My Mom Embarrassed Me In Front Of All College
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My Mom Embarrassed Me In Front Of All College

Hello everyone! I’m Ida. I am 20 years old now and I’m still living
with my parents, well, sort of. I guess I know how it happened – I just
missed the perfect time for me to leave the nest, as they say, and now I’m simply afraid
of leaving my old folks on their own. Here’s the story. For starters, I was a long-awaited for child. Mom and dad had been married for 15 years
when they finally heard that sacred “you are going to have a baby” phrase. And when I was born, both of them were already
over 40 years old, so, yes, that was kinda a huge generation gap. Of course, when I was little I often heard
some of the other children asking whether that was my mom or my granny who had come
to pick me up from kindergarten and other stuff like that. It’s not that that has been annoying and
embarrassing during my whole life, but their attitude toward me was. They were always afraid to miss something. That’s why, for example, they never allowed
me to stay at my friends’ houses overnight. However, they were happy to have as many of
my friends at our home, for as long as they wanted to stay. Mom was always cooking something tasty for
us and dad would entertain us in every possible way, starting from riding on his back and
ending with him telling funny stories from his childhood. You might say, it’s not a big deal and it
wasn’t until I grew up a little more that I wished to have my own space. I remember, when I was 12, I went to camp
for the first time in my life. All my friends from school were going to be
there and I knew it would be an awesome week by the lake. Of course, it turned out to be enormously
hard to convince my parents that everything was gonna be OK, and when they finally agreed,
I felt like I was the happiest person on the planet. But not on the departure day, when my dad
said that he would want to escort the bus to the destination. So, yes, one guy started joking about me having
my own elderly bodyguard and everybody on the bus was laughing (even the bus driver),
and I kept pretending as if I was fascinated by the view by staring through the window,
while I was also trying to keep my tears from running down my cheeks. And when I grew a little bit more and the
time had come for me to go to my friends’ parties and to go on dates with guys, guess
what my parents did? They would wait until however late it would
be to drive me home. Yeah, I had no curfew for these cases. Some of my friends envied me for having such
progressive parents, but for me, it looked weird, when, let’s say, a party was over and
I started dialing my dad’s number to tell him that I was ready to go home so that he’d
come and pick me up. Or when a date I was on was in full swing,
so to speak, but I couldn’t relax, because I knew that my dad was waiting for my call. It’s not that my folks were control freaks
or anything. I guess they were just worried about me and
they probably thought that they were acting cool enough to seem younger than they really
were. But the turning point in this story came along
during my 18th birthday. You see, I had always wanted to have a car,
and my parents, even though they tried to be cool, never bought me one. They continued to wonder why I would need
a car if I had a dad who could drive me anywhere I wanted to go. Anyway, I graduated from school and managed
to get scholarships to two different colleges – one was like an hour ride from our home,
and to get to the other one, I had to fly across the country. Now, try to guess which one I preferred, given
that I already badly wanted to separate from my parents. I’d say that mom and dad were sad when they
heard about my choice, but that wouldn’t be true. They were devastated. Mom began clutching at her heart, moaning
with tears about how I was going to live so far away, alone in a dirty and shameless dorm,
where anything bad could happen to me, and dad began worrying that he would no longer
have a duty to be my personal driver, which he enjoyed so much. To be honest, it was hard for me also, to
make my old folks this upset and for a second I even wanted to change my mind about colleges,
but I didn’t. So everybody in our family had started to
get ready to accept a whole new way of living. “A few days before my Birthday I found both
mom and dad joyfully grinning whenever they saw me. Of course, I drew the conclusion that they
were up to something interesting and surprising for my birthday party, like giving me a new
car and that really inspired me. Every day my expectations and a child-like
enthusiasm about the gift kept increasing, and as a result, right on the Big Day, I woke
up at nearly 6 in the morning and immediately ran to my parents so that they could congratulate
me as soon as possible. ”
Both of them were already up and having their breakfast at the kitchen. After a bunch of kisses, hugs, and mom’s
teary episode about how grown-up was I already, they said that they had quite an exciting
present for me that was going to knock my socks off. And then dad passed me a sheet of paper. Basically, it said there that our house had
