MY STUDY DESK TOUR – Med School Edition (2017)
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MY STUDY DESK TOUR – Med School Edition (2017)

Hi everyone! Happy Saturday! Today is my post shelf Saturday. So this weekend is my free weekend and on
Monday I’m gonna be starting my medicine rotation. But today is my free day so I wanted to bring
you guys and vlog because I feel like I haven’t vlogged in forever so come along and let’s
enjoy our Saturday together! So here is my outfit for the day. I mean it’s pretty simple, just a grey cropped-ish
t shirt, these boyfriend jeans that my boyfriend calls mom jeans. I guess they’re a little mommy. And then this cardigan and just a brown tote. So I’m going out to brunch and coming back
and try to organize my life together for the next rotation. Hi Candy. Mommy is filming. Go! Here okay! So I’m back from brunch and I wanted to tell
you guys a little bit about my surgery rotation so like I said before I took my shelf yesterday. I’m finally done with my surgery rotation
and there is a scene in Lord of the Rings, that kinda explains how I feel so let me show
you guys. Just kidding! It actually wasn’t that bad. I actually really enjoyed my time in surgery. I loved spending time in the OR and I loved
scrubbing in to different cases. Just to give you guys a break-down of my surgery
rotation. Okay. I did two weeks of trauma surgery, two weeks
of emergency general surgery so that was a lot of colosectomies and appendectomies and
things like that. After that I did cardio thoracic so I saw
cabbage, open heart procedures, and then the last two weeks I spent doing pediatrics surgery
and that was cool because there are certain surgeries that you would never really do in
an adult but you would do them in kids. So I got to see some of those and that was
a really cool experience. It was very physically demanding on most days,
I got to the hospital by 4:45 or 5am and then I never really knew what time I was gonna
be dismissed. So basically I couldn’t really make any plans
outside of being in the hospital for the past 8 weeks or so. It felt really long at the time, when I was
doing it felt really long, but now that it’s over I feel like it did go by pretty fast. So physically demanding but the cases were
really cool, the time in the OR goes by so fast it is usually the time spent outside
the OR in the hospital just waiting around that feels slow. I’m still not sure if I wanna do surgery or
not. I think I’m pretty much down to either going
into surgery or emergency medicine. So I’m gonna put in some electives, like some
surgery electives in my fourth year schedule so I can re-experience it again in a different
setting and hopefully that will help me solidify my plan for my future. So that was my surgery rotation experience. So I a lot of you guys have been asking about
work/desk set-up here. So I’m gonna show that to you guys right now. Alright so we’ll start here. Here on the right side I have my headphones,
my iPad, just like a little pouch with nothing in it right now. This is my pencil case. Let me open it for you guys, it’s really hard
to do one-handed. Okay! Here we go. So I have a little post it note here, a multipen,
an ink pen, my white out, this ruler from muji, a nail file just in case, and three
of these multipens from my store, and eraser and two highlighters from Muji. So that’s the stuff in my pencil case. Here in the middle I have my laptop. This laptop stand is from Amazon, I think
the brand is called raindesign by mstand is the name of the product. I’m gonna link everything below. When I have the laptop on the stand it’s kinda
hard to type like this so I have a umm an extra keyboard so I can use it here. I usually also have a mouse as well. Here is my stapler. My water bottle. Pro-tip! When I was doing my surgery rotation, you’re
always practicing your knots, so I have a piece of string on my water bottle so when
it’s filled up with water it’s sturdy enough that I can practice knot tying here! Here I have a notebook, some of the books
I was using for surgery, my notebook here, some folder file with paperwork and another
book that I used for surgery, some pens here. This glass thing is actually from Target,
I think it was from their dollar section around valentines day. I know they have candles in this cup thing. I used to use the candle so I can use the
jar but they were selling these for a dollar so I picked up one of them so I can use it
as a pencil case. More sharpies. And here are my markers that I use to draw
anatomy you can also find these on the, my to-do list here, and this is another planner
that I’m kinda experimenting with. It’s called the Day Designer. It’s a little big so I wouldn’t really physically
bring it with me but it’s a nice desk planner type of thing. So this container I’m using to place all the
markers and the to-do list is actually the container that this planner came in and I’m
planning to use it as a stationery holder type of thing. So this is what I have for my desk setup. So let me tell you guys about the desk that
I’m using. It’s actually a table top from IKEA, I think
it’s called Linmonn. I’ll put all the information down in the description
box. But it’s actually two table tops together. I think each table top is $45, so it’s pretty
affordable from IKEA and you can mix and match the legs. So you can purchase the legs separately. Which is what I did. I like having this large desk because in med
school, especially the first two years med school, you do a lot of group studying and
I wanted to just have enough space for everyone to sit around the table and study together. So that’s sort of my desk set up here and
that’s it! Let me know if you guys have any questions. I’ll try to put all the information down in
the description box if you guys are interested in checking any of them out. So speaking of study area. If you guys down know already, I have a study-with-me
channel where I do a lot of my studying in this desk and sometimes Candy will join in. Candy will join in over there. Make sure you guys subscribe. You can find it in the featured channel on
the side bar of my main channel page. It’s called TheStrive Studies. So tune in for study sessions if you guys
are studying and you don’t wanna be alone and you just want some company while you’re
studying and that’s a great place to go and we can all study together. So I hope you guys enjoyed the tour! Today I actually have a lot of free time so
I’m gonna be doing all the things I like doing so I’m gonna go the gym and then I’m gonna
go watch this movie–it’s called get out. Let me show you guys the trailer. So it looks really scary and I’m usually not
very good with scary movies but it got 100% on Rotten Tomatoes so I think it’s worth checking
out. So I’m gonna do that when there is still light
out so I’m not too scared. But anyways, I will see you guys in a little
bit. So here is my gym outfit. I kept the crop top but I’m wearing black
leggings from lululemon. This is probably my favorite leggings. It’s the–I forgot what it’s called but anyway. Going to the gym now! See you there! Here guys just quickly checking in. Just finished a back workout–back and biceps. And now I’m headed to the movie theater. Hopefully it’s not too scary. It’s starting to get dark. So I think it’s gonna be dark after the movie. But I will let you guys know what I think. Alright guys, we’re here at the movies. If it gets too scary, I’m gonna leave bae
here and go home. Bae: Thanks, thanks! So I’m back from the movie. The movie was actually really good. It wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be
but it was definitely a lot of suspense and actually pretty funny too so I definitely
recommend it. I’m not gonna give anything away but it was
really good. Before I sign off I wanted to give you guys
a quick update on the store. I made some changes in the past couple weeks
and I wanted to update you guys. So change number 1 is that domestic shipping
is a lot cheaper now so for first class mail it starts at $4 and priority mail starts at
$6.50 so a lot cheaper than before. Also I added a on of different countries! So I’ll list all the countries here! So definitely check to see if I’m shipping
to your country and if I’m not you guys can make a request in the comment section and
I will look into shipping to that country as well. Also for the countries that I was shipping
to before like Canada, Australia and UK, shipping for those countries have been lowered as well
so check to see what the new shipping rate are for your country. Another update is I know all the clothing
on the website right now says sold out. I’m definitely working on replenishing those
so definitely keep an eye out! If you guys aren’t following me on Snapchat
or Instagram, it’s the same handle THESTRIVETOFIT and I’ll be most likely posting most updated
information there first! So definitely keep an eye out for that. So I’m going to close the vlog here. Thank you guys so much for watching. Thank you for spending my free day with me. And I will see you guys in the next video! Byeeee!

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