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NAD India News:- Education for the Deaf

Education for the Deaf In India, there is a lot of problem in the education sector for the deaf. There is hardly anything they learn in deaf school from class 1st-12th as the teachers focus on oralism. When deaf children insist on learning throught sign language, they are ignored, and oralism continues around 98% of them illiterate and hardly 2% of them gain little knowledge even though they manage to pass class 12th, they further face problems in finding jobs. There are certain schools which only have classes till 8, and not till 10th or 12th. NAD tried contacting the staff of the schools, they expressed that they are ordered to teach in this manner and its not under their control to change anything. Clear solution to this was only getting RPWD Bill passed once this Bill will be passed, the teachers of the deaf school will have to learn sign language and learn make to schools accessible. Secondly, an educated deaf person will be eligible to teach in the school. Unfortunately, this law has not been passed yet in India. If this Bill gets passed, India will be more accessible. There are no colleges for the deaf in India, children are stuck after complete their schooling. There are hardly interpreters in hearing colleges in India. There is one in Delhi University (DU) and hardly anywhere else. However, there is no university or college like Delhi University for the Deaf. NAD is fighting all the problems and hopes for a successful future.

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