My Hero Academia (S1) EN 7 MINUTES (ft. Superflame) | RE: TAKE
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My Hero Academia (S1) EN 7 MINUTES (ft. Superflame) | RE: TAKE

This video contains spoilers. In a world where 80% of humanity has stylish super powers called “Quirks” that allow you to unhook your eyes, shoot tape from your elbows or throw sticky balls from your hair I, Izuku Midoria… … belong to the remaining 20%. Uh, is there any chance that you’ve seen a blue hedgehog somewhere ? He’s disabled, make fun of him! You’re such a little shit, Izuku. That’s it, make fun of me ! One day, I will be a real hero like the idol of my childhood that I will probably never meet. All Might Oh All Might. What a coincidence ! It’s really crazy ! I am completely captivated It’s really incredible to meet you there Izuku : while I was just thinking –
All Might : Can you stop … ? Please ? Have a go, Izuku ! I must absolutely ask you something ! Can someone without a Quirk be a superhero ? No I would rather die than not be a hero ! This stupid teenager romanticism pleases me. I have something to offer you Want some crack ? Uh no thank you. What about a Quirk ? Oh yes ! I would do anything to become a hero ! Alright, I’ll make a real fighter out of you. But first we will make you big and muscular. Oh great, you must have a special training program or something. But of course. You’ll clean this beach. and do not forget to vote for the Green Party at the next elections. That’s odd, it’s not precisely for the cleaning of this place that the city hall offers a bonus? Get to work! *training montage* *Izuku screaming* What the fuck is he doing? *screaming intensifies* Goddammit, what do you do to become a super saiyan ? Well, it’s perfect ! Now that I’ve stopped your growth at 4.60 feet and that I’ve exploited you to recover the bonus *quick breathing* I mean – that we cleaned this beach together, I can now transfer you my Quirk ! Finally… I’ll receive your super power. Yes, son. And now… Open wide. It’s not a pubic hair, right ? Yeah yeah, come on, do not ask questions you do not want the answer. Okay but why is your zipper down ? What did I just say? Okay, it’s time for the entrance exam. Hello. I’m Ochako. You’re the one I’ll fall in love with, right ? Yes How did you guess ? Oh I don’t know, maybe because we’re at the third episode, that you’re the only girl I’ve encountered so far and that we’re in front of my future academy and so you’ll obviously be in my class and … Yes, see you inside Are you ready to get smashed? I hope you signed the discharge at the entrance because you’ll all die! I have been training for months for this exam, I’m ready to – FLEE ! MUST FLEE ! I acted like a coward. I probably won’t be accepted at the academy … … which would be weird since I’m the hero, that this anime is called “My Hero Academia” and that we’re only at episode 4. Hello Izu – Izu … Izukouille ?
(couille=balls in french) Son, I am sending you this message to tell you that against all odds you have been selected at the academy it’s fantastic is not it ? Now give me my check. Finally, Yuei High School This time, I’ll be accepted. A new classroom means a new beginning. Hey, you are the incompetent one who screwed up the entrance exam. Shit. Okay, at least, the teacher looks nice. Looks like I inherited of the incompetent one who screwed up at the exam. Goddammit! Okay now we’re going to make super heroes out of you. So train well if you don’t wanna end up like the ones who failed the entrance exam. Speaking of them, where are they all gone? Oh yeah I almost forgot, remember to lay a rose for them on the mass grave at the entrance of the school. Literally one day later Okay ~ As you have just made friends with each other it’s time to kill each other Wow ! Your costumes, your costumes … They are … They are disgusting. Now fight each other. Okay. I am not afraid of Kacchan. I’m not scared. I’M SCARED! I’M SCARED! I’M SCA- Did you see that, mom ? I didn’t even cry. All Might, scenically speaking, Isn’t it going to be extremely annoying for the kiddo to finish at the hospital each time he uses his Quirk ? Bah, it’s not like it happened every time… Right ? FALSE! Oh look children, this is a special training ground for superheroes which for a strange reason is exactly 50 miles away from the school. Would not it be a stunning scenographic twist to be attacked there, now while we are well exposed, huh? What do you think? Oh, what a coincidence. (Scriptwritter) We are the alliance of super villains. You, students of Yuei represent the system that we swore to destroy and we’ll eliminate you until the last one ! Really ? That’s odd because I have the feeling that we are the ones that are kicking your sorry asses Oww. Do not fear children … For I am here ! No, no It’s okay ! We are handling the situation. Thank you anyway ! Yeah, you all did well … It was without counting me, the self-mutilated psychopath and my legendary pokemon “Deus ex machina”! Bullshit!!! Oh yeah you villain ? you didn’t count my secret technique : Normal … PUNCH ! The “Pokemon” reference you wanted to hear is available at 5 minutes 32 seconds on the “My Hero Academia” summary video from Crazybombworld Phew, that was close. We almost did an extremely predictable pun. You seem to like hands, wanna eat mine? No, no. It’s fine, we get it. Bye. He’ll pay. Defeated … He defeated me again. But I will come back GADGET ! You mean All Might? Old habit … We fought well and we won the fight but at a heavy price … Now, in addition of poor screenplays, we are getting cliched enemies without any appeals What predictable and expected twists and turns are we going to live in our next adventures ? You will discover it in season 2 of Naruto Academia. Oh, you are still here ? All Might : I am announcing you the opening of my fitness Youtube channel.
Izuku : HUH ? What is he doing ? All Might : If I reach 100 000 subscribers, I will give away an Iphone X ! But … Someone stop him ! All Might : And if I get 1 million subscribers, I will show you my face ! All Might : Wait, I’ve already did that … Izuku : What the – Wait ! Do not even look at the bottom right of your screen. Haha ! I am just fucking with you ~ Ok, he’s really an asshole.