been sold. I couldn’t understand anything at first, but
my parents, in the midst of their happiness and excitement, explained to me that they
had sold our house here and already bought a new one that was a 20-minute ride from the
college I was going to study at. And now, as mom said in quite an inspiring
way, I could enjoy both having fun at college and the warmth of a real home at the same
time. I couldn’t believe my ears. I was just sitting there with an open mouth
unable to produce a single sound. My parents probably thought that I was that
happy about their move, but I simply felt that my dream had just shattered into tiny
to pieces. Not only was it terribly unpleasant to be
disappointed in the gift, because I was expecting something completely different and they knew
that. But now I was also afraid to even think about
what kind of reputation was awaiting me in college, as soon as everyone found out that
my parents also came there with me. “I started laughing harder than I’ve ever
laughed before. I thought it was something pretty hysterical,
but my parents got really worried and scared. I simply couldn’t stop myself and very soon
tears began running down my face and I started to cry. Between sobs, I tried to tell my parents what
exactly was wrong with this gift, but it was obvious that they could not understand anything. I think it took forever before I calmed down,
and mom and dad ended up with a few more wrinkles. I just had no choice but to finally tell them
everything that I thought about this obsession of theirs to be always within an arm’s length
of me. ”
This conversation turned out to be unbearably hard. I felt how every word of mine was hurting
mom and dad’s feelings. When I was done with my speech, dad silently
left the kitchen and mom started baking a birthday cake and even though she was standing
now with her back toward me, I knew she was crying. I went to my room thinking that I was the
worst person on the planet. In the evening, when the birthday dinner was
already over, and a few friends of mine who stopped by were already gone, dad said that
they had one more birthday present for me. This made me a little bit nervous, ‘cause,
you know, the first one they’d given to me earlier turned into quite a mess, but this
time dad handed me a car key. He said that he’s been thinking with mom throughout
the whole day about my words, and came to the conclusion that I should stay at the dorm,
but that I’d better have my own personal ride to be able to visit my old folks at least
once in a month. I once again couldn’t believe what was happening
again for the second time that day. I finally had my dream come true and had a
car! But a few days later, when all our stuff was
already packed and we were ready to move to another city, since, you know, the house had
already been bought, I still felt that there was something inside me that prevented me
from being totally happy and calm. I thought that it was somehow connected with
the fact that I had hurt my parents by saying that I no longer needed them to be so close
to me. Of course, my new life in college, as well
as living in the dorm, was some kind of fairy tale for me! I thought, that I had finally managed to get
out of the watchful eyes of my parents, who earlier, at any time could peer into my room
to find out if I needed anything, and finally no one would offer my friends any treats embarrassing
me and other things like that. But that’s not how it actually turned out. Even though my folks were no longer next to
me physically, they decided to take full advantage of the digital era. I was constantly receiving texts from my mom,
asking like, whether I had eaten, and what I ate. Oh, she even demanded that I send her photos
of my food, of my classrooms, and of my friends, of course. And once there was a totally embarrassing
situation where I needed to get prepared for another lecture and I called my mom and said
that I couldn’t come to visit them, ‘cause I needed to stay at the library and stuff. And it was already really late in the evening
when she somehow snuck onto campus and found me to give me a dinner that she made and packed
up for me. Thank god there were not many people around
who saw everything. Please, don’t think that I never tried to
talk to them. Oh, I did. It’s just, whenever I began asking whether
they thought that I was already too grownup for their care, I’d see their upset faces
and, I dunno, I guess it was because of their age – I couldn’t insist on anything. That’s why eventually, right after my first
semester, I came up with the best and only decision possible, to keep my parents from
visiting me on campus. Here I am now, a 20-year-old college student,
who hangs out with her new friends, and goes to parties and meets new guys, but who keeps
going back home to her elderly parents every night (well, almost every night). Yes, I refused to live in the dorm room and
now I live at my parent’s new house that’s a 20-minute ride from campus. And you know what? It’s not as bad as I thought it would be. Have you ever been afraid to hurt your parents’
feelings, so much that you had to ignore your own interests? Share your experience in the comments and
give my story a like. Bye!

