my last week in college ever 👩🏻‍🎓
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my last week in college ever 👩🏻‍🎓

*spicy music* (oooh look at that nice aesthetic pour) ooOW that’s hoT *cough* Hello friends! and welcome to my last week of college ~ever~ um yES that’s fucking crazy to say but I am graduating a year and a quarter early I’m graduating total in like around two and a half years and this week is my last week sO I thought I would vlog it for you guys because it’s my last chance ever to be a #relatable 20 year old, I guess *sips tea* mmMM i always feel like i forget to introduce myself cause i assume that like evERYBODY has watched my entire life history on the internet bUT my name is Ashley, i go to UCLA and i’m a film student i am a screenwriting concentration so one of the big things i’m doing this quarter is finishing up my firST EVER ~screenplay~ my other courses are history of European cinema, which is a requirement for my major and symposium, which i don’t have this week but it’s like this personalized capstone course to wrap up my studies at UCLA it’s with a digital media professor who’s like 60 years old but he’s sO nice about my youtube channel so steve, if you’re watching this, you’re a homie my main goals are to film and edit a youtube video that i post on thursday and to study for my European cinema final, which is also thursday morning i also later have a finished screenplay, an adaption report on 12 angry men a 7 page research paper, and a presentation on the social media industry due bUT! those are due next week so we’re just not going to think about them right now so hopefully i’ll be able to show you guys a little bit of ~time management~, organization, UCLA stuff, film school stuff and just being a ~youtuber~ *insert cute ashley content here* god that’s gross yEAH!! let’s get started! *cute birdy tweet sound* hey guys! it’s sunday and this is probably gonna be one of the most boring days of my entire life i’m literally just sitting at this desk studying for my final the entire day so if you want like exciting-ish college things, like skip to the later days in this vlog but today is the reality of what college is :’) i feel like college vloggers are always going to parties and game days and fun shit like that but like, bro you gotta get those ~grades~ too yoU KNOW WHAT THEY SAY, C’s get degrees but A’s get to die early from stress-related complications so today, i’m studying for my history of European cinema class honestly dudes, i hate this class it is a required course for my major though you like when you graduate high school and you think that you’re never going to have to take a class that you don’t like again and then you get to college and you realize that’s like 90% of what college is yeAH sO i thought i would show you guys a little bit of my ~study method~ so we have a study guide for the class which contains about 40 terms and like 20 study questions so i’m writing those all out on a notebook now, i like to write things out on physical paper because for me there’s something about the physical sensation of writing out the words and the extra time that it takes and like that muscle to brain connection?? i don’t really know that just helps me remember stuff so much better than if i typed it out then with those terms in mind, i’m going through all of the course readings i have an ipad to do all of my handwritten titles for this channel but obviously, like not everybody has that so if you don’t have this, i would actually reccomend printing out your readings as ecologically horrible as that is there’s something about physically highlighting your work that makes it so much easier to remember as i read through, i’m looking for those key terms and answers to my study guide questions and i’m also highlighting each article or each main concept in a different color since there are about 12 different academic papers for this class it’s a lot of information to keep track, so having those different colors helps me keep straight in my mind which concepts come from which author um and yeAH! that’ll be my entire Sunday :’) so i’ll just see you guys tomorrow *adorable finger guns pew pew* Monday is pretty much one of my lightest class days so that makes it also my youtube filming day so right now it’s around 8 AM i meant to wake up a little bit earlier but y’know you know how it be sometimes is that still a meme??? i don’t know *some more spicy music* so for my video, i had to go and buy a lot of cereal from the grocery store so here’s just some footage of me being a fucking awkward bean trying to avoid eye contact with grocery store employees hey guys, i just finished filming my video it is just past 3 right now, so i’m gonna spend about half an hour editing my footage and then head off to class for