myday student portal introduction video
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myday student portal introduction video

There’s a change taking place in
student’s academic days. With scattered systems for them to find and log into, it’s becoming a barrier to smart and effective learning. Looking for a better way? Welcome to myday, the student portal by Collabco. In collaboration with leading academics sites we can bring you the best learning solution possible. All the applications a student needs
for their day, all in one place, helping students make a success of their learning. Everything is in an intuitive,
attractive and personalised dashboard, which is easy for students to navigate and customise. Access is through a single sign-on, so no more forgotten passwords! myday is fast becoming the first choice for many
forward-thinking schools, colleges and universities Find out how you can fully engage your
students via a truly unique digital learning experience. Book a demo with us today
and find out how myday can work for you.

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