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100 thoughts on “My Hero Academia (S1) EN 7 MINUTES (ft. Superflame) | RE: TAKE

  1. ⏩ SUIVEZ-NOUS ! ⏪

    SNAPCHAT ► retake.snap

  2. 5:02
    « -C’était sans compter sur moi, le psychopathe qui s’auto-mutile et mon pokémon légendaire Deus Ex Machina !

    Ça m’a achevée 😭😭😭😂👍

  3. All might :Ne vous inquiétez pas les enfants,car la cavalerie est là
    Izuku :Non,non c bon on gère
    Mdr beau boulot les gens

  4. Numéro 13 : Ceci est terrain d'entrainement qui pour une étrange raison ce trouve à très exactement 80km du lycée.
    Moi : Que c'est étrange en effet.
    Numéro 13 : Ce ne serait pas une pirouette scénaristique renversante si on se faisait attaquer là maintenant alors qu'on est bien en position de faiblesse. Vous en pensez quoi ?
    Moi : Ah bas si, carrément ! Mais c'est que dans les séries que ça arrive.
    une armée de vilains débarque
    Numéro 13 : Oh, comme par hasard.
    Moi : Wow ! Mais what !?

  5. 5:25 la vanne que vous souhaitez entendre est disponible à 5minutes sur la chaine de Crazybomb World, jai regardé le resumé juste avant 😂😂👌🏻

  6. Que je plus habitué à le doublage d'anglais, j'adore la comédienne de Uraraka en cette vidéo. (Pardonnez-moi pour mon français. Ce ne pas grand.)

  7. 5:35 Ho, je ne pas fait aperçu ça la première fois. J'adore Inspecteur Gadget!

    (J'enforçee étudier mon français. Est-ce-que tu aider moi?)

  8. – C'était sans compter moi le psycopathe qui s'automutile.
    Et son pokémon légendaire "deos ex machina".
    – Bullshit!!!

  9. A 1:37 ça me fume !! 😂😂😭 Et comment tu fait pour avoir ces voix ( j’veux dire on dirait trop celui du vrai anime !)

  10. Au moins vous avez fait parler le perso le plus chiant pas comme certaine personne qui le trouvait tellement inutile qu' ils se sont pas cassés le cul à lui mettre une voix 😂

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