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MY SPRING MORNING ROUTINE 🌸 Healthy & Productive for School or Work

good morning welcome to my spring morning routine I wake up at 6:30 and the first thing I do is grab my phone maybe not the best way to start your morning but that’s the life of an online business woman I guess I always check my inbox and I’ll see my Instagram and like to respond to any of your comments and if you want to see more of me you can follow me on my Instagram page as well which is really like calm when I finally get out of my bed I like to start my morning with a glass of cold water and I personally find it very hard to drink enough water every day so by ensuring that I drink a glass of water immediately when I wake up I at least have some water going into my system everyday drinking lemon juice every morning helps in maintaining your pH balance of the body and it also gives you a boost of energy and kick-starts your digestion every morning I make my bed making your bed every morning is correlated with better productivity a greater sense of well-being and stronger skills at sticking with a budget based on the research of the Pulitzer Prize winner Charles Duhigg in his book the power of habit since you’re making your bed at the start of the day it makes you feel like you’ve already crossed off one thing of your to-do list and it helps you with creating a pattern of good behavior for the rest of the day I’ve been trying to incorporate even more healthy new habits into my morning routine by doing short yoga sessions every morning I grab my workout gear and I head downstairs to my gym in my apartment building [Music] you don’t need a lot of time in the mornings at all my yoga sessions are between 10 to 15 minutes so anyone can start it in the morning if you wake up a little bit earlier and it ensures that you’re starting your day feeling empowered healthy and happy after that it is time to enjoy a warm and cozy shower I personally love adding a little bit of me time in every morning routine and my personal favorite way to do that is by pampering myself with my favorite beauty products I use a face wash I wish my body with a shower oil and a scrub and I nourish my hair with a shampoo and conditioner and oh yeah a little bit of a chore but I also have to change my body because I like to have smooth legs after getting out of the shower and into a bathrobe it’s time for my skincare routine [Music] and recently I’ve been trying to simplify my skincare routine instead focus on facial massage using my rose quartz roller not only does it look stunning in your bathroom it also feels was very nice and cooling on your skin and if you’re struggling with morning puffiness this is a great little tool to use at this point my stomach is probably rumbling so it’s time to get some food into my system you should never skip your breakfast because it is the most important meal of the day and it jump-starts your metabolism which helps you burn more calories throughout today based on a research of Christie Seton a a PhD clinical dietitian I love starting my day with the smoothie bowls or smoothies because they honestly taste like a treat but they’re actually very healthy for you another thing that I’ve been trying to do is add some spinach in every meal that I eat spinach is very very healthy for you spinach is loaded with nutrients such as vitamin A vitamin C folic acid iron and calcium so it’s a great idea to add spinach or leafy green to every meal you eat and by adding it to your already very sweet smoothie you won’t even taste it [Music] I also like to get a little bit caffeinated every morning so I make myself a coffee with almonds creamer and some foamed up oats milk awareness can be quite stressful but if you have the time I enjoy being a little bit more mindful about eating my breakfast and drinking my coffee I like to sit in my favorite reading corner in my room and just enjoyed a beautiful view and this moment I also like to do some reading from reading an astrology book or reading The Washington Post I like to keep things in a wide versatile [Music] now that my body is all fed and nourished it is time to focus a little bit on my appearance and apply some makeup I usually like to watch a YouTube video while I’m getting ready and for me personally giving myself that time in the morning to get ready even if I work from home just gives me a boost of confidence I guess I’m just a big lover for beautiful makeup products [Music] after that it’s time to get dressed apply some perfume and wear my favorite jewelry on they said I don’t wash my hair I usually don’t do it that much to it I usually detangle it nourish it with an oil and apply some hair perfume to smell nice [Music] now that I’m all done and ready to conquer the world it is time to create a plan or a schedule for a day I always use my trusty supplied by Lily lifestyle des planner in luxurious rose gold honestly I cannot live without this thing I use it daily and my life has been so much more organized and productive ever since I’ve been using my planner if you want to order yours as well shipping is international I will have linked it in the description box down below and funny fact I actually have a page dedicated to creating your seasonal routine as well which I’m obviously now also going to fill out now that I created my supreme morning routine so pretty much the last thing that I like to do every morning is get in a 10-minute clean one of the questions I get quite often is how I managed to keep my apartment looking so tidy and clean and one of my secrets for that is using the 10-minute cleaning method every morning I like to dedicate 10 minutes of my time to clean my apartments I said a 10 hour timer and then I just start cleaning as much as I can in those 10 minutes [Music] now that my apartment is untidy I’m almost ready to go I like to pack my bag and usually this is a very easy process for me because I keep all my everyday necessities in this little actually it’s a plant pots that I got from H&M home and this way I am sure that I’m bringing all the stuff that I need with me and that’s the end of my morning routine I either spend my days working from home or I have to go to meetings events or photoshoots but whatever I have to do with this morning routine I ensure that I start my day positively and productive we are at the end of my spring morning routine for 2019 and I really hope you guys enjoyed this video and can we take a little moment for the fact that I’m finally early with posting a seasonal related video in the four years that I’ve been on YouTube I always feel like I posted any spring summer fall or winter routine video fashion video whatever way too late into the season already but now I’m finally posting stuff ahead so I hope you guys can give me a little tums up to appreciate that effort although I’m probably going to be running late with any other thing in my life but at least I have one thing that is on time if you want me to do a spring nighttime routine as well please give this video a thumbs up and if we hit the three Kate likes 3000 likes I will definitely post that video as well leave me a comment down below if you want to chitchat with me and don’t forget to subscribe to my youtube channel if you want to see more of me I hope you’re all having a very good day and I’ll talk to you later bye guys [Music]

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