My Med School Essentials | The Stationery, Tools, and Gadgets I Use In Med School
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My Med School Essentials | The Stationery, Tools, and Gadgets I Use In Med School

Hi everyone! Summer is almost over and it’s time to go
back to school. It sucks but I’ve put together a quick back
to school guide that made things a little easier for me in med school and hopefully
they’ll help you guys too. Just so you know, all the items I mention
in this video and their variations will be linked in the description box below. So without further ado, let’s get started! First, we have a set of muji stationery. I love muji’s stationery for their clean
lines and their affordable prices. In addition to Muji, I like to have other
cute notebooks because it makes me want to take notes and they make me happy whenever
I look at them. For writing utensils, you guys know I’m
a huge fan of these multipens and highlighters. To go along with them, I use the Bic whiteout
correction tape to fix any mistakes. If you’re a big coffee drinker like me,
you probably want to have access coffee 24/7. My personal favorite is having a small nespresso
machine or keurig machine because they’re the easiest. BUT, the best way to make coffee is to use
freshly roasted beans so sometimes I like to use my chemex or another pour over method
to make coffee. So having an electric kettle can come in really
handy not only for making coffee but for tea and cup noodles too 😀 Next up is my favorite water bottle, called
BKR or beaker? Not sure how to actually say it- these are
glass bottles with a cute non slip cover on them- they come in many different sizes and
personally I prefer the largest one so I don’t have to refill as much. Couple other items for your dorm rooms: I
like using my kindle paper white for all my non-school readings. So like fun novels or books that you read
once and never look at it again. In college you’re moving around a lot so
my new thing is buying or renting all non-school books on kindle and minimizing the amount
of stuff I have at home. For school books, I still prefer a physical
book to underline or write notes in them because I think having a spatial memory of where certain
things are in the book can really help you remember some stuff. Next up is my new favorite gadget: the Amazon
echo. If you guys don’t know what it is, it’s
basically a bluet ooth speaker that you can talk to. Alexa, what’s on my calendar? what’s on my schedule today?” and it has
some amazing voice recognition skills to make your life a lot easier. Alexa, can you play some Coldplay? You can ask Alexa to add things to your shopping
list or to-do list and you can access the list anywhere from your phone. Last but not least, some good ear plugs. You’ll most likely be living with your roommates
and there’s no guarantee that they’ll be sleeping and studying at the same time
you are. Pick up some of these ear plugs and you’ll
have some nice peace and quiet. If you have a thoughtful roommate, it can
also work as a subtle hint to your roommate that you’re doing something important and
hopefully they’ll be more mindful of how loud they are! If you’re in college, you’re always out
and about and having a power bank can come in really handy. I’ve been using this small power bank that’s
good for a quick charge when I’m on the go. The next item I think is a must have for anyone
working or studying long hours. If you’re studying in your room or at the
library you might be in a crouched down position for a really long time. Having this stand forces you to straighten
your back a little more and puts less strain on your neck. In med school, a lot of students watch and
listen to lectures from their computers. So you need a good quality headphones. I like these Bose ones but I’ll link couple
cheaper alternatives in the description box Next category is fitness–
I’ve talked about my withings watch in a lot of other videos. I really like how looks like a normal watch
and goes with all my outfits. You can check this video where I talk about
the watch a little more. A really good way to stay motivated in the
gym is to write down your progress. I like using this body minder notebook to
keep track of how much I’m lifting and seeing the numbers go up is really encouraging. There are also apps that do similar things
if you don’t want a physical notebook A blender bottle comes in super handy for
preworkouts, protein shakes, meal replacement shakes, or even just water. I like that the bottle has a wide opening
so it’s really easy to clean. I talked about headphones before, but my FAVORITE
workout headphone is these jaybird bluetooth headphones. They’re wireless so you can keep your phone
in your pocket or somewhere close by and it’s just one less thing you have to worry about
when you’re working out. Last category is for some health specific
items that might come in handy if you’re just starting in the healthcare field. I love this Eko smart stethoscope which amplifies
sound and transmits the sound to your phone. I think it’s a great learning tool, and
you can check our more information about the stethoscope in THIS video. Oh by the way, you can use the code THESTRIVE
to get $50 off the stethoscope from their website! Another item that I really like having around
at the hospital is this white coat clipboard. It has all the important equations and charts
in the back and the best part is that it folds in half to fit in your white coat pocket. FINALLY, I want to introduce one app that
I recently found out about from a dietitian that I shadowed during my pediatric rotation. A lot of you guys are going off to college
and making food choices on your own now– if you have any food allergies or sensitivities,
check out this app called IPIIT. It’s an app that lets you scan different
food products and it tells you whether it’s safe for you or not based on your preference
setting. It’ll tell you why you should avoid it (for
example, it has soy or aspartame or dairy, etc) and it’ll give you alternative products
that you CAN have… which is awesome!! I think this app is great to have on your
phone if you have food allergies or sensitivities.. And even if you don’t so that you can educate
your patients who do. I wanted to include it in my what’s in my
iphone app from last week but unfortunately I found out about the app after the video
was made so I’m including it in THIS video 😀 So that is ALL the back to school essentials
I have for today. If you guys watched the video straight through,
I have a special surprise for you guys. For the next few videos, I’m gonna be doing
a giveaway at the end of each video to thank you guys for all your support and to celebrate hitting 40,000 subscribers FOR THIS WEEK, I’m gonna be giving away
not ONE but TWO sets of MUJI stationery. Muji was part of my very first giveaway
and it was a huge hit. So I thought it would be a good idea to do
another giveaway with Muji. This time around, I’ll be including a
set of large notebooks, a set of medium notebooks with different types of paper: graph paper,
lined paper, and the last one is blank. A to-do list sticky note, and a set of gel
ink pens So by the time this video is live, there
will be a picture on my instagram account of all the items included in this giveaway Here is how to enter:
Go to my instagram account, tag ONE friend & explain why your friend deserves to win
this giveaway If selected, you AND YOUR FRIEND will each
win an identical set of Muji stationery I know some of you guys have a lot of friends…
you can enter the giveaway for multiple friends BUT! they have to be tagged in separate comments. THANK YOU GUYS for watching GOOD LUCK with
the new school year and I’ll see you guys in the next video! Bye! BYEEEEE

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100 thoughts on “My Med School Essentials | The Stationery, Tools, and Gadgets I Use In Med School

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