Mystery Box #1 | Preschool  Song | Super Simple Songs
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Mystery Box #1 | Preschool Song | Super Simple Songs

Mystery box, mystery box. What’s inside the mystery box? Mystery box, mystery box. What’s inside the mystery box? Mystery box, mystery box. What’s inside the mystery box? Mystery box, mystery box. What’s inside the mystery box?

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74 thoughts on “Mystery Box #1 | Preschool Song | Super Simple Songs

  1. I really love the 'mystery box' song.😇 "What's inside you mystery box?" think it goes like that, anyway I enjoyed it a lot, it revealed the 2 answers at the end which was a snowman⛄ & train🚂

  2. Great song! 😊 could you make the video of "walking walking" song ? My kids love that song, They're always asking me about it. They love dancing and watching the videos while they are singing. A new song about places in town would be awesome! You're so creative! I know you can make it, kisses from Argentina!

  3. hey! greetings from a big spanish fan. it would be great to have something on the seasons ( I know it is on " row your boat") but it would be great to have a song.Same feeling with parts of the house, prepositions of place, classroom objects..A more extended song on opposites maybe…well those have been the only topics where I had to check other youtube channels. I would also love a little initial or final dialogue within the song – super simple dialogue 😉 – where structures and vocabulary could be prompted.That will help with pronuntiation. Finally more materials on more diverse holiday celebration such as Saint Patrick's- World Peace Day- Thanksgiving…. would be cool.Thanks a lot for your work and for making my teaching fun.Each new song feels like a present. [email protected]

  4. Congrats on your new video,it's great,I love it! My pupils love all your songs and videos.A video about jobs would be great!!

  5. Thank you for the song! And it would be great to have a song about meals, something like 'We have breakfast in the morning la la la…' ))) And another song about clothes would be nice, too. My little pupils are fond of your songs and they really help them love and learn English! Best regards from Russia ))

  6. Hi,

    Firstly, thanks so much for letting us have some contribution here! It's carnival here in Spain and it's sooooo hard to find a carnival song! Maybe about clowns, juggling, riding a bike etc. Can and can't maybe! I have been using your 'I am the music man' song!!! I'm sure I'll think of loads more tonight! Hold on… haha Spring time or seasons, a song about my birthday is on…

  7. Great video! Love this channel!
    Could you do some more number songs?
    Maybe break them down into different versions, like:
    1-10, 1-20, 1-30, 1-40, 1-50
    or even 1-10, 10-20, 20-30, 30-40, 40-50…
    I think they'd be really helpful! And with actions for kids to do as well! 😀

  8. Hi! It would be nice if u could make a song about fruit or vegetables!! I adore ur work! Thank you so much'

  9. Hello SSS! We simply love each and every video you make and song you sing. Thank you for being so creative, colourful and childish. I was thinking as next potential topic maybe the days of the week (Sunday, Monday etc.) connecting with some activities, or the months of the year or maybe the topic of a knight and dragon and princess would be another good one. I have in my mind also the different vehicles but I'm sure that whatever you'll compose, it will be fantastic. 🙂

  10. I was thrilled to read that you're working on new songs. Looking forward to hearing them. As for suggestions for new topics, I really miss some song introducing family members. I also think that a song about carnival costumes would be great – something similar to the song "Knock, knock! Trick or treat?", which my kids love, just without the Halloween ring to it. Anyway, let me use this opportunity to thank you for all your work that's made my job so much easier and more fun.

  11. Hello, I like all the SS songs, videos and worksheets. They work perfectly with kids. I would like to see a song about family members.

  12. My children are big funs of your songs! Good job! Thank you very much! About new ideas for songs how about 1. dangerous things like fire, electricity, crossing the street/holding parent's hand, waving folk while eating, putting tings into mouth and so on. We have book Attention bobos Nathalie Bélineau / Sylvie Michelet – it helped us avoid lots of dangerous situations 2. things that go & sounds: cars, planes, tractors, trains, and so on 3. microworld of bugs, 4. healthy food 5. basic types of trees 6. forest animals 7. showing that there are animals that live under the ground (e.g. mole), in the water and can fly


    Would love to see a video of that song! Thanks guys can't wait to see the new songs!!

  14. Great song! It would be great if you can make some songs about jobs or parts of the house.
    Thank you for your songs they make teaching far more easy! ; )

  15. Thank you, as always for your fantastic songs and resources. A wide range of 'Hello' and 'Greeting' songs are always great! Particularly something aimed at toddlers. Simple directions, jobs and places around town would be fantastic, too! Maybe a favourite sports/hobby song? The kareoke/sing along versions are greatly appreciated. Thanks again! K.

