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New Teacher at Toy School

(scratching) – Child: Tic Tac Toy – Toy school? This is the craziest
thing I’ve ever heard of. I’m gonna make some changes today. – Maya, it looks like we have
a substitute teacher today. – Oh boy. – Please have a seat,
students, right away. – I don’t think we’re
gonna like him, Maya. – Me neither. Where’s Miss Lucy? – Is that gum you guys are chewing? – Yeah. – That’s not allowed in school. – But Miss Lucy always lets us chew gum. And she even has a
gumball machine in here. – Yeah! – Well there’s not gonna
be any gum in my classroom. Let me see it. You too. Thank you. – That’s a bummer, Addy. – I know, I liked my gum. – Where is Miss Lucy today? – Miss Lucy’s out sick today, so I’m gonna be your substitute teacher. You two can call me Mr. Jason. – Okay, Mr. Jason, you write funny though. – There’s absolutely nothing
funny about the way I write. – Um yeah there is. – I think so too. – Alright, let’s see what’s
in today’s lesson plan. Lego building? Play-Doh fun? A toy hunt? Well, these aren’t my kind of lessons, I’m gonna make some changes today, girls. – I don’t think today’s
gonna be that much fun. – But we can make it fun. – I like what you’re thinking, Maya. – Mm-hmm. – First thing I’m gonna
do, is check your homework. – Maya, get the squirt guns. – Hey, what’s that? What? Where’d all this water
come from? Why am I all wet? – I don’t know, maybe
the roof started leaking. – Did you girls do something to me? – No. – Let me see your hands. – Hmm, what’s all this water doing here? Where’d all this water come from? – I don’t know, the roof
could be leaking up there. – Girls, I want the truth. – We don’t know. – (Mr. Jason) Girls? – We don’t know! – Something seems fishy here. I’m gonna have my eyes on both of you. So let’s move on for now, let’s
get out our homework, girls. – I did all my homework, teacher. – Me too. – What kind of homework is this? YouTube log? Tic Tac Toy? You watched thirty-four minutes? What does that mean? – Yeah I watched thirty-four
minutes of Tic Tac Toy for my – For my homework. – Well that’s ridiculous. That’s a ridiculous homework assignment. We’ll just throw this away right now. Pikmi pops? What is this? – We got them at the store for – – For homework? – Yep. – That’s ridiculous. – Ridiculous? I had to go to four stores to find this Pikmi pop. – Yeah, this was hard work. – Well that’s silly. Put those away right away girls. – What about our Whoopee cushion homework? (fart sounds) – Whoopee cushion homework? What kind of homework assignment is that? – We had to Whoopee cushion two people. – Yeah, I got my mom and my dad. – What kind of school is this? Put those Whoopee cushions away,
it’s time for a timed test. – Is it an Orbeez timed test? – Puzzles time test? – Or a bath robes timed test? Of course not. This is a math timed test. – Oh bother. – Alright students, get out
your papers and your pencils. – But we don’t have any, it’s toy school. – How could you not have
paper and pencils at a school? – Cause it’s toy school! We normally open toys and stuff. – I’m not buying this
whole toy school thing. This is regular school,
papers and pencils right now. – We don’t have any! – Alright, let me go find some then. Alright, we have an emoji
toy, some Cutie Cars, what do we have back here? Pop car, but there’s no paper or pencils. How do they get any work done here? – Maya, I don’t wanna
take a timed math test. – Me neither. – Well, this is all I found
so this is gonna have to work. So why don’t you get
started and write your names at the top of the piece
of paper there please. (upbeat acoustic music) – Alright students, you’re
gonna have one minute to complete all of the
problems on the board. – Um do you realize that I’m four? I can’t do that. – That’s nonsense. Time starts now. – Don’t worry Maya, I’ll help you. – Equals nineteen, just
look at my paper, Maya. Maya, you’re gonna get
in trouble for that, just copy my paper. – I just wanna make a smiley face, Addy. – Alright, time is up. Put your pencils and paper down, and let’s see what you have here. Addy, fifteen plus four
equals nineteen, very good. Wow, you did a really
good job. Good job, Addy. Let’s see your paper, Maya. What is this? You just
colored the whole time? You didn’t do any of the problems? Well I’m gonna have to write a
