…i wouldve handed him his hat then waited for police..smdh

  15. Charge and convict him post haste. Then put him in the state pen with the general population. They like guys who hurt kids there…especially pseudo-cops.

  16. That guy better get jail time. He picked up an 11 yr old a third his size and slams him down with all he has and the kid goes limp and he slams hims a second time. Justice needs to be served here.

  17. Despicable. Any sworn-in or oath-bounded public servant should face AT LEAST double the minimum sentence for crimes committed, off or on the ‘job’. You signed up for the task of PROTECTING and SERVING the public.

    Perfect example – Any Officer charged and convicted of DUI’s should face DOUBLE the penalty any typical citizen would.

    It’s time for ‘privilege’ to meet ‘accountability’.

  18. Not defending the officer , that was horrific to see and I don't condone it in any way … But on a side note , kids are becoming more and more undisciplined , because they think they can do anything in the school without consequences even calling 911 on their own parents for disciplining them , this will evolve into a bigger issue when youth have no respect for anyone or anything. Again the officer should face the consequences as well, that was way too much but the one that tackled the girl because she hit him ,I'm actually with him.let the hate come .

  19. That officer has to do jail time no matter what if there is justice there's no way around that if people are going to act blind and say oh he got fired and think that that's enough that's b*****

  20. Pretty ridiculous on the officers good thing it's not my kids or grandkids🚑🚒👩‍🚒🤦 what an embarrassment to the community

  21. He was only fired because it was on video. If he was willing to do this, at school, to an 11 year old, what else has he gotten away with?

  22. Wow just imagine how the old lady from popeye's felt after being body slammed on the concrete…multiple injuries and some sick people said she deserved it…smfh.

  23. Even if the boy had a bad attitude or bad mouth that was just very unnecessary and wrong. The officer should be punished

  24. He could have killed that child. He should face attempted murder and aggravated assault charges and child abuse charges. Also investigate who hired this person who clearly should not have access to children.

    Surely, this is not the first sign the "officer" had anger management problems.

  25. I have a small child in school. I couldn't imagine seeing my child being slammed to the floor like that. I am firm believer of talking and getting to the bottom of things that way, but slamming a defenseless child like that. Keep that American Express my friend. blood would be the only form payment accepted.

  26. Red, yellow, black or white, these officers of the law and security guards need harsh and strict punishment. Could have killed that boy.

  27. FANTASTIC, sent email to sheriff's office out of curiosity, and (very kindly) he responded with this:

    He has been dismissed, no longer an employee with my office, arrested on 12-17-2019. Thanks for your concerns.

    Curtis R. Brame

    Sheriff of Vance County
    156 Church Street, Suite 004
    Henderson, NC 27536

    Everyone should send a thank you to this Sheriff for caring about who represents his office and police force.

  28. Alleged assault??? If that was my kid that SOB better not be in the same area code when I got there. I’d have to get approval from the Warden to attend his college graduation.

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