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NEWS: limited EASY Mechanical Engineering education on Kickstarter – Join the 💡 INTUITIVE project!

Hi. I’m Antonio Lamberti and I think
you’ll join me when I say that it is quite unpleasant when people cannot
communicate effectively because they talk about stuff in complicated ways.
I personally tested as this may get quite problematic in your job where a
clear and sound communication is vital for the good outcome of a project. For this reason I have decided to bring my help in the mechanical engineering field by
creating a simple concise ebook where everyone can quickly grasp the basic
notions of this subject. I’ve called this manual INTUITIVE: mechanical engineering as it will explain the major topics of this vast subject, with the help of visual
design. Discover how the proverb “less-is-more” can be applied to mechanical engineering: simplicity and brevity for the sake of
everyone’s understanding. As a Kickstarter exclusive, I shall print some limited first edition handbook copies – – don’t miss out the opportunity to get
them if you want to help in this knowledge sharing project! Please read
the project description if you want more information and I hope to see you as a
sponsor for this INTUITIVE project!

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