My Mom Married A Gold Digger Who Was Also My Teacher
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My Mom Married A Gold Digger Who Was Also My Teacher

Hey, people. My name is Clara and I am 16 years old. Recently I took a lot of money and a whole
house away from my mom. I don’t feel anything about it and I have
no regrets. I did it to punish her. It all started because of my damn math tutor,
Mr. Benz. I hated him with all my heart because he was
young, pompous, and arrogant. You know how cats have this intuition where
they understand what kind of person is standing in front of them. Well, no cat in the world would go near the
hands of Mr. Benz. And I had to spend two hours, three times
a week with this man. Oh, it was unbearable! But what annoyed me even more, was that my
mother really liked him and she always spoke well of him. Over time, I realized that she thought of
him as something more than just my tutor. A couple of times I caught them having a nice
conversation or a cup of coffee in our kitchen. My suspicions were also confirmed by the fact
that they only communicated when my dad was at work. Seriously. When my father was sitting in the living room
reading a newspaper, my mother and Mr. Benz acted like complete strangers. I knew that there was something between them,
and I resented it. If I had had clear evidence, I would have
told my father everything immediately. I was all set to play Sherlock Holmes and
start an investigation, but apparently that was no longer necessary. Mom and dad called me down for a serious conversation. They had bad news for me. My parents were getting divorced. As they said, it was their mutual decision,
and they decided to not torment each other with this marriage any longer, and to break
up. Despite the fact that I was already old enough,
my parents ‘ divorce was still hard for me. The fact is that my mother had changed just
before my eyes, and she began to attack my dad with different accusations. She wanted to not just divide the property
50/50, no. She wanted to take as much as possible away
from her husband. And there were a lot of things she could take. We were a pretty wealthy family and our house
was really big. Mom hired some tough lawyer, actually he was
more like a pitbull or the hound of Hades. So, she won in court, and she took the house,
and a lot of money, too. From that moment on, I lived half the week
with my mother, and half the week in my ‘s new apartment. And my relationship with my mother changed
dramatically. I hadn’t expected her to be so greedy. But I soon lost all my trust in her. About a week later, our doorbell rang. And when I opened it, my eyes were like bowling
balls from the surprise. It was Mr. Benz, and he had a lot of suitcases
with him. Then, my mother said told me that he was now
going to live with us. Oh, my Gosh, it was horrible. I knew he had done it on purpose. Just think, he was a young teacher. He knew that he couldn’t lead a luxurious
lifestyle on a teacher’s salary, so he just took advantage of my mother. I tried to tell my mom about it, but it was
like she was in some kind of cocoon that my words couldn’t penetrate. I was frustrated and I complained to my father,
but he said there was nothing we could do. So I had to live in the same house with this
bastard. And it was unbearably hard because he was
just like a parasite that took root in our house. When my mother was around, he was always courteous
and sweet. But as soon as we were alone, he was rude
to me or he just ignored me. One day I came home from school and I saw
a bunch of strangers at our house. It was basically a party in the middle of
the day. And all these guests were organized and invited
by Mr. Benz. I started fighting with him and threatening
to tell my mom about this, but he told me that my mother will do whatever he tells her
to do, that she obeys him without question, and if he wanted to, he could make her kick
me out of the house. I was very angry with him, and I knew I had
to stop this. Mr. Benz had to leave our house, but I still
did not know what to do, because my mother would not listen to me just like that. As you can see, one half of my life was terrible. I loved spending time with my dad, but then
I’d come home to my mom and we’d fight all the time. I didn’t hide my feelings about what she’d
done, and I blamed her for her deception of my father. Plus, mom herself created an unfavorable atmosphere
in the house when she gave in to every whim of her boyfriend. And soon his desires began to cross the line. My mother had always given him presents, but
it was his birthday and mom decided to give him a car. A car, Carl! As she said, he had dreamed for a long time
of having a car, and my mother decided to make his dream come true. The worst of it was that it was actually my
father’s money, and my mother took it dishonestly, because she had a lover, and in this case,
she really should not have gotten the whole house! He was just a flaky guy who was draining money
from my mom’s bank account. I realized that with Mr. Benz, mom would lose
all of dad’s money and our house. But my father didn’t want to interfere because
he was busy with his own affairs. After all, he needed to get back on his feet
