My year abroad with EF ‒ Maria from Spain, 18 years old (in London)
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My year abroad with EF ‒ Maria from Spain, 18 years old (in London)

I came here to London because the first time I
came here, I was with my father and my brother. I just fell in love with the city. I decided to come here because I didn’t know
what to do with my life, with my future. So I decided to do an Academic Year Abroad to change my
environment and live on my own, like a challenge. I hope to meet new people
and discover what they like. My name is Maria.
I’m 18 years old and I’m from Spain. Here maybe? No, next to the National Gallery. Around here.
So we should probably go all the way here. Have you heard about dim sum?
I haven’t heard of it. You’ve never heard of dim sum? It’s fantastic.
It’s pork, vegetables, ginger. Is it spicy?
No, but it tastes good. From my point of view, I think
London is a really cosmopolitan city. I can combine my interests with my studies.
I love the energy of this city. I love the feeling of there being
life everywhere – all the time. The things that were amazing
for me before are normal now I can walk and I don’t feel like I’m a tourist. I know where to go and
I’m like “Hey, I’m from here!” I have noticed some improvement in my
English, for example in the speaking part. I wasn’t good at speaking when I came here. Now I can say a lot of things
without thinking about them and I’m getting used to speaking English
with my friends and the people I know here. I have more confidence in myself. First, I need to buy a record for my brother,
for a Christmas present, and then we can go there. Yes, I think I feel at home because I’ve met so
many people who’ve made me feel like that. When I came here, I didn’t know how to
cook, how to iron, how to do anything. But now I’m getting used to this.
I cook pasta! It’s been a good experience in my
day-to-day life and also academically. It helped me change as a person. I’ve learned many things related to studies here. I also know what I want to study,
and that’s International Relations. I’ve decided, for my future, that
I want a job related to traveling. If it’s possible, I’d like to work at
embassies of Spain all around the world. I’ve decided that I want to continue my
studies in Spain, in my city, if it’s possible. I think it will be a challenge again because you’re
starting something new, something different. I’ve created something here that
makes me want to come back. I’ve started something, so I have to finish it.

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  1. These videos are great! Can you guys maybe do a "My year abroad with EF" with someone from EF Seattle? Because there are very few videos that actually show the inside/experience from being there.

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