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Eddie! Wash your hands before you eat that Oreo!
Aww Ma, do I have to? Have to! Get yo ass over here! Man, I already touched it though. *evil laugh* Scary Jumpscare Wha’tcha doing? …Me? Nope nope just casually putting my arm around a stranger, staring directly at him and talking to nobody, Yeah You! Were you gonna lick the cream off that kids Oreo and replace it with your Spiderman toothpaste? *nods* Pfft, that’s hilarious let me help you with that- *boop* I mean that’s messed up. Shame on you, don’t mess with anyone’s food. See that dog over there? You don’t want to mess with its food either, You don’t want to mess with its food either, cuz it’ll bite your hand off! Don’t mess with that birdies food, cuz if you do it’ll shit all over your parents car and, if you mess with my food well then i’d turn your insides into outsides… Evil Tabbes Heh, no I would never, at least over food. *snort* I’m sorry I don’t know what’s up with me today. Must be in a joking mood or something? Anyways where was I going with this? Oh right! Out of all the groups I just mentioned, you especially don’t want to mess with highschoolers food, cuz of that age, they’ll be like kirby swallowing up all the grub since that’s the phase when their bodies are growing and constantly demanding horse-sized fillings. Believe me when I say they won’t hesitate to end friendships, if anyone tries to snatch a french fry from them. See I remember back in middle school, I used to eat a lot and I was this round chubby little thing, like give me a few 18-inch pizzas to eat in one sitting and i’d still be starving! Nowadays I kind of lost that insane appetite I used to have and get full pretty easily. So my high school used to let students leave the building during their lunch breaks as long as they came back before the period was over. Plenty of students were picky about the food they ate, so a lot of them ended up dipping that time. Believe me, most of these kids occasionally got their free lunches just to get a cookie, or an ice cream, and throw the rest of the meal in the trash. It was a pretty tragic sight, though I can’t really blame them for wanting to eat someplace else. You really should have seen some of the stuff they served here. God I’m not even gonna get started on this! Moving on if the students wanted some hot dogs they’d go to the street cart a block down from the school and order some. If they wanted some Arby’s, KFC, Subway’s or Chipotle, they’d be one step away from the school premises for all that glory. And if they wanted drugs- ooh looking back now that’s probably Why the principal did that. It was one day out of the blue no warning, no context, no explanation, our principal just announced on the speaker something along the lines of- Attention students, there will be a new change which will be effective as of today. Students will no longer be permitted to step outside of the building during lunch hours. Anyone who does not act accordingly will serve detention, thank you and have a good day. *silence before the storm* *THE STORM* As if the school wasn’t already prison enough. I expected this announcement to be blown off and forgotten. Boy I was wrong. Next day right after my Spanish class, the bell rang and the students got up to leave. I stepped out into the hallway, or at least I tried to, I realized the hallway was packed with kids that wouldn’t even budge. What the hell is this?! Why aren’t you guys moving?! Move, ANDELE ANDELE! (come on, come on) *sigh*You guys really like sharing that carbon dioxide huh? In the reality of the situation nobody could hear anyone else cuz they were all yelling and hooting over each other. That’s it I’m going in! After a minute or so we moved a whole inch forward. Whole inch forward! wow progress guys. progress. But the whole time I was wondering where the security guards were at students crowd surfing each other in the hallways wasn’t unusual at all. My school was always packed so this was nothing out of the ordinary. I don’t know what everyone was just standing around for? I was practically swimming in there. As I was getting closer to the center of the hallway, I started to hear students chanting and a faint sound from Wiz Khalifa, da fuck? Oh damn, is there some cult shit going on! I forgot what exactly they were chanting, but I remember for sure I was about that announcement yesterday. I popped my head out of there, looked up and I saw a water balloon coming towards my direction. Fortunately I didn’t get hit but I still got splashed on the side of my face. I can see now that everyone was surrounding the principal, who was standing right in the middle of the hallway, trying to calm the students down. Of course no one was listening to him either. I looked up again and saw every school item you could imagine being thrown. Pencils, folders, pens, school lunches, bucket hats, you name it! A group of guys thought it’d be funny to throw their shoes at him. They threw their conchords, foamposites and tim’s at the principal. Guys come on, COME ON!!! Those are some expensive ass shoes right there! You know someone was bound to steal those and resell them on goat or ebay, but seriously that’s some disrespect right there! One of the shoes actually ended up hitting him. Eventually he snapped and yelled EVERYONE STOP IT, STOP IT RIGHT THIS INSTANT! WHOEVER KEEPS THIS UP WILL BE SUSPENDED AT THIS POINT! Eventually the hallway cleared out with the security guards finally showing up towards the end of it, just in time to take the credit for everything. Pretty much every student was excused from lateness that day. The riots went on for three more days, until the principal called us all in to the auditorium and finally explained to us why the rules changed. Apparently it was a combination of reasons, such as reported drug activity, increased number of car accidents, ring fights in nearby parks, and injuries as a result of it. The school didn’t want to be responsible for any students getting hurt during school hours so they figured this was one solution to decrease the number of incidents. There were no more riots after that. Though some kids were still low-key salty about the change. See princey, it wasn’t so hard to tell us why you decided to suffocate us all into one cafeteria and replace outdoor fast-food with this stuff! Nah! He was actually a really chill guy. I’d say overall the decision was reasonable for its safety precautions!