after such an intense hit from my mom. So I decided to ask my older friend for help. Eliza was 19, and as the older and wiser friend,
she immediately proposed a plan of action. As she said, we needed to get my tutor out
into open and show my mom that he was a scam artist. And to do that, Eliza was willing to seduce
Mr. Benz. Oh, she could do that easily. She was incredibly beautiful, but most importantly,
she was from a very wealthy family. So we bet on it, and we put our plan into
action. At first, Eliza pretended that she needed
a math tutor, allegedly because she had problems with it in college. So Mr. Benz became a frequent visitor to her
house. This went on for several weeks, then Eliza
called me and told me that the day had come. Mr. Benz liked to flirt with her and Eliza
was ready to take the next step. So I Skyped her, and she turned off the monitor
and the sound so he wouldn’t notice what was going on. But I could hear and see what was going on
in her room. So I called my mom, and I told her I had something
interesting to watch. Mr. Benz came into my friend’s room, and they
began their lesson. Then Eliza began to flirt openly with him. We watched the master in action. And at the crucial moment, when the kiss was
supposed to happen, Eliza said she couldn’t do it because she knew Mr. Benz had a girlfriend. But he was already caught up in the passion,
and he said exactly what we were waiting for. He said he didn’t care about his girlfriend,
and that he was only dating her for the money. But now he was head over heels in love with
Eliza, and he was ready to leave my mom. The very next second, my friend turned on
the monitor, and Mr. Benz saw my mother and me on the screen. Haha, at that moment, his eyes almost flew
out of their sockets in surprise, and his face was as red as a tomato. We got him, woo hoo! Wow, my mom was furious after that. She threw all of Mr. Benz’s stuff into the
street and also smashed his car with a golf club. It was a strange act though because, in reality,
the car belonged to her. She must have just needed to let off some
steam. Either way, one enemy was destroyed, and I
was just glowing with happiness because I was able to punish this immoral guy. I could have moved on with my life, but I
still felt unfair. After all, it was my mother’s fault that Mr.
Benz came into our house. So she was actually the main villain, and
she had to be punished, too and I had an idea for how to do it. For that, I needed the help of… Drumroll… Mr. Benz! Ta da! Yeah, it seems weird, but listen to what I
was going to do. Since my mother had been unfaithful to my
father while they were still married, she should not have claimed such a huge share
of my father’s estate. And I needed Mr. Benz because he was the only
one who had evidence of her infidelity. My father and I just needed his testimony. I knew after what I’d done, he wouldn’t want
to help me. But he was also a greedy man, so I offered
him a monetary reward. Surprise! He agreed. As I expected, he had a whole bunch of pictures
with my mom, scandalous chats, and all of that. They dated for a month behind our backs, and
skillfully concealed it. It even turned out that mom’s business trip
for a few days was just a lover’s weekend with Mr. Benz. So much dirt came up and we had to sort it
all out. Then everything went like clockwork. My father appealed, and we had every chance
of winning the case and getting back the house I grew up in. My dad deserved it, because he had always
been a good man. Even though his relationship with my mom had
been bad for years, he had never cheated on her. Mom didn’t appreciate that her husband was
loyal to her and began to date the first stranger that she happened upon. And she was punished for it. I really want to believe that all the bad
things she did were at Mr. Benz’s command and that she’s actually a good person. Perhaps this whole situation will serve as
a lesson to her, and our relationship will return to normal. Mom has to remember that family is the most
precious thing in the world, and it needs to be protected from strangers. By the way, Mr. Benz didn’t get the money
I promised him for his testimony. Yes, I deceived him and made a fool of him. Again. A man like him deserves to be treated like

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  1. Get right out of your head that she was being manipulated by your teacher. She was a willing part and she has her own mind. No one can make you do anything you don’t want to. Remember that.

  2. no one:

    Her: you know how cats have this intuition where they understand what kind of person is standing in front of them?

    me: No? I don't know?

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  4. Mr Benz is creepy with the dolls and all. Anyway, I didn't hear at all about him cheating her maths. Am I hearing her right? He's her maths tutor right.

  5. Mr Ben: i dont love mom clara im just dating to her for moneys
    Clara: Call to FBI*

    FBI: Ladies and gentalmans we get em
    Mr Ben: Oh Sh*t bruh ;-;

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    Also what is wrong with the teacher in the beginning
    The parents in 1:43 what the…. can we get diesel patches on this

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