those of you who don’t know, i actually moved into my lovely new aparment a little bit before i graduated college so i’ve been commuting for the past like week/week and a half, but overall it’s not been too long and it’s been really nice to live by myself and without roommates and pay a reasonable price for rent (“resonable”) because rent in my college town is super super fucking expensive alright so i changed for class normally, i don’t dress up that much for class but i think i’m gonna take photos after class to get that ~insta pic~ so here is my outfit my dress if from Motel Rocks my blazer is from Amanda Steel’s “Steel” collection and my boots are from Urban Outfitters and then i’m also gonna bring these big, chunky unif boots ’cause i feel like they might look a little better with the outfit but these are much more walkable for my way to class so i’m already really late so i’m just gonna drive to class now! see you guys soon bye ♪ my life is just a giant pile of boxes ♪ *you guessed it, spicy music* 10 minutes late as always i didn’t film my class because that would be rude and weird but here are the notes that i took, i actually took quite thorough notes today normally i doze off at least a little bit in lecture but i try to pay attention in section because it’s like a really distilled version of what we learned in lecture anyway and the final is this week so it’s like about time that i got caught up on class *nice lil mix of music and audiobook* so i ended up coming back to around Fairfax to take photos *cute little foot kick* i got my chunky boots on and i loaded my new flash onto my camera my camera doesn’t come in with a built-in flash but i put this red filter attachment on it so hopefully it’s going to give me like a really cool red glow to the photos that will match my dress i don’t know, we’ll see right now i’m in this like random alley there really isn’t any through traffic so hopefully i’m not going to blind anybody with my flash and i can shoot safely this is the glamor of being an influencer, guys i got my camera set up on a trash bin on my bendy tripod with my colorful flash 🙂 alright let’s take some photos the rest of the night will probably be some studying for my upcoming final which i really really need to grind on and edit the video that i filmed today *more bird tweets* good morning! it is Tuesday and i am still living inside a pile of cereal have not cleaned up a thing since yesterday here is the outfit today! i was feeling fucking extra as you can tell i just like woke up feeling girly so i rolled with it this dress is from Urban Outfitters i dressed it down with some Doctor Martins and then I’m wearing these hairclips that i haven’t been able to stop wearing i am all about the hairclip trend *casually picks up Kanken backpack* i also wanted to talk about how i’ve been thinking about how to continue my education and like brain development after i graduate i don’t want all the time that i used to spend in class just turning into like Netflix brain mush time and i think i kind of have it figured out ’cause in the past two weeks i have started listening to a lot of audio books like 1 to 2 per week which makes me feel really good because i have not read a physical book in a very very long time i promise this section is not sponsored by audible so you can unclench your butthole now but recently i’ve been listening to a lot of books by college professors and by sociologists and psychologists 2 recommendations that i have are “Digital Minimalism” by Cal Newport and the book i’m reading right now is called “Irresistible” and it’s about how technology is designed to be addictive i’ve realized this past Winter break when i didn’t have school for a month that i do really get sad when i’m not exposed to like new ideas and have any type of mental stimulation outside of youtube and the internet that’s just like not a good way for me to live especially because i work on social media, i don’t want to be consumed by social media thoughts 24/7 um anyways i’m about to park now thanks for coming to my TED talk *aesthetic footage and good music plays* hey guys so we’re on break from class right now i just ran to the student’s store and got my last fucking blue book ever it’s literally just an empty notebook of paper but you need it to take all of your written final and midterm exams (*shudders*) for my midterm for this class, i filled up this entire notebook which i think is like 20 pages worth of paper hopefully my hand won’t die on the final, but we’ll see anyways, it feels good that this is the last one i’m so over these fucking exams also can we just talk about how beautiful the campus is right now?? like this is honestly the prettiest i’ve ever seen UCLA college in the Winter gets a little bit depressing because by the