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NetSupport School – Classroom Instruction, Orchestration & Management

For 25 years, NetSupport has been leading the way with innovative software. NetSupport School is the complete classroom and whole school management solution – with our technology deployed on over 12 million devices in 20 languages. NetSupport School delivers instruction, assessment and collaboration tools alongside a wealth of monitoring, e-safety and control features to ensure the very best experience for students. Let’s meet some of the people in our school. NetSupport School has been developed – with teachers, for teachers – as a complete classroom collaboration, assessment and monitoring tool. In seconds, a teacher can see all student activity; test and assess their understanding; control access to the internet; to applications; control access to printers, and the number of pages printed; limit the use of memory sticks, and more. And create and deliver digital journals unique to each student based on live lesson content. With NetSupport School, you can also listen to students in a language lab, deliver files and media in seconds to all students, collaborate on an in-built whiteboard, and so much more. An IT technician or manager can discover and manage all computers across the school, gather inventory and system information, see in real time systems that are in use and, when needed, provide instant remote support to students. Teachers can even request assistance silently from their software straight to the technician. Students engage with NetSupport School; they have their own unique toolbar that the teacher can enable. They can see lesson objectives, expected outcomes, when restrictions are in force, what websites and apps they are allowed to use and, of course, they can silently request help from a teacher when needed. Our students are using Windows desktops, and tablets, Macs, Linux netbooks, Chromebooks, iPads, Kindles and Android tablets. And NetSupport School has an app for each and every device. Teaching assistants play a vital role in the classroom and NetSupport School provides them with a dedicated iOS or Android app, so they can see all or selected student screens and work collaboratively with the teacher. NetSupport School is built on education best practices. It provides a digital record of outcomes in a lesson via the Student Journal; encourages assessment best practice and features keyboard monitoring, web filtering and other e-safety features. Best of all, it provides a dedicated app for all platforms – so no matter what technology the school uses, NetSupport has it covered. NetSupport School is the result of 25 years of development to provide the complete classroom management solution. So, if school IT plans involve desktops or tablets, school tech or Bring Your Own Device, NetSupport School is a future-proofed investment. One solution. One time purchase. No subscriptions. NetSupport School is the only complete, multi-platform classroom solution built on a 25 year pedigree. Try it free for 30 days and see for yourself.

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