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New Semester Setup // New Binder, Supplies and More

Hello guys! So my second semester is
about to start and I wanted to show you a very quick setup of what supplies and
stationery I’m going to use for the next few months so you can get inspired and
motivated and perhaps get a few ideas. So first of all this is the binder that I’m
going to use and its from a brand called Leitz (I’m not sure how you
pronounce it). It’s a very sturdy plastic binder, it has a nice purple color and has a nice sheen.
This silver elastic holder gives a nice premium feeling to the binder. I also enjoy the round spine, I think it looks much nicer than a regular straight one.And on the inside we have four rings (very common in Europe) The more rings your binder has,
the less likely the paper is to break on the edges so I recommend investing
in a good ringed binder because in the end of the day, what distinguishes a good binder from a bad one is actually the sturdiness of the rings. It also has
a few nice pockets over here so you can hold notes, hold your schedule, some loose paper. It also has a pencil holder over here which is fairly uncommon in binders.
I mean I really like the quality of the binder, I think it’s going to last me for a few
months, it’s resistant to the rain because it’s plastic and in my country we have alot of rain in the spring months so I’m really happy with my purchase. My Filofax the original in patent nude and my soft covered Moleskine that I
use for bullet journaling. You can find both setups for these planners on my
description box below so I won’t get into it right now because I have sole videos focused on organizing both of these. Next I have a bunch of paper covered Moleskine notebooks and
these are actually notebooks for each one of my subject so I can write my textbook notes and summaries on these and I’ll use the binder just to take any notes in
class and have it all condensed so I won’t carry too much weight around with me so
these are my most condensed and formal study materials so as you can see I use
minimal decoration. These are Moleskine notebook and they have squared paper. Of course you can get any notebooks you prefer.If you know me, for the past few months you know I always rely on
Moleskine notebooks. And I’ve used very minimal declaration, I’ve just glued some nice journaling card from the collection Fine and Dandy for Project Life and on top of that something I’ve printed a few labels with the name of my subject and in the end I’ve laminated both of them so they could resist anything that happens in the following months. I’m going to use
my trustworthy makeup bag from Ted Baker this makeup bag is the perfect size to carry pencils and post it notes It’s not too big, it’s really resistant, I mean I have a pen that completely bled inside this pencil case so I’m going to keep this again and inside I have a few pens that I have selected for this year. I wanted to be a little bit more simple and
minimalistic then I’ve been in the past I’ve got a bunch of Maped and Staedtler
pens and I’ve completely overdone my color coding system so I want to be a
little more simple. First of all we have a pack of Zebra Mildliners and I all the different hues and colors that they offer but I always have a few favorite
pens so what I did was combine all of my favorite hues and tones into this small
pack over here. So I’m going to use for this semester for this semester the gold one, the grey, the mint green, the purple and the soft pink. Next I have 2 Maped Graph Peps that came in a larger pack of 16 or 20 pens. so I just picked up this nice gold one and this nice blue one. This is the pencil that I normally use but I won’t stay it’s the best pencil out there but it’s so cute I
love the color Since I barely write anything with pencil I just keep this year for the sake of the aesthetic of it I have an equally small eraser from Staples I guess and it’s really small, it just serves the purpose of erasing the very small notes that I make with my pencil. This is of course a very typical Stabilo neon yellowr highlighter. It’s the one that I use the most when I’m studying from anything at
all so I always keep one of these as well. And regarding pens for for my main text, I rely on both of these. So
first of all this is the Pigma Micron on 0.1 and 0.05. I already talked about in my previous video so you can see there how it writes I’m keeping these for
the next semester. I also love the Staedtler rollerball in “F”(fine).It’s also a very good pen and it writes faster than these ones although these, for me, achieve a far better result. I’m also going to use
these plastic cover with very simple ziplock and I always carry these on my
binder. If your professors hand out any loose papers, I keep them here so I can hole punch then when I get home and keep them safely in my binder. Regarding sticky note I wanted to be much more simpler this year so I’m only keeping a larger decorative pack of sticky notes and a set of smaller neon colored sticky notes So these are from the post-it brand, and of course post it is one of the best brands for sticky notes. They’re fantastic, they’re
durable, it’s a very small pack so you can always keep it in your bag without overloading
your bag and these sticky notes are from Cath Kidston and I bought them when I went to
Dublin and went into a Cath Kidston store in the center of a Dublin and I
fell completely in love with it so I needed to buy these sticky notes so these are just three large size sticky notes with a bit of decoration And gadgets wise I need to recommend my computer because many people, I mean, most people, rely on macbooks. I love the design but the operating system just doesn’t work for me. So I bought this computer like
three years ago It’s a Samsung Series 9 I love this computer it never
gave me any problems if you can still find one (and I think that these aren’t
sold anymore in Europe) but if you are in the USA and if you can find one and
you don’t like mackbooks, I really recommend you to buy this computer because for me it has
lasted for three years and I use it every day and every hour of my life so it’s a really nice and good purchase. I hope you enjoyed this video. If you did please give it a thumbs up for more tips on studying and college and how to have the best semester you can have. I’ll se you on my next video! Bye!

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