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100 thoughts on “National School Walkout – SNL

  1. For anyone who is saying that his hair is different, I think it’s because they have a filter to make it older looking

  2. Hey anonymous people of YouTube I need help:

    I like a guy but I've never talked to him and this girls I really dont like dibsed him (if that counts) and she says they're dating and she knows I like him. What do I do

  3. Great. Make a stereotype of all hunters as evil tyrants toting guns and shooting everything. I get that allready at school.

  4. Another thing about anti white people written by white people, with a cast of almost completely white people, and a caricature of immigrants

  5. Just tuck the boner into your underwear waistband so its flush against your belly and pull your pants waist line up to your belly button. Problem solved

  6. The real sketch description should have been “at this national school walkout, you never know what problems will erect.”

  7. The first time I watched this sketch I didn’t understand the “it took care of itself the other way” line. Oh how young I was, how innocent.

  8. The politically correctness is killing me…
    And the hunter thing is bullshit, nobody is going to kill a gopher with an AR-15. I know this is supposed to be funny but it’s really not. It just shows how mislead society has become.

  9. Correction! In sweden we have more guns more shootings and no sunlight, america shouldn’t become like sweden. A socialist ”utopia” with no law enforcement and mothers getting shot in the streets at midday holding their babies in their arms.

  10. “2 years later when I finally spoke again I said GUNS!!”
    “Lance, would u like to see the councler?”
    “Oh yeah”

  11. “I’ll never forget the first time my old man took me hunting. I was such a baby. I wanted to stay home and wrap a towel around my waist and play Lady Restaurant. Instead, he dragged me weeping into the woods and made me stand there in the rain holding an AR-15 until I turned a gopher into red dust. Two years later, when I finally spoke again, I said, ‘GUNS!’” 😂

  12. The AR-15 is the US-democrats bigfoot. Nobody has ever seen one in nature and the picture they have of it, is probably false.

  13. Ohhh man… These walkouts are ridiculous, and I feel like they are mostly doing it for the attention, but without even really knowing it or realizing it.

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