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New Teacher Conference: Staying connected

Coming back especially is great because it’s
like coming back home, and being able to see what everyone else has accomplished, and kind
of sharing stories. Especially first year teachers talking, second year teachers, hearing
the troubles they went through, and know that you’re not alone in it, and also knowing
that there is a support system through ISU that will always come through to help. Being able to contribute to conversations
with a whole different perspective now that I’ve been in the classroom. Whereas when
you’re a student you don’t know where you’re going to teach. You don’t know
what you’re going to teach until you get that job, and now coming back with having
things, well now I really have the questions I want to know because these are the things
I’m actually facing or I’ve actually done. Well, I love coming back to ISU, and coming
to a conference like this is great. Being on campus is very bittersweet for me because
this is my home away from home, and I still feel a little sad sometimes being away from
it. But being back is great because I’m able to reconnect with other professors I’ve
had, and they all know me, and they all remember me, they remember my name, and we had that,
you know, professional relationship, and they are still able to help me when I need it as
I grow as a teacher. I’m able to reconnect with my friends and the people I met here. It’s awesome to be back. I think it’s
really important to reflect on what we’re doing, and our experiences here. I think it’s
cool to have a school that is supporting what we’re doing, and knowing there are things
that we experience as first and second year teachers that, you know, are different and
unique, specific to our profession. I love it. It’s a great opportunity I’ve
gotten to run into some old friends that I haven’t seen since we’ve kind of gone
our separate ways, and it’s just kind of nice to be on campus, and to feel like the
support, and know that I can come back here if I have any questions or I need help with
anything, and that all of these resources are still available even though I’m no longer
on campus or a student here.

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