  16. I really love this channel! My baby brother loves these videos and it's so fun to watch him engage with them. Thank you and keep it up!

  17. counting to 100 and counting by tens please.? I've been searching all over and cannot find a cute catchy one that's less than 3 mins for my class.

  18. Many thanks for your wonderful work! I use it to teach EFL in Greece and my young students absolutely love your catchy tunes. Thinking about my students, I would love a song about -Wh questions (who, whose, what, where, when, why, how much, how many, etc). These question words always confuse them and I think you would find the perfect song for them. Thinking about my own children, I think they would enjoy a song about Earth, space and our planets. I'm a big fan of Earth day also, so how about a song about what children can do to take care of our Earth. Again, one million thanks for contributing to education in such a creative way! I also loved the suggestions that were made below about prepositions, hobbies and places around town. Keep up the awesome work!!!

  19. Would it be possible to get a country names song?

    How about a transportation song as well?

    Bugs/insects song would be awesome!

    School subjects and classroom objects are also two topics that have a dearth of songs covering them!

  20. Hi, first of all, great thank-you for all the brilliant songs! You are really amazing! I'm glad you're going to make some new songs! It's really great news! Could you please consider creating songs about the following topics:
    daily routine, house, rooms and furniture, school objects, toys, jobs, physical appearance, means of transport and places in the city?
    I'm looking forward to these! Keeping my fingers crossed! 🙂

  21. any hope for songs about current event… like CARNIVAL or Winter… but not something with SNOW… not all countries have snow in winter…

  22. hi. I love each song!!!
    Mabe a song about Easter?
    What about Grandma and Grandpa?
    Bugs and flowers would be great.

  23. Need a song that uses the What do you want? I want ~. Expressions that's outside Christmas. Hard to use Christmas songs when it isn't Christmas. Would like some more family vocab themed songs as well. And also songs about nature – trees, clouds, flowers, etc. Would be great to have songs that students who are a little older can relate to and enjoy more, especially as you consider what the videos might look like.

  24. Hello from France where I teach English with 2-6 year olds. Reading through these suggestions so many of them sound great (transportation, parts of a house, carnival, family, more valentines songs, etc). Thanks for asking us. One thing I'd LOVE is a day of the week song starting with Monday. Looking forward to the new songs.

  25. Dear Super Songs Songs Team! It's fantastic that you're gonna release new song albums! That's fabulous 😉 It's great news for all your fans around the world. It's nice that you want to hear our suggestions. I'd be very happy to use some new songs especially : song about numbers (counting tens: 10-20-30 etc or even more 11-21-31-41-51 etc), song about plurals (regular and irregular), a new song about cleaning up, a song about brushing the teeth, a song about washing hands, song about family (sth for the Mom's/Dad's day, Granparents day), song with some new verb/actions/abilities, a song about pronouns ( I – you, he-she, it, we), songs about seasons, song using the verb have/to be, song about left / right parts of body, song with wh-questions, who – what, where – why? song about prepositions, song with How many – question?, song about comparatives/superlative (big, bigger, the biggest). That's all what I've come up with. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR WORK!!! You're the best!

  26. Hello. I got your letter asking about ideas of making more videos.
    First of all, I'd like to thank you for all of them!!! They I just perfect! I really adore your style!
    What I'd like to see include:
    grammar songs like this:
    there is/ there are, is,am,are/ articles a,an,the/countable, uncountable
    songs about classroom objects: pen, pencil, crayons, paper etc
    songs about family which include such vocabulary as: grandmother, grandfather, uncle, aunt etc
    songs about appearance: she's got, he's got…
    preposition songs: on, in, under like this:
    more holiday songs: thanksgiving, st valentine's/I know about 'Skidamarink:)'
    'nature' songs: trees, bushes, rivers, grass – there is, there are
    clothes songs with 'I am wearing/he is wearing'

    Thanks in advance!!

  27. My little students always ask for more feelings in "If you're happy" song, such as hungry, sad, sick, tired.
    Please, make us all happy!

  28. As for me I'm in the need for some simple Easter songs… Some transportation songs apart from The wheels on the bus would be great, too

  29. I would love to see a "Super Simple Karaoke" channel soon! Your regular videos with the audio from the sing along songs on your CDs and lyrics on screen!

  30. Thank you for watching! If you liked this video, check out the Super Simple App for iOS! ►

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