My Super Duper EXTREMELY Hot Teacher (Animated Story)
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My Super Duper EXTREMELY Hot Teacher (Animated Story)

Hey how’s it going. In 5th grade I had this student teacher right. Student teachers are pretty much university students studying to become teachers, they go to some school and are assigned to an actual teacher to get some experience teaching children. My student teacher was probably in her mid twenties. She was asian, and she was super nice to us kids. Ykno? She was just super cool. Yeahh.. but she’s not important. We’re here to talk about the teacher she was assigned to. My fifth grade teacher, Mr. D WOAHHHH Look at this man right here. Look at that amazing hair line. Check out them huge muscles. unGhh. All the other teachers in the school would usually wear something formal to work, but I remember this dude always coming in with his x small white t-shirts. Gotta show off them pecs ykno. WOW. Mr. D. more like. Mr. DEEZED. amirite? Now, Mr. D was a special guy. I’ve learned a lot about life from him. I remember we were learning about space one day and he legit told the class that the sun spun around the earth just like the moon. I don’t even know if he was trolling or not to this day. He was also super lazy, and didn’t really try to get to know his students that well. it actually seemed like he got hired the day before. “So why do you want to become a teacher Mr. D?” “THE SUN REVOLVES AROUND THE EARTH” ”Y-Yo! You know what, I’m sorry I even asked. You start tomorrow.” We had this project where we had to build our own windmills with things around the house. I made mine out of tinfoil and popsicle sticks. To be honest it looked like ass. But hey, at least it worked. So we had to present it in front of the class and talk about how we built it and what materials we used. So i’m up there in the front of the class. And like usual I get nervous cuz talking in front of 20 people is kinda scary. “Uh.. hi. So. this is my windmill. Uhh.. I made it out of tin foil. And yeah… and popsicles..” “SIGHHH. Just sit down”.. “Wait what?” This dude interrupted me in the middle of my presentation and told me to sit down. I think that he thought I was being lazy and unenthusiastic about my work or somethin. Damn bro how u gonna embarrass me like that. At the end of grade 5, I thought that I finally seen the last of Mr. D. But nope. After grade 5, he became the school gym teacher. So for the next 4 years of elementary school, everytime I had gym class, I got to see the most beautiful teacher in the whole school. One day he was teaching the class how to play handball. “Alright listen up children. You take 3 steps and on the third step, you either pass the ball to another player, or take a shot at the goal. Like this. One.. Two.. THREEE!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH holy shit. This guy just went super try hard mode showing us a demonstration. That was crazy. He hit the post too. What a guy. He looked like an angel in mid air tho. He literally did the same thing in every game we played. Baseball, Soccer, Dodgeball. He was also one of the coaches of the cross country team. In my elementary school, our cross country team would practice running around the neighbourhood. We’d have a route that we had to follow that was 3km long and yeah. There were multiple coaches watching us at different points of the route to make sure we weren’t cutting through different streets taking shortcuts. Some coaches would actually run with us to make sure we don’t stop to walk. Which is really fkin hard cuz yo, at like. The 2k, 2.5k mark, that’s when ya boy starting get bussst. I usually run with like another teammate, and everyone is usually walking around this area of the route. That’s when most coaches come, and are like, “hey mann lets goo wooo.” Tryna encourage us and shit. I had no idea how they did it man, these coaches can run this whole route straight without getting tired. crazy. BUT YO. This dude. Mr D. He’s chillin in his car the whole time Watching for any cheaters out here, sees us walking. Man comes out his car and starts running next to us as if he been running this whole time all like, “COME ON GUYS, THIS IS SO EASY. LETS GO.” LIKE BRO I SEEN U JUST GET OUT OF UR CAR. DON’T PRETEND U BEEN RUNNING THIS WHOLE TIME. (sigh) … still looked like an angel tho.

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  1. What the FUCK he think he doin my teacher when I was in 12 grablde my teach oitterly fucking hit the pole and it start leaking

  2. welcome to the gacha community! my name is :RANDOM JAPANESE NAME: i'm going to be an entitled fairy teacher princess bitch.

  3. Dave: talking in front of 20 people was scary

    Me: talking in front of 42 people was scary
    Edit: +1 (includes the teacher) so it's 43

  4. Yall have 20 ppl in a class ! Wowwwww thats so luckyyyyyyy ! We have 45 in a class and the teacher gets so frustrated so easily ! Its irritating

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