time i get out of class, it’s dark so i like never see the sunlight it’s so gorgeous today 😀 *some nice music* that was honestly one of the best movies that we’ve watched all quarter i thought it was quite good, cinematography on poiNT, acting on poINT there was like a 10 minutes scene halfway through that was just ……. ~anal sex~ which was not what i expected from my education today exactly but i’m all for the destigmatization of gay and anal sex sooooo :)))) ya learn something everyday kids! aNYWAYS, on a related note, i’m going to the dentist right now to get my Invisalign checked up on so um, see you guys in a bit my afternoon was a bunch of miscellaneous errands after the dentist, i went to meet with my manager about this exciting little project which i get to be purposefully vague about 😉 like all youtubers and then i went grocery shopping because it’s about this point in the week where i realize that i’ve eaten cereal for 4 days in a row and i should probably try something else except in this case i just bought more fucking bread which is the same food group but,,, oh well oh nUT that looks soooo good the rest of the day i hopped on some calls finished cleaning up my apartment and started editing my video for the week this is where it gets kinda boring like i literally just sit here for hours and hours on end soo let’s just skip to the next day *yeeees birb tweets :]* oh, what’s that?? it’s just aNOTHER time lapse of me working on Wednesday too??? Wednesday i have like 16 to 24 hours of work sooo i’m just grinding away i’m gonna explain what i’m working on in just a second though this is when you know the work is getting intense it’s time… to clip back the bangs for maximum concentration oh god i look like a boiled egg @[email protected] but right now i am working on what is due at 2 pm today for my screenwriting class which is a treatment basically a summary of my next project which is basically like wolf of Wallstreet but for influencers which sounds kind of cheesy but i wanted it to be this like extravagant, kind of ironic commentary on how there are girls who are like 14/15 years old getting sucked into being an Instagram star being a youtuber, moving away from their home and just like chasing what feels like a very empty dream i won’t have anymore screenwriting class after this but hopefully i will keep screenwriting because screenwriting takes a goddamn long time to get good at but i want to keep grinding away at it so eventually i have something that is worth making keep an eye out i’ll probably finish this screenplay in like two years and then maybe it’ll be a movie one day *chill music while ashley is hard at work* alright, it is 1:30 and i am about to run to class i didn’t have time to change so here is my super underwhelming outfit today just a sweatshirt, leggings, and some socks and sneakers i’m already 10 minutes late so let’s get going *proceeds to yeet away* hi ashley bye forever see ya later see ya on youtube byeee byeeee *dAB!!1!1* woAH * anoTHER DAB!!1!1* *dAAAAB!!!* *everyone watches* yeeeAAAAAAH!!!1!1 *claps* *insert hard work and really cool music here* alrigHT a couple hours later my forehead is out and about which is how you know i’ve been working hard i’m doing a couple pick-ups for my edit basically just doing little title slates of each of the types of cereal is this the best use of my time the day before my final?? probably fucking not but i’m gonna do it anyway oh boy! anoTHER time lapse this is me editing for like 5 hours until around 11 PM at which point my brain was just one giant pile of editing mush so i decided to take a break by studying- well i guess a break from editing not a break from work- it’s just more work not pictured here is a mini mental breakdown that i had but y’know what’s a finals week without 1 or 2 i studied for a couple hours until 1 AM and then set my alarm for 5 hours later so that i could wake up and finish my video and cram for my final and gET to my final by 9 AM *biiirds* good morning guys! it is still completely dark out we are in the wee hours of the morning uh but i did manage to get a ~spicy~ like… 5 and a half hours of sleep last night which is actually pretty damn good for a Thursday morning if i might say so myself you know i don’t feel great but i feel… ~not disgsusting~ which is a new record for me first order of the morning is finishing up my video then while it’s uploading i’m gonna do whatever the fuck studying i can’t get done loVE THIS ,,, this is great hhhHHHHUUUUUUUUUUUHHHH *another great time lapse of ashley hard at work* this is not even like a real outfit (but it still looks good) but it is 8:35, i just uploaded my video, and i’m already late for my final so i’m gonna fuckiNG GO okay byEEE

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