“My future plans”
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“My future plans”

Well … I’d love to study here further and get a job here,
so my English will probably be a big part of that. I’m doing media and arts here
and it’s a special program. I’m starting Sociology; that’s like cultures
and social skills and the whole world. For me, it’s kind of important
to learn about cultures. My plan for my future is …
I want to continue my education here in the U.S.A and this is why I need to
know English on a high level. I maybe want to go work
somewhere in the United States. Maybe in New York, if it’s possible. I studied Mass Communication,
so I would like to be on TV. My purpose is to go to the university in Holland. With the year that I’ve been here, I won’t have
to follow an English class and stuff like that because the Dutch way of teaching isn’t high enough
or even comparable to what you’re doing here, so I won’t study any English in my country,
which is, in my opinion, really good. I will get more good jobs. I’m doing an internship on a TV production. I was invited for some interviews and during the next month I will visit
some medical residency programs. I want to sing in English.

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