note to Miss Lucy about this. That’s not appropriate. – But I like smiley faces. – Let me go ahead and collect these papers and we’re gonna move on to
silent reading time, girls. So go ahead and pull out your books, and get started with your reading. – I love reading. – Oh hi, I was walking to your house. – What are you girls
doing? This isn’t reading. I asked you to get your books out. – Yeah we’re working on my, on my busy books. – My busy books? That’s not
appropriate reading for a class. Girls no, I don’t think so. We
need to read a regular book. – But this is what Miss Lucy always lets us do for reading time. – This is nonsense, girls. We’re gonna put this away right away. – So much for reading time. – We’re gonna do reading a
different way today, girls. I’m gonna do a read-aloud. Let me just try to find a book real quick. Alright, Surprizamals, what
else do we have? Flarp? A claw machine? We have all these toys but we don’t have any regular books. Hmm. – Maya, I have an idea. Woop! – This is gonna be good, Addy. – I think so too. – Well I finally found a book, girls. (fart sounds) Hey! (girls laugh) Who did this? This is ridiculous. – I don’t know! – This is not allowed in my classroom. Alright well I’m gonna take this, and I’m gonna write a
note to your teacher. So let’s get us started
with this book here. The Witching Hour. Sophie couldn’t sleep. A brilliant, (upbeat music) – Wow! Wow and this is so cute! Aww! It’s so cute! These stickers are so cute. – Hey where’s Addy? – I don’t know. – Oh hi. I have something green. – There you are. What
are you doing under here? – I really wanted to open my Pikmi pop. – I’m sorry there’s no time
and this is not the place to be playing with toys. I need you to pack everything up and get back to your seat please. – Okay. – Alright, now that everybody’s
back in their seats, I’m gonna go ahead and
continue with my read-aloud. Sophie closed her eyes
and laid quite still. She tried very hard to doze off. (upbeat music) – Mmm. It smells good. Oooh. Here’s my lanyard. I think this is my charm. Aww! It’s a puppy dog! It’s a turquoise bunny! It’s so cute! Whoa, it’s a puppy dog! They’re precious! I got stickers and secret messages too. Don’t worry, be yappy! This one’s from a bunny! You’re the bunniest person that I know. I love Pikmi pops. Mine smells like blueberries. – Hey, where’d Maya go? – I don’t know. – What do you mean you don’t know? – I don’t know, she just disappeared! – Um excuse me little miss,
what are you doing down here? – I wanted to play with my Pikmi pop. – Now is not a time to
be playing with toys. It’s classroom time, and I’m
trying to read you a story. – I guess I’ll get up. – You know what? I’m done with story time. How about some snack time, girls? Go ahead and reach in your
desk and pull out your snacks. I’m getting a little hungry here. Wait a minute. What’s going on here girls? Why are we having Pez out on the table? – Cause Miss Lucy always says we need to eat candy for class. – Candy? That’s not a
healthy nutritious snack. You can’t eat candy in my class. Um, I’m going to go
ahead and take these Pez away from you girls, cause
this isn’t healthy at all. – No! – And instead I have a
nutritious snack for you. How bout some black beans for you, And some corn for you? – Beans? I don’t like beans. – Corn? I don’t like corn.
I’m not eating this, mister. – Well then no snacks for you two. – Alright girls, we’re
going back to basics. I’m gonna go ahead and
put a letter on the board. And what I want you to
do, is tell me some words that start with this letter. – That’s a P! Play-Doh! – And Pikmi pops! – And Pez? – Pokemon. – Pocahontas! – And Papa (mumbles) – Why do we only think of toys? Let’s try another letter, girls. (fart sounds) What is that? – You tooted! I heard you! – I did not toot. You girls did something. Do you have something in your desk? – No! – Let me see it. – Okay. – Okay, what’s in your desk? Get it out, come on. Enough of this then,
let’s start again girls. We’re gonna do the letter S this time. (fart sounds) Hey! What was that? – You tooted! We heard you! – I’m hearing some sort
of machine over here. What do you have? Girls? I don’t like this. – Nothing. (fart sounds) – You’re tooting again! – So it was you! This is ridiculous! No more substitute teaching,
I am done with this class. I am done with this school. Goodbye! – Yay, let’s have a toot party! (fart sounds) – (Narrator) Have you
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