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9 thoughts on “NetSupport School – Classroom Instruction and Monitoring solution : Product Overview

  1. Hi, the Padlock image is displayed on all currently connected student computers, by selecting the lock menu item from the Tutor Software. Once you have connected from the Tutor PC to all required students you should see each of them represented on the tutor by an Icon ( or a thumbnail). Selecting the "lock" menu option will lock all Students, or you can select individual students if you don't want to lock the entire class.

  2. does this work for computers that are are different networks as well? I use this for my company to make sure my employees are doing there jobs. but we just opened a second branch so there computers are on a different network is it possible to connect there computers to this as well and monitor both branches?

  3. Is it possible to block websites through multiple browsers? For example, I tried blocking youtube but it will only let me block youtube's website through the Google Chrome browser. I even tried copying and pasting youtube's url while using the Internet Explorer browser and still the Google Chrome browser icon showed up next to it the web address when I put in the restricted websites list.

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