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100 thoughts on “MY SCHOOL RIOT

  1. Daddy, why did you leave me?
    You created me
    So don't you wanna see me?

    Daddy, why did you make me?
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    What kind of dad eats his daughter's fries and doesn't even look her in the eyes
    Daddy there were tears there. If you saw them would you even care

    Don't ask why I know all the words to the song I saw Finn and Marci so I did it ok

  2. In fourth grade a kid took some food off my tray and I stabbed him in the back of his hand with a fork hard enough to draw blood… Then I kept eating until the principal arrived. With the same fork. – Crazy will give you elbow room.

  3. legit just happened to my high school except its the start of the school year not like the middle or something. and it was for the exact same reasons

  4. 1 day in high school filled the entire school with papers and signs because the pizza in the cafeteria was really good but the high school kids only can eat them in Friday but the elementary school kids can eat them the whole week so we entered to all the classrooms yelling things like pizzas are ours too eventually we entered the principal office and we demanded pizza that same day 170 kids got suspended because of that and even with that mess the school didn’t gave us pizza in fact the banned them but only for High schoolers that really sucks

  5. One time I was at school and someone found a worm in the salad that the school gave us. From that day forward I packed my own lunch.

  6. I accidentally sprayed paint on my principal during class

    He fucking deserved it
    He made me do something illegal
    (Not what you think)
    He made me get in the car with a stranger basically and that person smoked in the car too
    Later we got a restraining order placed on that person (fuck them)

  7. Lol in our highschool
    We steal eachothers food it's like a war there's a count down of 5 sec before recess and we takle,push, and beat each other up to steal their food 🙂
    And i have some permanent scars to prove it

  8. Funny, i could go outside of school to go buy something to eat (….. I think it was actually because i didnt do stupid stuff, like my classmates (only and not all boys) which made a F***Ing Flamethrower (flamable hair-spray + lighter) and used it IN THE PARKING LOT RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE SCHOOL)

  9. One time there was a BIG RIOT at my school


    Kids weren’t allowed to bring phones into class anymore

    it was because of people downloading VPNs to block the school system to play fortnite and other blocked games 😉
    for the past few months there were mountains of complaints but the principal didn’t give a sh- oooo can’t say that XDD

  10. That chubby kid deserved the toothpaste….DONT LEAVE YOUR FOOD ON A NASTY PARK TABLE….like where are the napkins

  11. There’s a broken fence in our playground if you’re small enough you can get through it to escape school. But none of us have the balls to do it lmaoooo

  12. I have watched this video so many times..and it is still funny…my friend ligit pincured the vain on my hand with a fork becouse i stole her fries😂we laughed and cryed at the same time…and we still joke about it😂

  13. My school's version of "pizza" is litterally just bread sliced in half, a little sauce, and some off brand cheese. Another schools sandwiches is just hotdog bread and that square cheese you tear off the plastic. Wth schools

  14. I'm in the huge size meal phase due to my high metabolism. Jeez! I can eat almost an entire medium size pizza in one sitting. When I saw school food, I would just eat the whole thing and if I had enough cash I would get a second course!

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  16. The food you guys get in the cafeteria looks yummy ;-; for us here filipinos we need to buy our own food which costs a lot (i think private schools have free food in cafeterias)

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