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100 thoughts on “My Mom Embarrassed Me In Front Of All College

  1. Do you not understand how much money you were saving by living at home with the whole being a college student and not having to work😂😂😂 I wish

  2. Uhmmm…you should be greatful that they'd be near u and there for u and that they'd always been…
    You should know that for a 21 year old, not all persons have there parents lookin out for them so it is a blessing for u

  3. Your parents love you in their own way. And they want to protect you. You think it is embarrassing because your classmates make fun of you. Is this the standard for figuring out embarrassing things? If people make fun of you for any reason, does that mean that this reason is embarrassing? think about it. There is no scientific standard for embarrassing things. You just don't want others to make fun of you. You prevent your parents from protecting you and their love for you in their own way because people make fun of you because of them. No. I think what others think is not important. Leave your parents love you as they want. Do not let others control your life and your choices. This is my opinion

  4. U should be thankful that ur parents want stay with u and care about unlike the other people that get kicked out of their on House

  5. All of the video titles are so inappropriate. They are 2 worlds apart and that is really annoying. Sometimes you see an interesting title and turns out it’s the complete opposite story. They don’t correspond at all!! You guys need to do something for this.


  7. I am 27 and my parents still offer to pick me up from the bar. Because they rather know im home safe then some cab driver being a rapist.

  8. you'll never understand how much they waited for you, and how much they suffer to have you. YOU need to be putted in their shoes to feel the way they felt back then.
    You should be grateful because they cared.

  9. I’ll admit that it can be embarrassing, but they spent all their lives caring for their children. It’s not easy for them to say goodbye

  10. If parents love their children so much they had to let them go. If I were you I convince my parents that everything is ok and nothing bad could happen. I don't care if they act like big babies or something it's like they being possessive towards their own child

  11. My mom is in her early 60’s and people think she’s my grandma. She gets irritated even though she was 41 when she had me. People still think she’s my grandma even though I have to correct a lot of people. She always tells me she gets offended when people say she’s my grandmother. When she’s actually my mom . Being in my early 20’s soon to be 23 it still upsets me. I know how she feels. I got embarrassed in front of my mom over stuff that’s so personal and she has a hard time keeping things to herself even if it’s nobody business or something someone wants to hear. Who is going through what I’m going through? Having an older mom that’s considered to people as a grandma because she’s now in her 60’s

  12. Dang.I'm adopted by my great grand parents,(age 73)and they do THE SAME THING.But they don't know how to text.Only I know how to text.Really bothers me.I don't like them at all.They're to botherable.

  13. imagine your mother followed you, then showed up while you are on your first date with a college guy, with her warning him not to knock you up, lol that happened to a friend of mine.

  14. Well miss ida I guess your parents don't want you to leave their side because maybe because they care about you a lot and they want anything ever happened to you but I know you want to go to college wheel badly but you'll have to blame your parents I said they were just trying to help you so mess ida is the my comment to you /you may be staying at your parents house but I know you're going to have a good life in college but don't worry at least you staying at your parents house for the time being👨🏻‍🦳👩🏻‍🦳👩🏻‍🦰🏠 🚘 🏫🤞🏽

  15. What's so good about going to parties and hooking up with guys… I nvr did those stupid stuff when I was a teen and some people are just too dumb

  16. Your parents are the nicest people ever and you're just a bitch that deserves nothing.
    Next year Im moving to live with my mother to go to uni, uni is like a 20min walk from her house, its very nice of my mother. Im very grateful, and yiu should be grateful aswell.

  17. I commuted to college. It was 15 mins from my parents house. I saved 8k a year by not living on campus. I never had a desire to. Having to share my privacy with some random girl is nuts

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