My Hero Academia as Vines
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My Hero Academia as Vines

*The Day plays* Who’s more likely to suck a dick for $1,000,000? Dollars? yes or subs? ah you know I gotta go with- I volunteer for that one For a million dollars or subs, yeah I’m all for it dude a million hot dogs i’d do it Who is…looks the best naked me Haha NOO! I agree [Bakugou] Yeah thank you wait does that mean I lose? yeah All right, [Bakugou] gets one point *sarcastic* yayyy Trust me you do not want to lose [Bakugou] Who watches the most porn? If we’re talking like me a few years ago probably but hey i like these faces i thought everyone was gonna choose themselves nah nah i’ve intentionally cut back Who’s more likely to be a drama queen? oh fucking easy yeah What!!? he picks himself and then he goes What!!? okay fine boi you better not be breaking- Who took my toaster out the frigerator What’s the second to last letter of the alphabet Y because I want to know Story time! it’s been years, but the quest to spot the booty has remained fruitless found it The homework today is only two questions *sounds of relief* Each one has 26 parts Why would you do that!? Settle down, okay. This one right here conjugations are gratato grata- Okay, who change the board? swag bitch Brian! Son I bought you a new Toyota You bought me a car!? He he Toy Yoda hey let me see your phone for a second okay Times up that’s one second thats not what i meant that’s what I meant what!? What’d we learn? next we’re gonna make the soup and for that your gonna need a potato now make sure when you cut it you hold it down so it doesn’t slip okay OJ crochet obey jose Bro, oh my god blow up the bathroom, you’re the one who did it aren’t you no I’m not did you do it? bitch ha ha what about you? What else could that be describing hip hop disney channel we got frozen I was trynna do some tricks with my snow you know how that shit go suprise motherfucker some pies mother fucker all rise mother fucker wrong size mother fucker Freeze Freeze! Oh he got a gun Call some friends man I can’t keep up It’s pretty cold outside you fool woah you don’t know the meaning of cold who is you? I’m a northener where did you come from? check this out welcome to waffle house can i take your order? Yeah, do you have any blue waffles? we used to but your mom stopped working here Can you guys please shut your gobs I have a soccer game tomorrow morning you may now place your flowers in the casket Thank you. Kobe May I go to the bathroom? In Espanol por favor My god Drive what why? I just robbed a bank what? I took this pen from the front desk, okay drive

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100 thoughts on “My Hero Academia as Vines

  1. Deku picked bakugo and i was like ….. Deku how do you know that 0///0 then who watch more porn and then anyone pick deku ,
    Me: Deku i thought you were a cinnamon roll

  2. I feel like pewdiepie is more bakugo since hes most of the time an ass 😂 and markiplier is todoroki since hes got a lower voice and wiser and softer tone. Jack as deku is just perfection for me 😂😂😂😂😍

  3. OMFG I don't know how I fucked up this bad but I was on full screen and wanted to like the video so I double tapped and went back ten seconds 😓

  4. WE NEED A FULL VERSION OF THE WHO"S MORE LIKELY TOO VIDEO. pretty please? Also good vid. lots of love. SUBSCRIBE TO TODOROKI!!!!!!!!!

  5. So, I have no idea why anybody would offer a million dollars for a BJ– way over priced– but if they offered it to me, i'd just make him wear a blind fold, then pay a high priced call girl to do the work for me!!!!!!

  6. Markiplier and Jacksepticeye, turned into a meme, turned into a vine, turned into Bhna… MY HEAVEN

  7. Yoooooo lmao can we get a full version of the Who's More Likely To video as Todoroki, Bakugou, and Midoriya?

  8. When I watched the first clip I automatically imagined Bakugou, Todoroki and Deku as adults, hanging out together, which made it even funnier

  9. wait my question is why wasn’t mark kirishima and felix bakugou. it would’ve matched their hair colors. mark and kirishima have red hair, felix and bakugou have blonde hair, and seán and midoriya have green hair😂😂

  10. Me as a 6 year old

    Me: mom what's the spelling of YouTube?

    Mom: y-

    Me: because I wanna know

    Mom: I said y-

    Me: I said because I wanna know!

    Mom: I SAID YO-


    Mom:* sighs *

  11. I like how the the first one was just the 3 most popular YouTubers and the 3 most popular characters in BNHA that are ship together or with each other

  12. sees first clip
    Hmm ok! So-

    Midoriya= Jack
    Bakugou= mark
    Todoroki= Felix

    Seems legit!

    (The pairings match jack marks and Felix's personalities strangely well. Now imma go comment on their videos and try to get them to watch MHA)

  13. “Who looks the best naked”
    Deku: picks bokugou
    Me: wait a minute…how would u know??…do u- SPY ON HIM!!! STALKERRRR

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